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Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

Hi Guys

I've been looking to do a DIY subwoofer for what feels like forever, but I'm finally ready to jump in and get my hands dirty.

Although this is mostly for my own enjoyment I do have an ulterior motive to this project. My Father is recently retired and is a pretty good woodworker. He is itching to put his hands to work and I think this would be a fun project for him and I to bond over. If all goes well we have also discussed turning it into a small business.

I've been poking around on Alibaba to see if I might be able to get a good subwoofer and plate amp for cheap. In the event that the project gave us good results we could then order in quaitities of 50 or 100 pieces and make a bit of money.

I know we can buy something from one of the many recommended brands on here, but if this is ever going to scale up I have to buy direct from the source. I would guess that most subs and amps are made in china anyways, so why not buy direct?

My question to you is, are there any reputable "china direct" companies I should be aware of?

I've spent a bit of time and poked around a bit. What do you guys think of these?:
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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

JLD Audio????? better buy JL audio.

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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

alibaba? Sheez, there's a new one...

How many subwoofers were you planing to build? The minimum quantities on those drivers are 50-100, so unless you plan on starting a business with your father they might not be best choice. Also, when you see the words "professional" and "car" in the same description you can pretty much bet it's for competition. That means very high SPL, but little in the way of fidelity or deep bass. Definitely not good for a HT application.

If you're looking for a high quality 12" driver check out the CSS SDX12. It's not very expensive relative to what it's capable of. It's also from a Canadian company.


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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

Even in Canada you should have good access to reputable brands of audio equipment, especially considering Canada-based CSS. I wouldn't touch the Chinese knock-offs you linked with a 10ft pole. The cost of shipping to you no doubt outstrips the material and labor cost put into that junk.
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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

I have tried a few clone woofers from China because I was curious and I dont feel they are worth it. I would like to try a few other woofers to finally cement my thoughts on clone products though. That being said I would never buy 50-100 before trying just one.

What are you trying to do?

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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

Dealing with China is not for the faint of heart. When things go wrong they can go wrong in a big way. More than one company has closed thier doors due to "complications", Exodus Audio comes to mind.

If you're serious about this then I would suggest you contact Mark from Mach 5 Audio based in Winnepeg, I believe he does OEM work.
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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

Mike P wrote:
If you're serious about this then I would suggest you contact Mark from Mach 5 Audio based in Winnepeg, I believe he does OEM work.

I bought a 15" from Mark. He was great to deal with, the product was very good and I'd heartily recommend him.

China can produce really good stuff very inexpensively, except on those days when they produce really bad stuff inexpensively - inexpensive until you have to squabble over it.

FWIW, make a good value product rather than a cheap one, your customers are more understanding because PRICE isn't the only factor. The race to the bottom price is at terminal speed and always ends with something (or someone) terminal.

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Personally, I would never buy a product off Alibaba
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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

Alibaba isn't for consumers. It is a business to business site for manufacturers looking for U.S. distribution and U.S. distributors looking for manufacturers. Having done some directi importing from China, I can tell you Alibaba isn't the way to go. If you want to get into the subwoofer business you'd better travel to China and start at the U.S. consulate in Shanghai.

If you want to build a subwoofer with your Dad I would go to Parts Express. You should be able to find everything you need there.
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Re: Alibaba/China direct subwoofers and amps?

My experience with OEM suppliers from China is that it is about a 50-50 proposition. Unless you personally know someone or have trusted broker over there who has dealt with a particular vendor, you are taking a big risk. Many start-ups based on supplies from there go though a couple of manufacturers before finding one that can produce the quality needed. That experience can be costly.

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