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I started this thread.
Under the bed subwoofer system

Hi All:
I am new to posting here, I see that this is a great resource and I can use your input and experience. I am living in a small bungalow, so I don't have the spare room for the hometheater. I am making the very small bedroom into a hometheater. The room size is: 14'X7'-4" with 8' ceiling. The bed fits wall to wall (king size), as a day bed or couch persay across the room with a few inches to spare. I have a Panasonic projector shelf mounted and projecting 12' from the screen. I have ceiling mounted front satelite Lineum speakers and I will use Artison Portrait for surround speakers, I have to save floor space anywhere I can, I figure base and sub is something you feel specially in movies, so am building a pedestal cabinet for the bed, the top surface of the bed is 42", under, it will have mortuary like slide outs that will hold a dresser on each side, I will have space in the center of the bed and I thought to build a sub enclosure as part of the bed, I could have ports cut out or whatever is needed for the best thunderous base that you could feel right where you are sitting or reclining. What do you guys think? I figure this would be better than the subs that are built inside the wall between the studs because it will rock me and not the house or the neighbors. Do you have any suggestions as to drivers or design or should I just use a sub in its own enclosure under the bed? I would apreciate all of your thoughts. Thanks and many cheers to all in this Holidays .

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Re: Under the bed subwoofer system

Hi Carlos and welcome to the Shack!

This sounds like more of a DIY subwoofer project, thus I'll move it to that forum.

It sounds like you could probably do something in the area you are referencing. Exactly how much total space would you have for the enclosure... what are the measurements?

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Re: Under the bed subwoofer system

Kinda surprised only one has responded to this...

We used to have a waterbed with a so-called “under-dresser,” so I can picture what you’re talking about. It had a “dead space” tunnel right down the center of the bed, end to end – perfect for a “stealth” subwoofer. It sounds to me like a pretty innovative idea, especially since you’re challenged for space. The only downfall I can see is that you won’t be able to move it around for optimal response, which is typically near a corner, but the space-saving probably makes that a worthwhile trade-off.

I know just enough about building subs that I can give you some basic advice. Since your box will very long, with a short height and width, you should be able to get away with using 3/4” MFD. However, I’d use a 1” piece for the baffleboard.

As far as what driver to use, first determine how many cubic feet (or liters) your box can have. I think I’d go with a 12” driver, unless that will put the bed too tall. Considering how small your room is – about 800 cu. ft. – just about any decent driver will do the job. You might look at the Adire Shiva, a great driver for the money.

I don’t even think I’d fool with a ported design, since a single sealed 12” will be more than enough to get all you want in that room. I’d design it so that the driver fires at the head of the bed (i.e., the end near the wall), not at the foot, which fires into the middle of the room. That way you can get some boundary reinforcement, even if you don’t get the advantage of a corner.


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Re: Under the bed subwoofer system

I can't vouch for the performance but here is a low profile DIY project I saw a while back.


For a small room it might be fine.


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