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Re: Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs

Hello Kelvin, I'm just catching up... Looking at the graphs from post 19 and trying to confirm my understanding of what is happening. How far is the MLP from the front wall?

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Re: Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs


The new MLP is 5.2 metres from the front wall (and 1.3 metres from the back wall).

(Current set up is the opposite way round and closer to the front wall at 4 metres/2.5 metres from back wall, but layout has to be reversed for non AV reasons...).
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Re: Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs

Just thought I ought to bump this thread back up after the help I got here and also via PM.

I didn't end up with the XLS10 subs, but instead took the easier (if not very cheap) option of some passive MK inwall subs. I recently bought some secondhand MK MPS300 speakers for my LCR and came across the IW28S, which is a slim inwall subwoofer that uses a separate MK amp (or a spare channel on an iNuke in my case ). They are only 2 x 8" drivers in a very shallow case, but in my case I just need to fill a dip around 60Hz.

I've moved my pair of 15" Fi Q series DIY subs to the front left/right corners of my room hidden inside an MDF 'base' unit which which my TV drops down into when I'm using my projector on a yet to be built fixed AT screen behind the TV. Since my room is pretty bare right now I haven't bothered measuring with REW, but they sound pretty good up there, despite the known null issue. Just a little lacking on certain notes when listening to music, but plenty of low down rumble for film content such as Tron Legacy that I tried as a test.

Last Friday I had a demo of a system with 2 of the IW28S and a set of the inwall versions of my MPS300. Now they don't do a lot below 30Hz, but in the bass guitar region they sounded really good, so I know they will work well to fill my null, especially as they'll only be about 1.5 metre behind me (compared to 5 metres in front for the Q15). I bought one home on Friday and the second is coming tomorrow. Since they are sealed backs I've been able to try it like an onwall, and I can really hear the notes being filled in by this little sub.

I've got a pair of iNuke 6000DSP, so I've configured them with one Q15 on channel A, full range down to 10Hz or whatever. Channel B on both is set to roll off below 25Hz to protect the smaller drivers on the IW28S, with the limiter engaged as well (they are 350 watts compared to the 1300 or so of the Q15). I also had to drop the gain by 6dB on channel B as it sounded unbalanced, but obviously I'll do a full set up using REW once the room is finished.

I'll update this thread with REW charts to show the final results, but I mainly just wanted to thank those who gave me help and advice, even though I've ended up with a mix of DIY and commercial in the end. Quite often the advice is to not mix subs, but in this case it seems to be working out really well.

In order of the photos:

1. The Q15 moved into place, facing out to the side walls (measured well in REW and saved me having to make speaker grilles if I'd faced them forwards).
2. The MDF base unit with the LCR, TV and my guitar cab first fix.
3. The TV being lowered on the lift (it will be completely below some Oak trim which will be added).
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Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs-front-subs.jpg  

Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs-two-subs-first-fix.jpg  

Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs-tv-down.jpg  

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Re: Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs

I wanted to some 'base' REW measurements before I start putting in some acoustic treatment (which didn't arrive today as expected ). Still it gave me chance to have a play around with a single Q15 front right and one IW28S rear left (the other two will be an exact mirror image, so should translate to be the same response but with higher output).

I only used delay settings on the closest sub and then tweaked the delay between the LCR and the subs in the AVR. No eq other than a narrow cut around 26Hz to help Dirac when I get round to running it. I've rolled off the bottom end going to the IW28S in the iNuke DSP so that below 30Hz isn't going to overdrive it at higher listening levels (I set a limiter too, since I don't want to risk damaging it).

Considering this was just a quick and dirty set up I don't think it looks too bad at all. Certainly nothing that Dirac shouldn't be able to pull back to target (I'm thinking mostly that bump between 60 and 120Hz), though I'd probably leave the <30Hz region as it is.

It sounds really good on stereo music, though the room is still very bare, so it can only improve once the treatment and soft furnishings get added.
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Multiple XLS10 sealed subs combined with 2 'ULF' subs-lr-subs-40cm-delay-t5.jpg  

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