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Re: Screen advice for Epson 8350

devildog1679 wrote: View Post
Going the 8350 route and have a question regarding my screen choices. Due to budget concerns Im leaning towards a painted on wall screen for now. It will be mounted in a 30x11x8(LxWxH) dedicated HT room with no windows so I will have 100% control of lighting. The projector itself will be at 15 from wall and about 1 down from ceiling. According to PC this should give me a 112x98x55(DxWxH) with an actual diagonal range of 70 to 150. So before I go and ask about screen paint what should I paint the other walls and ceiling? I guess depending on those colors I would choose the screen wall color. This will mainly be for movies with a few sports games but just he big ones. Ill probably also use it for regular TV at times.
The darker the room surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor) the lighter color screen you can use. The color of the screen wall is the last consideration since it is the least reactive surface in the room - the only light that reflects off that wall comes from the light reflected off the other room surfaces first. If you need a light colored wall in the room for some reason make it the screen wall.
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Re: Screen advice for Epson 8350

gatorengineer wrote: View Post
How big do you think you could go with this projector? I have 184" diagonal wall that I can put my screen on. Obviously, if I could go this big, everyone else would so this must be wrought with issues. Based on calculations that gives me 10 fL and I'm too new at this to know what is realistic. I know 16 fL is as high as you want to go.

So, I want to balance the screen size with the actual ability to see a good quality picture (on a scale of 1-10 I would like a 7 to 7.5 quality picture). I'm willing to give a little on quality, as I prefer big over details. My room is 18.5' long, so I basically have the space to project that image if needed. I will have some ambient light, but have the ability to black out the light. With that said, I watch TV almost exclusively at night anyway, but on occasion, I will watch a football game (maybe once a month so that totals about 5 games a year). I'm fully aware that these directly compete with each other, but I would assume that I could get the room down to 2-5 fc using blackout. I mainly watch the History Channel and Discovery. My wife rarely watches this TV as she uses the 60" in the bedroom so her daytime viewing (as she is a stay-at-home mom) is really not relevant. As far as kids, they can watch what ever I put in front of them and like it....nough said.

Based on my reading here, I see there is plenty of info on how to construct the wall screen. I mainly need largest size, best color paint based on my situation and a different projector, if needed to achieve these goals. It also seems the 184" is too big for the distance I have, I'm very willing to compromise and don't need it that big, but I would like some feedback based on the facts given and reality of the real world.

So my the facts are:

main focus is a completely dark room, with an occasionaly day viewing in very low light conditions
the largest screen possible
projector under $2k
I would prefer to use my wall as the screen
In the room you have the 8350 would only produce a ~173" diagonal image after you take the size of the PJ into account and give it a little breathing room. In Living Room mode and full lamp (assuming half the lamp like is used) you would get ~11 fL of image brightness. The lowest image recommended brightness is 12 fL, but this is a very subjective thing.

With that large an image I would recommend our Cream&Sugar Ultra mix. It has an on-axis gain of 1.0, but is actually a very light gray so you get at least a little image help with ambient light and to help the 8350 produce black blacks.

As for what other PJ to use, I recommend you post this question on the Projector forum here for help with that then come on back here with the new PJ specs for a revamp of the screen paint recommendation.
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Re: Screen advice for Epson 8350

I guess nothing on my questions?

Sorry, my page never updated.

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Re: Screen advice for Epson 8350

gatorengineer wrote: View Post
I guess nothing on my questions?
I run 134" on my old 1080p in a light controlled room with dark walls and ceiling.


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Re: Screen advice for Epson 8350

I can second that, Glidden Diamond in "Veil" on Sintra board or similar would be great for yours. I have that for my Epson 5020 and it looks great.

HarvMarkey wrote: View Post
Thanks -- I'll look for a foamcore sheet like Sintra. Lightweight is better. Any recommended thickness -- ⅛, , ?

For your paint rec: Valspar Ultra Premium Enamel interior latex tinted to match Glidden Master Palette 'Veil' -- just give those instructions to the counter person at Lowe's or Home Depot and they can prepare it? One quart should do it, right?

Thanks again for your help.
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