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need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

Hi And greetings from Sweden

I have had the worst week of my life, The One girlfriend left me and upon that worked the hell out of me with a hen house renovation, left untouched since four year, not cleaned.. probably about 1000 -500 liters ,dust and so on.

As a light dust allergic has this been, well not so nice, feel like really..
The real funny and uplifting thing was this, as i cleaned some from another old shed i found a big sub..

Checked it and asked the owner, he said it was an old eminence he thougt, i stod in a 150L 50x50x60 cm, big bow with a ca 2,1/2" pipe about 10" long, might even be 12". He had never played it so we plugged the sub in and gave it about 400 w rms from a cheapy PA style amplifier, it played the out of a pair of Cwervin Vega-v15f together, they had no way near the same powercontrol at higher volume, and played probably almost twice the volume, the lilllte shed shaked to hell..

This although de box was built by the guy when he was 14 and he built it as big has he had place to, didnīt count and measured a haha.. didnt sound too good but potential there i hope. I have all material at home to build a nice thingy and i got it for free, he have one more and promised to give me that one to when e finds it, much to look trou..

The problem is that I dont have a clue what model it is and really donīt have time and lust to search the web and count, just wanna buiild and donīt think so much some days, hopefully i find things to do for a week or two ..

So I kidnly wonder if someone would like to help me find wich model and do the count for me, would be such a good and help, ned to activise me and dont want to sit here a day or two as i dont know the programs

i have the wood that is neded, have to buy proper selaing thingy and glue, screws and possible pipe
and connection terminal.

could someone please help me find the rigth model atleast, i will try to search meself to.

Her comes a good description of the base and measures of different parts:

382mm across top,
8 screw holes wtih 370-2mm c-c apart them
2-3 ribbed suspension in some kind of textile/plaster i suppose, the typical PA type you know, end about a centimeter in on the real cone
hard cone, coated, light glossy, i think it is polypropulen, quite stiff
5" big dome dustcap in quite soft material
2" voicecoil does it looks like
vented poelpiece in the bottom
around 7" inch spider, stiff too and lots of ribbs
magnet is 7.2 " wide in some plating, yellowish 1 1/2" high
basket is black and pressed, straight arm with a flat bulge on them symmetrik with their outeredge, 8 "arms"
hole in magnet almost 12 wide and 11/2" deep down to the net
weighs 5kg on my home scale
i think it has about 5-6mm of xmax, when we tested it with 300w rms it stroked about one centimeter without disting herable,

can someone please help me find out model and maybe even count on it?

i need it to be 40cm x40 cm as baffle, lengt is changeable up to 80 cm, i would like to be as small as possible without loosing to much performande, it will have plenty of power, 600 wrms if it wants it.

So much thanks to the one that helps just a little bit with this problem, would be unbeliveable appreciated :

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Re: need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

It looks quite like Eminence legen but has a wider magnet that is yellow and pressed basket instead of molded
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Re: need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

could you post a picture of the driver, front and rear, it will help identify it. It sounds like a PA, speaker, so wont be a proper sub woofer driver, but if thats the case it should go loud and play down to about 30-40hz.

We need to identify the driver first though. As well as a picture, is there anything written on it, model number etc.
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Re: need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

it stans nothing on it, it hasent a single number or word or anything.

Have checke in Eminence legend ca154 and much is correct but diameter is 3-4 millimeter off but this maybe just is within factory margin? it stands 8mm xlim wich seems little as i have seen it stroke about 12mm without to much dist, no pole hitting or strange sounds

With a Fz of 51 and 8mm xlim i have to be able to do something funny with it? it isn possible to Linkwitz transform it maybe? Or just build a sub for the kickbass region say 40-100 hz and then build another for the lower frequencies. As i wrote so did it played the out of two Cerwin 15" together.. the whole house shaked crasy..

this is the parameters, anyone that would like to help count?

Resonant Frequency (fs)51.1Hz

DC Resistance (Re)2.92

Coil Inductance (Le)0.80mH

Mechanical Q (Qms)4.94

Electromagnetic Q (Qes).54

Total Q (Qts).49

Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)108.20 liters / 3.82 cu.ft.

Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd)411.90cc

Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)0.11mm/N

BL Product (BL)12.21 T-M

Diaphragm Mass inc. Airload (Mms)86.50 grams

Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP)93.94

Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)

Surface Area of Cone (Sd)823.70 cm2

Maximum Mechanical Limit (Xlim)8mm

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Re: need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

EBP at 98 means vented, if someone counts, remember maxumum measures is 40x40x80 cm
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Re: need help findding out which model, probably Eminece

Just confirm then, is this your driver?

If so then it wont be able to go as low as modern HT subwoofers, its not even a true sub bass driver. This driver is designed to be used in a pro audio system for events etc. It will be very efficient, very loud, and give good musical punch, but its nots going to really give you the room shaking vibe a true sub will. Its probably designed to be used in a horn loaded system or similar to.

This isnt to say you cant do something with it, just dont expect the earth to move.
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