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Re: What to do with 2 Shiva-X's and a Behringer EP1500?

Kevin Haskins wrote: View Post
There is nothing wrong with any of the tinsel leads. What you saw in the picture was a very small string of adhesive from the glue. It isn't the tinsel. The T/S parameters all come out well within tolerance too.

It is most likely that it was a tinsel slap causing your noise. I couldn't recreate it here but I can make it slap if I bend it up at the post. All it takes is to push down the tinsel where it is soldered to the push terminal. Problem solved....

Due to this problem I've went through and re-wrote all my return & warranty information. I've updated it in all my documentation and on the web site to CLEARLY outline my policies about returns and the responsibility of users to troubleshoot problems. I've also outlined the expected timeline for inspecting and dealing with returns and warranty claims. Most of the other stuff I had covered in one way shape or form but the time to deal with returns or warranty items is new information.

None of these policies are exclusive to DIYCable. This is pretty much the same policy sheet that one of my major competitors uses. I've modified some of the policy to more clearly outline responsibilities of users but most of the details are exactly the same.

I have no desire to punish people nor give my customers grief but there is some responsibility on the part of the user to troubleshoot problems. If you are unwilling to troubleshoot a problem, and you return a product that is in working condition to me, I have no choice but to charge you for the cost of reconditioning the product. If it is something that I am forced to sell as B-stock, then I have no choice but to charge you the difference in cost from new to the b-stock pricing.

In your case Joe, I'm going to return the full price you paid for the product. I'm not going to pay your shipping cost since there was nothing wrong with the product you returned. Since this product has to now be sold as a B-stock product, I'm extending at least the courtesy of giving your full purchase price back as I promised over the phone.

If you want to further argue about it, do so via email. If you still have a dispute after that you can pursue it via PayPal and they will moderate the dispute. I try to be VERY reasonable when dealing with problems with customers but it is a two-way street.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
Tinsel slap..... Isn't that a problem with the driver? If the lead is too long, isn't that a defect?
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Re: What to do with 2 Shiva-X's and a Behringer EP1500?

I guess all I'm trying to say is that perhaps the problem was not resolved because you had jumped to conclusions, and didn't work through the issues in a methodical manner. Sonnie asked you previously if you had a chance to run REW sweeps. These would have been helpful. Did you ever have a chance to check the 30Hz filter on the EP1500? Sonnie also pointed that out. Did you run each sub individually, out of the box, in an effort to find the rattle? Making an assumption that both drivers were bad, when there are so many satisified customers, is a leap. One bad? Maybe. Two? Probably not. All the emotion, hostility and demands!

I was also disappointed in my EP2500 when I first hooked it up -- I was getting very weak output. I don't remember exactly the problem, but I do know that it was a DIP switch or and/or gain setting. If I have something that's that complicated, and it doesn't work right off the bat, I try to work through the issues one by one. Measure as much as possible at each point in the system, and ensure that all is working as it should. To view the entire system as a whole and assess failure to the end point isn't fair. If my car won't start in the morning, should I assume that the gas I put it in last night was bad?

Now it appears that Kevin has tested your drivers, measured the parameters, checked for the tinsel business and found nothing wrong. Yet you seem to imply that you lost money on an amp, and a box and all that, all because of him. I just don't see that as the case, and I doubt many others do either. Plus, if it was the fault of the drivers, shouldn't you have just replaced the drivers and kept the box/amp/mic cable/etc.? You could even buy drivers locally at a shop with a good return policy to ensure that your system works as desired.

Through all of this, I don't think I ever noticed if you stated your experience or background in building and setting up subs. Kevin seems to be a qualified individual, running a business, and knows subs and sub drivers. We've all given you the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that you know what you're doing in working to build and set up your own sub from scratch. Perhaps that's so, perhaps not.

Get a grip, take a deep breath, and start over. Or, if you don't want to go through the trouble, call SVS or Velodyne or whoever and buy a sub off the shelf and be happy with it.

-- Otto
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Re: What to do with 2 Shiva-X's and a Behringer EP1500?

There are certainly a lot of people that are much better off buying a finished product. I'll be the first to tell someone the benefit of doing so. I'm not going to be all things to all people, it just isn't possible.

Oh... I didn't say you have tinsel slap. I was trying to take a stab at why you might have been experiencing a problem. It is just a guess on my part because neither one of them have a problem either on the test bench or in a box. Since you refused to troubleshoot the problem in any way, I can only take educated guesses at what caused your problem.

Anything you build, be it a car, a house, a bunk-bed is going to require that you do your homework. If you build anything, you take certain responsibilities to confirm you are doing it right. That also implies that you are willing to troubleshoot through problems should they occur. It comes with the territory.

I'd say that if you don't want to deal with the issues involved in building something, you are certainly better off buying something already assembled and tested.

I cannot make that call for people though. That is something you have to do for yourself before you undertake a project. There is just no way I can evaluate whether you have the desire, skill and knowledge to undertake a project. All I can do is be here to help people and work them through the process. I can put out documentation that shows what to expect from the part when built correctly. If I send you a product that doesn't meet the specifications for the product or if it is broken, I'm certainly on the hook to cover it. But, if you get frustrated in the build process, because you have run into a problem and refuse to troubleshoot it, then there is little I can do to help you.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
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