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Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

I'm building a HT sub and will (FINALLY!) bite the bullet to buy my own router.

What routers do you guys use (make & model) and what is your opinion of them? BTW, I assume that most routers are compatible with the Jasper jigs, which I am also buying.

I'm also assuming that everyone is using plunge routers?!?!

Do you use any large radius roundovers with yours? If so, how large of a radius can yours accomodate?
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

Whatever model you choose make sure it has a vacuum port if you are going to use MDF. In case you didn't know it has formaldehyde glue.
You are correct about a plunge base. The jasper jig site will tell you which jig number to order for your router as there are different ones within the same series.
As far as round overs go I myself don't know if I would be comfortable hand routing over an inch. Bigger than that and it should be table mounted. For safety's sake please remember to turn down your router speed when increasing bit size.
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

I've had good luck with Makita routers. Get a plunge with variable speed. For large radius round over bits you'll need router with a 1/2 inch collet.
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

This is the router I own. I have to say that I am nothing but 100% happy with it's power, versatility and features. It comes with all the necessary attachements for vacuum, plunge, bench mount, etc. It has a 1/4" and 1/2" collet. I have used a 1 1/4" roundover bit with it and the motor didn't even bog down. Build quality and ergonomics are tops. I also have the Jasper jigs and it bolts on with no problem. I definatley recommend it.
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

Thanks for all the great comments, I'll be able to side-step some buyers remorse with this information.
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

Have you picked up a router yet?

I have a Hitachi KM12VC 2 1/4 HP router kit that replaced a Porter Cable 694 kit and really like it. The only problem for me was using the Jasper Jig with the plunge attachment as I could not use dust collection mount at the same time so I would just cut outside and be cacked with MDF dust

I then saw someone using the Dewalt 621 router that has integrated dust collection and new it had to be mine. I actually bought a 621 and also a DW618PK kit which comes with both the fixed base and plunge to see which I like better. I have tried the DW618PK to cut a hole in MDF and it worked well and next I will try the 621. The 621 is just a plunge router with no fixed base available nor would you be able to add one.

Even though I have not tried the 621 yet if it works at least as good as the 618 for dust collection then I will probably keep it and my Hitachi and sell the 618. For me the Hitachi feels a bit more powerful and better balanced than the 618 for fixed router use and the Hitachi also works with my Porter Cable accessories which the Dewalt does not.

The Dewalt DW618PK would probably be perfect for you though as it is good to have both a plunge and fixed base and the price is about the same as the 621.

My table saw and router are the work horses when it comes to DIY in my shop so spend your money wisely there.
Don't forget to budget for dust collection either and wear a woodworkers respirator, safety glasses and hearing protection so you don't have to blow your shop money on hospital visits.
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

Great responses so far. I recently bought a Freud router (heavy discount) and it is very nice. I did not use a jasper jig, so I can't comment on its compatibility. I do know that some attachments at HD for other brands didn't want to play nice, otherwise it was a real bargain-even with building my own circle jig. I concur with everything the other members suggest- don't skimp on this tool or forget to respect its potential danger- good luck
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Re: Recommendations for Router for DIYer?

I just finished cutting out a pair of driver cutouts with the Dewalt 621 and I am impressed. Virtually no dust and it is a better system than the Dewalt 618 dust extraction.

The 618 is good but there was some residual dust left in the groove were the 621 scooped it all up.

Since the 621 is only a plunge router I will keep my Hitachi combo as I have all the attachments for it already which do not fit the Dewalt. The Hitachi is a really good router to boot.

The built in dust extraction on the 621 is great though and It is an easy recommendation, especially when you are working with MDF
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