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12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

Can someone please help me with some suggestions. I've been studying like crazy doing my home work but still not coming up with a clear choice.

I currently have VERY nice five cubic foot (internal volume) boxes that have two 12 inch subwoofers mounted per box. (4 woofers total two per channel) However the drivers are 25 years old. Xmax only 8mm. It's way past time for an upgrade as these are outdated.

I want to replace the 12 inch woofers but having trouble finding. I was going to use those Shivia 12 inch before it seems they went out of business.

The LMS-R 12 inch want's a smaller box. The dayton HF ones look like I might peg those out. Don't look powerful enough. (I run two Namamichi PA-7 amps on them (one amp per woofer)

I was considering the TC Sounds Epic 12 which doesn't look to bad. Or perhaps the Lab12 but I think the Lab 12 doesn't have as much Xmax as the TC Sounds Epic.

I thought about cutting the holes bigger and putting in two of the Dayton Titanic III 15 inchers but have read a few bad things about the Titanic's. The LMS-R 15 looks to be nice but that's getting out of my price range.

If any one else has any other other choice's for me to check into I'd greatly appreciate it. It's a big decision which I'm going to have to live with for a long time so I really need to make the correct subwoofer driver choice. Don't want to regret later.

If it helps I would be using the subwoofers only below 80 hz. I'm currently at 100hz but could lower a little.

Again my boxe's are very nice/solid/bracing and actually 5.5 cubic foot internal dimentions which would be approx 2.6 cubic feet or so per woofer. They are sealed and I'd like to stay sealed for simplicity. (I know nothing about porting) Currently has two (very old) 12 inch drivers in each box.

Thanks for any opintions.

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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

What will you power the subs with? That will help in determining what driver would suit you best.
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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

The Dayton RS HO version can take more power, and is said to be better in a sealed box.

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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

Why not stick a pair of Fi Q15's in each box. The cabinets are the right size and the 15" drivers arent that much more than 12's. The system would need 4kw total to get the most from it but even if you dont ave that much power your still going to get more of a long term system than you will with almost any 12" drivers. I realise the cabinets would likely need to have the baffles modified, but I would consider that a small sacrifice personally.

Just an idea.
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Also what are the actual dimensions of tr enclosures you have ?
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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

Generic wrote: View Post
The Dayton RS HO version can take more power, and is said to be better in a sealed box.

Yes. The Dayton RS HO would likely do better in ~2.6cuft/ea. I haven't modelled to check but I think that's too small for the HF line. The Dayton Titanics and the CSS trio12 have big xmax and are kinda reasonable in price, those might be a good consideration if these are used for mostly HT. Either might have a reasonable sealed Qtc in your volume.

I didn't try very hard looking up your Namamichi PA-7 amp, but I didn't find any instant results. What are it's specs?
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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

Thanks everyone for the quick replies!

Moonfly I like the idea of moving up to 15's. I will check the Fi q15's you mentioned

I highly suspect the Nakamichi will peg out any Dayton. It's a nelson pass designed amp that Threshold licenced to Nakamichi to produce. They are only 200 watt's to 8 ohm load but have good headroom as well as low impeadence capability. They have a very solid low end and works well on subs. No I won't have the 4kw mentioned but I think they can do the job. Between the two were talking about 130lbs of amp.

My current box's are:
36 inch's high
24 inch's deep
16 inch's wide
1.5 inch's think except front baffle 3 inch's thick

Currently two holes for the 12's. 15's might be a tight squeeze but I think I could do it. Might have to cut into the side walls a little bit.

Thanks for all the idea's. I will look closer at the dayton's as well but the lower xmax had me concerned and I've read bad reports on the Titanic's for both the 12 and 15.

Thanks! Mark
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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

I second the FI-Q.

I've got to be honest, for the amount of build effort/money you're putting into getting these old 12" boxes working well with 15's, you might as well just build 4 separate enclosures for the 15's and get better in room response.

As far as power goes, you're going to end up wanting a lot more than a few hundred watts.
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Re: 12inch Subwoofer Driver choice's

The Fi drivers dont have venting on the bottom of the motor like some drivers do so they could go more or less butt upto each other. The cabs sound well engineered. I wouldnt worry about the power too much if your amps are good and strong, but its always nice to know you can happily up the power any time you want to the tune of upto 4kw if you wished, and thats another upgrade for another time if you ever want to go that route.

If in room response is a concern, I would measure what you have now and see how it is, as sticking with a pair of subs might not be too bad. Since you have the current subs there, why not measure it and see before deciding to scrap cabs off.
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Or if you are willing to make more space, you could horn load a trio 12, and only need a free hundred Watts. Lol.
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