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My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

hello there

I'm a very new member and I got here by searching google.
I saw this DIY subchannel and decided to ask you smart people for some help!

I am renovating my place and I really love HiFi.
I made a sketchup illustration of the current situation.

What you see on that picture is a blank room where I made a vertical structure in solid wood. (its open in front, so it's basically a vertical box with an open front)
I was hoping to someday fit a subwoofer inthere.

The measurements are: 24cm wide , 29cm deep, 2m38cm high.

Now I came here for some info, Could somebody propose a setup to reach the best possible audio quality ?
Maybe how to divide the box structure, which brand and size of woofer to buy.
Do I need special insulation inside ? Special structures ? etc...

Money is not really an issue, I want the most perfect bass coming from that thing!

Thank you very much
Greetings from Belgium!

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Re: My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

Well hello and welcome to the forum.

With your dimensions and placement it will probably be better to build a pair of small sealed subs to put in your room then to use this space. If using a single layer of 18mm MDF you would net about 4cuft. Your depth would only be 11.4inches and add in .75" for the MDF and 1" for clearance of the speaker and your down to 9.65". So lets say 9.5" and with a front baffle of only 9.4" across. SO that limits you to a 8" sub or possibly a ten inch sub if you use the wall as a surface mount.

All that being said if you had a bunch of 8" subwoofers crammed in that space it may sound ok but the placement will probably not be the best. And then a single 15" sealed subwoofer would have been better. And you can move the sub around to find the best placement.

Will this setup be only for 2.1 channel audio? How big is the room?

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Re: My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

The room is about 8meters in length , 4 meters wide.
The vertical hollow wooden construction I made is right in the middle against a wall which is allready insulated on the back.

Note : The sizes I have given before (i'll put them in inches myself ;-) )are the sizes of the space I have left. The box has been built, i'm not going to break it down.
So the inside of the box has the following dimensions: 9.44 wide / 11.4 deep / 93 high.
The front is still open , i'll cover that with whatever is necessary (wood and cloth on top ?)
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Re: My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

So you are limited to 8"drivers if mounted on the front.
Would it be possible to put a 10"driver mounted to the side?

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DIY completed:
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Re: My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

So, you have 165l...
High Fidelity is not the same as Home Theater, so you wouldn't need to go as low.
What kind of music do you like? This we'll need to know to determine how low you should be able to go.

For HiFi I would say a closed box with Linkwitz Transformation is a good candidate but with multiple drivers in your box, placed on different heights.
Four drivers equally divided in the box, with one in the top and one in the bottom and the other two equally spaced between the others could help a with the room nodes. Don't expect miracles though, but it might be enough.
Now we should know how loud you need this to play, maybe you would have to use eight drivers instead.
I do see room for twelve drivers, if money really isn't an issue, you might try to find low VAS drivers but suitable for HiFi of course.

If you're restricted to this one enclosure and it can't be altered, then this is my best proposition.

I'm interested to see how this go's...subscribed!
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Re: My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

This box would only be used for bass, in the corners of the room i'll have normal speakers to go with it. (sorry for not mentioning this before)

So I'd just need to know how many and which kind of sub's I'd need to install and if they need special placement or not ?

(If you are following I'll post pictures of before and after ^^)
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