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Re: infinite baffle how to

GKF wrote: View Post
i asked one guy who told me he has flat extened smooth bass to 7hz, what his subs where and what amp no relpy.just look at the other post on this thread. if you were like me ,new to ib,what would you do.
I think the reason your replies are kind of vague is that you can NOT just buy the same amp, subs, EQ, mic, and expect the same results. Every room is different. Room size, shape, construction, layout, and treatments will all affect where the sub needs to be placed, and what type of response you'll get once it's in there. This holds true for ANY subs.. IB, LLT, ported, sealed, you name it.

You'll need to do some research before jumping in. Sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear..
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Re: infinite baffle how to

Have you seen single driver IB subs. I've got a 13x13 room and am worried about too much bass, but want a single 15" in the ceiling. Is it OK with a lower power to not worry so much about the house structure?
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Re: Infinite Baffle How To

I've heard of few installs using a single driver. I would suggest 2 in a manifold to cancel vibrations. A single probaly won't have enough either. Maybe a single 18 would have enough output, but, you still need another or it's going to make your ceiling dance.
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Re: Infinite Baffle How To

After reading 3 pages I really want to chip in. Before I start tho I would like to say that I may very well be completely wrong and am only paraphrasing what I have absorbed so far in building and reading about subwoofers.

Ported boxes are great, I've built a few, tho nothing nearly as big and awesome as most of the people here. If you want 1 or 2 good subs, especially if you want them to play low and loud and don't have a fortune to spend ported is by far the best way to go. As for the accuracy and musicality of a ported sub they can be very good tho you have to build them to be very good, or else they might be very bad.

My understanding of the benefit of a sealed box is that the backwave and frontwave of the speaker do not interact, other than possibly manifesting themselves as resonances in the cone. Supposedly this makes it possible for the driver to actually pressurize the room. I do not know for sure if that is an accurate statement. In any event for a sealed box to play as loud and as low as a ported box you need to add lots of power and equalization in order to overcome the negative pressure created in the box by the cone's excursion. Usually this means pushing the driver very hard to hit the bottom octaves and as a result may introduce extra distortion as more power and EQing will be required to reach the same frequencies and more heat will be generated and trapped inside of the box. However some people rightly or wrongly believe that a sealed box creates a more accurate and/or musical sound. I will eventually build some sealed subs and form my own opinion.

IB has all the "advantages" of the sealed design, the front and back waves do not interact with the added bonuses of no port or box resonances, nothing affects the driver except for the driver it's self. At the same time there is nothing to keep the driver in check so usually max power handling is substantially lower than either other alignment before max excursion is reached. However theoretically the previously mentioned advantages should manifest as an increase in sound quality. So basically I think that most people who want to go IB are basically willing to spend more money, put in more drivers and more power to drive multiple drivers for a sound completely uncolored by the box, ports, etc etc.

I didn't mention passive radiators because I don't know that much about them except they seem to be a nice area between sealed and ported except they seem cost more than either usually.

Either way I really would like to hear an IB system some day to see what all the fuss is about, especially since I don't really watch movies at all, my 2 channel stereo has its own room for listening and really doesn't need to go below 30hz, it just needs to get there really cleanly.
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Re: Infinite Baffle How To

Well said evilskillet! Another reason for more speakers with the IB is to keep the speakers from bottoming when using alot of power and the more speakers you have the better you are able to pressurize the room. Did I mention less distortion from not having to push the speakers to hard as opposed to a box. Musicly IMO I don't think an IB can be beat. As soon as I get mine up and running I will be more than happy to demo it to anyone intersested!
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Re: Infinite Baffle How To

rickp wrote: View Post
Musicly IMO I don't think an IB can be beat.
I agree 100% Shaking the house apart during a movie is a nice bonus, but.. Both of my IB's have impressed me with music. This morning I was listening to a Spanky Wilson CD and the bass man started to get a little funky. My stand by JBL sub could never keep up with the changing notes, one would blur into the other and it was just a mess. My IB on the other hand plays them with ease.

I recently told my brother-in-law that I had installed 4 18's and was using the EP2500 amp to push it. He just assumed it was going to be like a kid running around town with his trunk thumping away. When he actually heard it and realized that it's not about BOOM but able clean and clear signal production he was pretty impressed.

Both of my installs have been budget. The first was a pair of Dayton IB 15's and 1 of their 240 watt amps. It did a great job. Now I have 4 MJ 18's and the EP2500. I got both for super cheap... and it's quite impressive.
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Re: Infinite Baffle How To

I was skeptical before i built my IB with 2 FI 18's. I've built alot of awesome subs and heard alot of $2000 plus subs. I have a dedicated HT and my 2 FI 18's have the displacement of 4 or more 15's, they are a steal for the money. All of the talk about reaching single digits is just one part of IB, if you check out the cult forum you'll see that the quality of the sound is what blows people away, They do everything perfect, super fast, no distortion, crazy deep, if you've never heard one i can see why a lot of people don't buy it, their system may be the best they've heard, and it may be awesome, for a box that is.

As for needing multiple subs, try 2 FI 18's and you'll have the equivalent of 4 AE 15's or any other 15 your likely to find. A lot of the guys are hitting insane levels over 130 db, in very large rooms. My 2 18's have literally made my eyebrows vibrate, it will go louder than i can stand in my 2600 cubic ft. room.

remember most of these guys are know what they're doing, sub placement, frequency response measuring, etc. they've had top of the line boxed subs.
I spent $600 on my IB and i'd put it up against any several thousand dollar box any day.
just my opinion.
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