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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Lunchietey wrote: View Post
Hi guys,

I'm considering my options for sub duty in the ht.

What would be better, mach 5 18" in llt from 80hz and down, or pro sound woofers down to say 50hz and an llt mach 5 below that? Would I gain anything in clarity and 'punch'? I was thinking pro woofers behind the screen for all 3 channels and a large llt built under the second row of seats with ports firing at first row :-)

I would go for mach 5 18" in llt from 80hz and down. Then put the rest of the money for decent separates and tweeters.
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Great, ill go with prosound 12" down to 80 per lcr speaker, and an llt mach 5 below that :-)

Can't wait to start those new stud walls hehe :-)
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Any progress on this project?! I have been flirting with this same idea for a winter build and am interested in how it worked for you.
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Hi guys, been a while since I updated.

I've been busy building studwalls etc and have a dedicated room!

I've had most of my time taken up building my fiance's side of the studwall which is her home studio with mirrors, lights and fluffy leopard walls haha!

Anyway I can basically get more involved in the cinema side as my new job I start in a month will literally double my income meaning much more money to spend on wants and not needs!

So I have found myself some vintage jbl 12" midbass drivers(2202h) and "big bum" 2344 100deg dispersion horns with compression drivers for mains(only stereo so far as I'm hunting for matching 3rd speaker) which will do 80hz and up in 35l boxes tuned to 80hz.

For midbass(well actually it will just operate as the LF channel FOR NOW, will be a 100l ported box containing a p-audio SD15 600wrms pro driver(heavy) which can absolutely punch at close range(125db+). I think with careful box design I should get enough output down to low 40hz range where I will eventually install that ixl 18 below the rear couch.

I'll add some pics as I get meaningful 'cinema' related construction happening in the next few weeks!(maybe I should start a construction thread?)
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Construction thread please. And I miss those old big JBL speakers. Any pics of yours?

"Music is the space between the notes"
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

My jbls are in pieces at the moment. They were custom made for a small pub in low profile cabinets with steel brackets to hang from the roof above the stage. They are in good shape but are not what I want. I'm going to build 3 'normal' shaped 12" trapezoidal boxes basically like normal pa speakers including pole sockets so if I need a pair for a party, I can take them from behind the screen and take a small sub as well hehe. Multi purpose! keeps the missus happy too as there's no way I'd be allowed a separate pair of pa speakers!

I've got a couple of busy weekends coming but my new job next month has me working 2 days, 1 day off, 2 nights then 6 day breaks so I'll have lots of time to get stuff done. I'll post pics when I get more completed as the room is like a store room at the moment!
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Question Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Do pro woofers actualy put out deep subwoofer bass?? or just hard hitting mid-bass?\

Subs usualy arent located in good spots for tweeters/mids. thats why they are usualy seperate..
I guess its possible for a 2way combo. like a PA- speaker

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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

No they don't put out bass unless it's a pa 15" or bigger woofer designed and tuned for bass. Even then, few go below 40hz. Going pa gear is usually for punch and snap of midbass and up. Seriously, pa gear gives a 'big' presentation which is kind of hard to describe unless you've experienced it first hand:-)
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

I think you're going a good route. If I could do it again, I'd do the same. I use my processor to send 100hz to 60hz to my 12" bass bins and use my BFD 1124 to send <60hz to my 18" LLT. I like it! Previously, I had only the LLT handling <80hz, but it was easily localized, lacked 'punch', and room response was spotty. Adding the sealed bass bins improved the experience tremendously. With only 5 1/4" mids, I would prefer having pro-speakers playing higher to relieve the mids, but I have down-firing sonosubs, so it is what it is, for now.

I haven't run REW, but I like how the subs play together using the BFD with the dual 12's on the 'left' channel and LLT on the 'right'. I preferred 60hz as it sounded better, but the LLT does just fine with 80hz.
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Re: Two way subwoofer,is it worth it?

Been doing more head scratching...

I have had little luck locating more vintage jbl drivers that aren't going to cost a fortune so I've been looking around...

Have looked at krix pix home cinema speakers which are basically nicely painted pro cinema speakers for home. These look good but will be $7k for the 3... might be worth it but not sure I will receive spousal approval... I'm going to demo them soon.

However I have also had a look at a cheap but upgradable idea. So bear with me while I explain.

First sell the vintage jbl drivers. Buy 3x JBL jrx115 speakers for lcr (they sound ok for now) buy a jrx125 cheap (just one) and pull the bass drivers out. Build a dual 15" bass bin using the 15" woofer alone the lines of a pa sub (and use a slightly trimmed grille from the jrx125 ) to make what looks like a factory jrx dual 15" ported sub.I'll build it the same width as the jrx125 but shorter as there'll be no horn (trim grille) but much deeper and tuned lower.

Before someone says those 15" drivers can't be used for subs well I only need 40hz and JBL themselves have built bass bins using these woofers (mpro 255s and jbl cinema 3739 bins) this is MUCH cheaper to do it this way in Australia.

The jbl jrx115 don't sound great cranked up but sound fine at 100db levels. However I will upgrade at a later date and convert the boxes to 'econowaves' as the jrx uses the same jbl waveguide and I'll just install the selenium hf drivers and new crossovers keeping the jbl woofer. Econowave crossover is 1.2k, perfect for home theater!


The jrx115 will do 80 and up lcr, my
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subwoofer , worth

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