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Re: Affordable multichannel DSP-based equalizer?

HI, I'm new here and new to DSP devices, I have picked up a Crown IQ-USM 810 and am researching it's uses, I'm looking at the pic's of your rig and asuming you are only using the IQ-USM 810 for EQ etc.., I apreciate the use of the Shure Auxpander for distribution as I have found geeky stuff drive the family nuts when they want to "play with the system" and there is no "button to push" to get what they want out of the system.. a button with results is good for them..

I am assessing the IQ-USM 810 to "de-button" and route to other places in the house, kitchen, decks etc.., my plan is to hide as much hardware as possible and gate everything.. The idea being if they wanted TV sound all they have to do is pull up the volume with the decoder remote, if they want to play a CD all they have to do is put on a CD and push play, the system will gate everything else and let the wanted device play on..

I'd like to learn situ's that people have with the IQ-USM 810 as it's a very smart and interesting device..

Regards Stephen
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Re: Affordable multichannel DSP-based equalizer?

I had considered doing what you described when I setup the system actually, however I ran in to the following problems: how do I know what mix I will want where? and also how loud will I want the mixes in the various locations that they are being routed to (some sources such as CD players don't necessarily have volume controls)? That is why I chose to use the auxpander

You COULD do the gating thing that you described; it depends on where in the signal chain you have the gains (attenuators) and other things, perhaps you could make presets with various configurations... ex: the cd routed to the porch, the tv to the living room would be one preset, everything to everywhere another preset, tv to porch and cd to living room another preset...

You also could have presets set that change the volume of the system too ex: 1-10 would be 10 different 'routing configurations' to get various sources where you want them, 11-20 could be 10 of the 'same' routing configurations, but with the levels cut by 5 db, 21-30 would be levels cut by 10 db... this would allow you to control everything by changing presets...

If you can get a 'logic' going with the presets, it should be pretty easy for your family to figure out I would think (the two preset numbers represent two different things, the tens represent volume, the ones place value represents routing configurations).

Let me know what you think! Good luck

edit/addition: I also have things setup so that the gains on the amplifier are set at a level that never changes (unless I need to for some reason, but basically never), there are 'wall mounted' volume controls, however they are the 'power eating' variety (they add impedance/resistance to the speaker wire, can't remember which it is): anyways, when I activate them (turn down the volume) it ends up killing the highs in the music, so in an attempt to avoid the wall volume controls as much as possible I chose the auxpander (I also gave a different reason earlier, however this is a second reason why the auxpander works so well: I do wish the auxpander had a stereo (matched) volume control though, it kind of sucks trying to set both potentiometers at the same level... while the differences arent usually audible, I am a perfectionist when it comes to sound
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Re: Affordable multichannel DSP-based equalizer?

When you look past the fantastic Digi audio features of the 810, there is a world of extras that can be used, these devices are used in theme parks and such like so have interesting features.
The system as I understand it has 0-10volt channels, I can use this as an "on wall" volume controller, also there are relay out controls (at 5 volt) so I'm thinking of turning off/on the power amps with SSR's I intend to station the amp's some distance away (in the shed) to avoid fan noise and bulk, when a zone isn't being used it times out and switches off.
Going back to the TV decoder, when the volume is unmuted or raised the system wakes up opens the channels, the relay turns on the amp and out the sound comes turning on the VP on the way.. this will cost maybe 2 or 3 seconds of startup time but the sound will be pumping by the time the video is on the screen.

My family know how to turn lights on but none of them have figured how to turn them off, I have installed IR sensors that automatically turn the lights on & off, this sensing system can also be used for other things, i.e if there's no-one in a zone it times out and shuts down.

I love the idea of a DJ desk in the party room someone always takes the lead and is the DJ for a while, at least till the mood changes, I always say "everyone else does content",,, "I just do tech.." it gets me off the hook of being the techie controller and gets others involved.
I do a lot of corporate work, so serve up dross time and time again,, it's irrelevant to me if it's good or bad pic's or sound...
Just the quality has to be high

I'll keep you posted as this develops, Regards Stephen
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Re: Affordable multichannel DSP-based equalizer?

Chester wrote: View Post
I use a program that is available on the crown site, called IQ for Windows. You do need to use a serial cable to connect in and program things however once it is configured it runs as a standalone system. You can make 32 presets that can be selected from the front panel (however I always "lock" the front panel so my family does not mess things up )

Addition: I also use REW (I figure that would be assumed but you never know...) to generate the responses and figure out what filters to apply... It is important to remember (also) that the parametric eq filters generated by REW use a different method for determining the Q, so you will need to use a conversion I figured out here: use Excel or something like that to figure out all the filters at once

Here are the measured and predicted graphs of the 8 channels I EQ with one my USM-810's, there are also 7 other parametric eq's per channel that represent the equal loudness curve at 80 phons (basically a really accurate "Loudness" button), each channel has anywhere from 5 to 8 parametric eq's that are fixing that channel too. There are also two subwoofers being crossed over by the USM-810...

Interesting, so how much does it cost? Sorry if I may have missed you quoting the price earlier.
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Re: Affordable multichannel DSP-based equalizer?

depends, they can be found used on CL and ebay sometimes, i got mine for ~$300
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