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Will my car audio sub work for HT

A few years ago I purchased a pair of subwoofers to install into my car, well I installed one and never got around to building a nice setup for the second. Now that car is gone and the one I currently have is too small and I'm afraid that if I installed both it would blow the doors off of it lol.

So now I have a brand new sub sitting in a box in the storage closet just collecting dust. I would like some opinions on whether or not this would be a good candidate for a HT sub, and some suggestions on what kind of box to put it in. Currently (in the car) I have one in a 2.5cf slot ported box tuned to 32hz running on ~800watts and its very loud (was louder before I had it reconed from a dual 2ohm to D1, then it ran 1500watts to a single sub). Anyway onto its specs.

The sub is a PSI 12" platform 2. If you're not familiar PSI does custom built subs to whatever your needs are.

Revc = 3.4 ohms
Fms = 27.6 Hz
Qes = 0.56
Qms = 5.3
Qts = 0.54
Sd = 490cm^2
Vas = 59.1 L
BL = 15.5
Mms = 231.3 g
Sensitivity = 84.6 dB @1W/1m

He didn't give me an Xmax, however when I checked the website it lists Xmax as 56mm

The other specs are slightly different that what is listed on the website, but the website is based on the newer models and the numbers above are what he gave me when I asked for them.

I've attempted to play around with WinISD and seem to have gotten the parameters in correctly and I get a graph, but I'm not really sure what I should be looking for in a HT sub.

I currently have an LG HTIB that I'm not very happy with, the subwoofer is pathetic, and the satellites distort at very mediocre volume levels (although my roommate may have blown one or more of them...). It mainly runs as a front/center/sub setup as I stream a lot of content through my computer and have had difficulty with getting 5.1 to stream through (not sure if its a computer output issue, or receiver input issue..).

My overall plan is to (if this sub is worthy) build the subwoofer up, because all I really need is the materials and I have one finished component, then I've been looking to build fronts and a center immediately after (basing on an existing design as I don't think I'm quite ready to design my own yet). I'm currently also keeping my eyes open for a deal on a nice receiver for the surrounds, and I'll look for an amp for the subwoofer as well, I assume I'll not find any receivers that will push 1500 watts or anything close to it lol. I'll look at adding rear channels and possibly building my other sub that is in the car as a second if needed/desired. I doubt that will happen as I'm in an apartment, and the upstairs neighbors may get upset if I shake the floor (serves them right for having VERY loud children at very early hours lol).

Any help you can supply I would greatly appreciate, and any explanation as to what I should look for in a HT sub as opposed to car audio subs would be great as well.

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Re: Will my car audio sub work for HT

I think this could be a good sub,box on the site s says:
Enclosure Recommendations:
Sealed - 0.7-1.5 ft^3

I am not sure what this means: Usable excursion = 3" total.

Edit the box can be 0.7 ft^3 /19.80 liter to keep the Xmax 20 mm one way ,40 mm total
also : 0.883 ft^3 /25.00 calculated Xamx of 24 mm one way ,48 mm total.
56 mm peak to peak ,this sub needs a small box.

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Re: Will my car audio sub work for HT

A good sub is a good sub, regardless of whether it's marketed for car audio or not. The problem with average car subs is that they are cheap junk made to look flashy

HTIB setups are not known for being particularly powerful or for sounding good. Having a real sub will be a big improvement to your HT. Once you have a sub in place, adding an HPF to the HTIB L/R speakers would probably help them distort less.

Your PSI 12" looks like a great sub. What are your box size constraints? If you need a small box, 2.4cuft sealed would do great. A -3dB point of 40Hz is respectable for a sealed sub. If you have a large and open HT room and can stand a large box, 5cuft tuned to 20Hz would be best. That would be a hefty box and would need a very big slot port (3x12x43"), though, as well as a strong HPF below port tuning. Either setup would handle 1000W.
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Re: Will my car audio sub work for HT

My HT room will simply be the living room of my apartment for the time being, so size constraints aren't really an issue as long as I can still fit it through the doorway when I move lol. I want to begin building and assembling HT components because I have plans to move in the not too distant future, and if I have all of my components in place already it will be easier to start putting together a theater.

Just opening your Winisd plots and exploring them I'm already understanding a lot more than I did a few days ago, Thanks.
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