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Vaughan Odendaal
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Re: Why IB Sub?

Hi guys,

I know this is asking a lot but I want all IB'ers to play these three demo scenes for me and then to report back. I consider them great material especially if your system has the power and the right dynamics. The first demo sequence is from the Matrix Reloaded, the "Burly Brawl".

There are lots and lots of deep bass hits in the fight scenes. Different kinds of bass sounds are present in this sequence. From very low to high, different tonal qualities, timbre changes, etc.

The second demo sequence I want you to test is from the Matrix Revolutions. Towards the end of the film, the machine speaks to Neo.

The machine utters the word "SPEAK" in a monotonous voice. This has some ultra deep bass down to below 10 hz. Please try that one out.

Last demo sequence is also from Matrix Revolutions. The final fight sequence between Neo and Smith. In the beginning fight in the street, there are times when Neo and Smith connect punches when all of sudden lightning strikes. This material has high amplitude 18 hz bass contained in it.

The rest of the fight has various sub-15 hz bass throughout. Various kicks and punches have deep bass in them too. I have found these demo sequences to be quite demanding on subwoofers because if they aren't reproduced properly, you'll get overhang, a boom-boom tonal quality and definite compression at high levels.

Most people here seem to have setups that have very high Vd. So please play those scenes for me and report back with your opinions.

Thanks. BTW, my PB10 ISD kicks ***. Um. . .

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Re: Why IB Sub?

I just recently listened to the "speak" scene and it is indeed very deep. Reproduced very well with no strain at all. I'll try and demo all the scenes you requested tonight if I can.
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Vaughan Odendaal
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Re: Why IB Sub?

Thanks a lot !

post #24 of 73 Old 08-02-06, 02:44 PM
Vaughan Odendaal
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Re: Why IB Sub?

You know, I have heard this material on several, very expensive subwoofers and they simply do not have the required power to reproduce these scenes without compression or without serious distortion.

Now everything that I've heard about an IB points to the fact that the bass is effortless and that it has the ability to basically unravel the various textures inherent in the bass itself.

So these scenes that I chose, for me anyway, are really impressive because of the deep bass content in them and the quality of bass you get. Some bass, for example in the Burly Brawl, like some of the various punches and kicks, do not contain deep bass, but the quality of bass, the various textures, should be very rich, the bass should be very punchy, and clear. This is what I'm guessing is what you'll hear and feel.

I have not heard an IB before but I can imagine the kind of sound that you guys are describing. Well, sort of.

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Re: Why IB Sub?

I don't see any chapter called "Burly Brawl" in the Matrix Reloaded...which one were you referring to?

In all the fight scenes there is nearly zero bass in the hits. When they are tossed there is bass in the impact etc but nearly no bass in fist to fist contact.

The "Speak" scene does indeed have tremendously low bass undertones in the voice. The whole sequence does when the machine talks. My couch shakes.

In the final fight scene where they collide way above the city and create the huge water ball, the resulting explosion is huge. It has tons of low bass that I never heard with my box sub. Big impact. The rest of the fight has great bass as well with the slow motion scenes in particular. The impacts are good, you feel them.

People might want to try "It is done" on. It's the machine speaking at the end of the fight sequence when Neo is disconnected.

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Vaughan Odendaal
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Re: Why IB Sub?

I know these Matrix films like the back of my hand, so I'll be more than happy to steer you in the right direction. The chapter that I am referring to is chapter 15 (I have the PAL version).

The first fight scene between Neo and the three agents has some awesome bass in it. When Neo kicks the one agent into the concrete wall, my couch shakes nicely. When Trinity fights the policemen, there are one or two big hits. When she knocks the officier with her helmet, there is a big whollop. You feel very sorry for that guy after that hit.

Now on to the fight sequence of choice. The scene I was referring to is between Neo and 100 Smith's. In that fight scene, there are lots of punchy hits, not particularly deep, but punchy. Each punch and kick should have different timbre.

Further in the fight, things get more and more exciting and the bass reflects in this too. When Neo does a back flip to kick one of the Smiths down, he comes back and does a jumping kick, falls down and then gets back up with a cool sidekick. That sidekick causes my room to pressurize. I can't even imagine what the effect would be like with your IB.

Try it.

Also, further on in the fight there are slow motion parts. Tons of bass in those sequences. Must be at least 5 slow motion sequences. You'll know instantly when you feel it.

When Neo tries to escape the "sea" of Smiths, he uses them as a stepping stone to get away, then all of a sudden, one Smith jumps and knocks him over. That hit knocked me in the chest slightly with my SVS PB10. Also, at the very end of the fight, Neo uses his strength to overcome all those Smiths who've piled on top of him, there is also tremendous deep bass there too.

Also, another great scene that I tested today. Watch the scene in Reloaded towards the end when Neo exists the "construct" and saves Trinity falling. You'll see the door start to melt and there is incredibly bass in that scene.

Neo swooshes in with fire trailing behind him and in my HT, I get this real room pressurizing effect. Excellent test material in my opinion.


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Re: Why IB Sub?

Or you could save up for one those new Fans that does down to 3Hz at something like 120dB @ 200w RMS...


I would think that four Dayton 15in Titanics would be more then adequate for most rooms.

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Re: Why IB Sub?

A good percussion disc is Blue Man Group. they have 2 CD's 'Audio' & 'The Complex' as well as an excellent DVD 'The Complex Rock Tour'. It really shows how quick an IB can be.

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Re: Why IB Sub?

This is probably a total shot in the dark, but could one of you IB'ers give a listen to Joe Sample's "Hippies On A Corner" and "Black & White". If you like piano jazz, there's some really nice bass on these two tracks.

Warmon - "know what I mean Vern"
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The Dave
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Re: Why IB Sub?

All this talk of IB is making me drool. I must hear one in person!! I am thinking about going with 4 FI IB subs for my 3800 cubic foot room but still have reservations on IB. I msg'd the 2 Sacramento members in here from the google map application for a demo but no response

- The Dave
Check out my QUAD 18" Fi IB Build Thread (DONE) King of the 400lb Gorilla
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