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My IXL 15.2.2 build

Ok so after getting jerked around by my local wood shop I finally received the box. Supposed to be done on 26Apr. Had to go with the wood shop as I am not a carpenter nor do I have the tools and I am sure after I purchased a table saw, router etc it would put me at the $360 dollars I spent on the unfinished box. First off the system. Pioneer Elite SC-05 Receiver to a Behringer MIC 2200 and the EP2500. I am using Mach 5 Audio's IXL 15.2.2, I decided to use 1" mdf for this build always told bigger was better. Unfortunetly I did not have enough room to build a box for an 18 or I would have gone that route. Ok the build I am almost to the point of painting. First off I read alot of articles on how to finish MDF and or to create a piano black finish. I am not going to create a piano black finish infact it will be Behr's Eggshell finish. So one step up from I think flat. So I first started with Minwax wood hardner 3 cans given the properties of MDF and absorbing water I thought this can't hurt. Coupled with that and the fact that I am currently in Hawaii and the salt content in the air cant be good for wood . The core of the MDF soaked this up like a sponge soaks up water so qudos there. Then to fill in the counter sunk screw and edges on the MDF I used Minwax wood filler. Nice stuff really enjoyed working with it. Next time though I am going to purchase a dedicated putty knife and not a plastic one. Once I sanded that down with 220grit sandpaper I used Fiberglass resin inside and out of the box. I read it helps with the rigidness of the box and sanding it creates a nice smooth finish. I was hoping to put on a coat of primer on tonight but for some reason the top side of the box when sanding it gunked up. I think I either failed to put enough hardner into the mix or something. So I took some 60 grit sand paper when through two sheets of it trying to sand the top down to a workable state so I could reapply a coat of Fiberglass resin. Which is where I sit now. I am going to let this dry over night as I am treating my pregnant wife to a meal of Osso Buco and Saffron Rissoto. So, the plan tomorrow I will be sanding the Fiberglass resin with 150 220 and 320 grit sand paper. putting the primer on sanding it down another coat of primer sanding pending on it I get any uneven spots I will put another one on. Once that is complete I will start with the "Beluga" black egg shell paint. with wet sanding in between with 400 and 600 grit. I hope this creates a nice finish. I am wondering if should put a cost of semi gloss poly acrylic on top my wife request that it be water glass ring proof, but given where it will be placed in the home I don't see this happening. I will post more as they come in.

Note: I did not enjoy working with Fiberglass Resin at all it was my first time working with it and nothing says fun on a project you are trying to make look nice like "hey buddy you have 15 minutes to work and in ten minutes im going to get really sticky have fun" NOT!

Box Design and yes the measurements are off I know

Box upon receipt tried to give perspective of how big the box actually is

with the wood hardener it did dye the wood a deeper color no worries

Beginning sanding of the wood filler

All sanded

With the fiberglass resin on

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Re: My IXL 15.2.2 build

Nice Job!
Can't wait to hear your opinion when it's all set up...

BTW why did your dog change colour from brown to black when it grew up.

Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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Re: My IXL 15.2.2 build

Yeah I'm just hopeing I didnt over kill the pre paint. kinda a different process but eh you live you learn.
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Re: My IXL 15.2.2 build

LoL actually its two different dogs the black dog is retarded got hit by a car as a puppy so for him to sit still to take a picture was time consuming. Hes either pacing or sleeping no in between.
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Re: My IXL 15.2.2 build

Wow, that's a nice build! Looks sweet.
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Re: My IXL 15.2.2 build

Ok so its Sunday time 1540. Today I sanded the last of the fiberglass resin on the top put on two coats of primer and just finished the 2nd coat of black. I've decided that given the hot weather were are having here in Hawaii I am going to put the 2nd coat on the bottom and call it quits for a month to let the paint fully cure. I am going to install the sub and stuff so I can enjoy it because I have been waiting to flipping long for this box to be complete. This way it lets me enjoy it but at the same time lets the paint cure. That way in a months time I can put a couple more coats on it wet sand it make her look real nice. I am debating if I should put a coat of satin polycyclic as an outside finish. I think it will depend greatly on how the paint actually finishes after the wet sanding. I will have some pictures once I install the sub. No use wasting it on what painting looks like because we all know.
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15.2.2 , build

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