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Underwood HiFi, Inc
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LSA Direct Factory Sale

Underwood Hifi is now selling LSA exclusively for the factory. This allows us to dramatically lower the selling prices of these excellent speakers by removing dealer profits.

These speakers are amazingly good values at the new Direct prices.

The LSA-1 Statement was just name 1 of the 10 best under $3000.00 speakers by Absolute Sound

LSA standard tube/hybrid 150wpc remote controlled integrated amplifier Retail $5,500 –
Internet Direct price $2,490 SAVE $3000

Robert Reina of Stereophile said:
"...The large, sleek, visually stunning [amp] features a tube line stage with 6922 triodes and partially dual-mono amplifier circuitry with Solen output devices..."
"...The midrange qualities indicated that the integrated amp possessed some of the hallmark
attributes of a high-quality tube preamp. Every vocal recording I tried with the [amp] was silky, rich, uncolored, and captivating..."
" notes read 'angelic holographic blended harmonies.' Male vocals were equally enticing. Mighty Sam McClain's warm, gutteral growl was silky and organic..."
"...tremendous low-end slam, and its reproduction seemed effortless even at high volumes..."
"...lightning-fast ability to render rapid transients without any sence of blunting or artificial edge..."
'''My listening note: 'Chills!' "

James Darby of Stereomojo said this of the $5500.00 amp:
"The first thing one notices is the easy sense of power . . ."
"The next outstanding attribute was dynamics . . ."
Awarded Stereomojo "Maximum Mojo Award."

LSA .5 excellent small monitor speaker in rosewood or black $999
Internet Direct price $479 in black $499 in Rosewood SAVE 50% now Internet Direct

LSA-1 monitor speakers w/excellent reviews - Retail $1,300/pr
Internet Direct price $599 in black $649 in Rosewood

CES Show Report by Chris Martens of The Absolute Sound
"The LSA Group LSA1 Monitors [produce] images that are gigantic, beautifully focused, and three-dimensional beyond belief. These affordable stand-mount monitors seemed remarkably free from edge diffraction and struck me as being among the finest imagers I've ever heard at any price.
I was also impressed by the LSA1's natural tonal balance and unforced clarity. Though the LSA1s filled a quite large room with sound, they never seemed to be working very hard."

LSA-1 Signature upgraded monitor speakers. Now with the new Ring Radiator tweeter $1799/pr Internet Direct price $899 in black or Rosewood Save $900
LSA-1 Statement monitor speakers w/ribbon tweeters & great crossover $2,799 /pr TAS one of 10 best under $3000 speakers Internet Direct price $1,599 in black $1,699 in Rosewood SAVE $1200
Reviews have been superb at their $2800.00 a pair price thru dealers. At $1599.00 or $1699 in Rosewood they offer a superb value. Here is what the reviewers have said:

1) "The LSA1 Statement Monitor ... sounded far better than any $2600-a-pair loudspeaker should. This small two-way had exceptional dynamics, surprisingly deep bass extension, great image focus, and a smooth and extended treble courtesy of the ribbon tweeter." Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, February 2011
2) One of my favorite discoveries of this year was the LSA Group's LSA1 Statement monitor. This attractive speaker features a folded-ribbon tweeter, a 6.25" mid/bass driver, and premium-grade crossover parts. The LSA1 Statement is one of the two best sub-$3000 monitors I've ever heard. These speakers sound highly detailed, yet are unfailingly smooth and offer very good bass extension for their their size. They also produce enormous 3-D soundstage's and easily reveal subtle differences between good / better / best amplifiers." Chris Martens
3) “ I have owned several minimonitors over the years . . . The LSA1 Statement is the finest minimonitor I have have heard . . ." Norm Luttbeg of Soundstage

L2SA-2.1tower speakers in Rosewood $2,799/pr
Internet Direct price $1,099 in black $1,299 in Rosewood

Here is what Michael Wright of Stereo Times said in his review: "...How do they sound?
In a word, stunning. There is no way speakers at this price point ($2,500) perform this well with all aspects of music reproduction..."
"...My initial impression of the LSA2s was that they sounded bigger than they look. They easily filled
my listening room with music. The LSA2s’ soundstage is expansive but with good focus. The images across the stage were rock solid and there was never a need to move the speakers closer together..."
"..I was also surprised by the amount of bass these speakers were able to generate. The bass performance was extended, detailed, tight and full with good impact, pitch and the ability to make things rattle in my room. The low end reproduction never sounded loose or dominated the room..."
"... The LSA2s midrange performance rendered both male and female vocals with a natural, lifelike
tone and warmth and had the ability to transport vocalists into my room with a palpable presence.
This is the LSA2s were able to do while being driven by solid-state and tube electronics..."
"...What the LSA2s do provide you with is music reproduction that competes with any speaker up to
the $5K range..."
Taking into account the LSA2s build quality, looks, sonic performance and cost, I would have to say
that they provide you with extremely good value and are a bargain at their price... "… Highly Recommended."

LSA-2.1 Signature modified version of the LSA-2 -Now with ring radiator tweeter $3,899/pr
Internet Direct price $1,799 in black $1,999 in Rosewood

LSA-2.1 Statement fully modified LSA-2 with ribbon tweeters $6,999/pr -
Internet Direct price $2,999/pr in black $3,299/pr in Rosewood

LCR theater monitor center Retail $949/ea
Internet Direct price $449 in black $499 in Rosewood

On wall Tripole surround speakers Retail $1,299/pr -
Internet Direct Price $599/pr in black, $649/pr in Rosewood

In-Walls and In-Ceiling speakers are also available at great savings. Call to discuss

Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these exceptional speaker values.

Click here for more information!
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Re: LSA Direct Factory Sale

Can we see some pictures, links to data, web page?

Welcome to the Shack, nice to have good sponsors. I think you'll find people here will want to dig into these speakers. Would getting a pair to review be an option. I bet Sonnie would be able to set something up.
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Re: LSA Direct Factory Sale

Sorry... I posted that for Walter and forgot to add the link.

And yes... we hope to work out some review models.

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: LSA Direct Factory Sale

Yeah, I found that page, but it doesn't feel right. No links that go to each speakers page with pics/data. Seems to like it could use some improvement, but that's just me offering free advice. Again, great to have you on board. These speakers have definatly picked my interest.
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Underwood HiFi, Inc
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Re: LSA Direct Factory Sale

Full info is on the LSA website accessed at the bottom of the LSA page on my website. I am at 770-667-5633 if I can be of any further help. Walter (underwoodwally)
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Re: LSA Direct Factory Sale

WOW!! Those speakers looks mighty purdy!! Great deal and love to hear owners feedback / review on them someday.
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