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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

My experience with the sets is that there are things to like and dislike about either. The LCD sets have come a long way and have closed the gap to the point where you have to compare model vs model rather than generalize about the technologies. Decide what your priorities are and look for those points in comparison. Whatever you do, get the set calibrated properly.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

[QUOTE=Owen Bartley;153044]however I found myself looking back at a lot of the LCD monitors as well. There was a Sony LCD next to the Panny, and it consistently looked sharper, and the off-axis viewing was completely fine. Also the Samsung LCDs looked very sharp, and had pretty good colour.QUOTE]

Hi Owen,

One of the things to remember when looking at plasmas and LCDs in the store is that most LCDs are capable of producing a brighter image than a plasma (by brighter, I mean that it has a higher lumen output). Therefore, the LCD's will typically draw your attention more when placed side by side, like in a store setting. However, none of the store models are anywhere near calibrated.

Good luck on the hunt. I have a plasma (Panasonic Viera 70) and my parents have an LCD (Samsung 630). I really enjoy watching both of them, so nowadays, I don't think you'll go wrong with either.
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

SteveCallas wrote: View Post
Not every plasma is a Pioneer Kuro.
i agree
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Yep, I'm still looking, while trying to ignore the store display brightness/contrast. It seems that the easiest thing to focus on is the sharpness of the picture, and so far from what I've seen, the advantage seems to be with LCD, particularly the Samsung 700 series (LN52A750). I'm going to eventually narrow my list down to a couple of both plasma and LCD displays and find a way to spend some time with each one hooked directly to a nice BluRay source, and play with settings.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Hey Owen, may I ask what your viewing distance is for the plasmas? Also, what size of TVs you are viewing?
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I have to agree with most if not everything said here about LCD vs Plasma...

I was just shopping at Best Buy and chatting quite a bit with the cute girl that was in that dept. they had an entire wall of the store dedicate to both types of displays... I was there shopping for a TV that I had to fit in a certain spot for my mom, I grabbed a 26" sharp that had a built in DVD player, just for ease of use for her. For her, its fine and better then what she had that died.

I honestly don't care for LCD, I have a 42" & 50" 720p panasonic pro panels, and to me they are better then any LCD I have seen even though they are not 1080p. Today I pulled the trigger on a Panasonic 65" PZ850U for an awesome price, and I'll be doing all my scaling with an Anthem D2v, I'm really excited to get that bad boy up and running...

It may not beat the Pioneer in blacks, I'll give that up for the extra 5", but I have seen the 58" unit and its just spectacular in nature. I have put off the 1080p upgrade for a long time, but now that I have the D2v on the way, it will be worth having a top notch display.
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Ahhh double post....
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Absolute tosh
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Care to translate? My Scottish slang is a bit rusty.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I just made the jump from LCD to Plasma for my main TV system

I went from an XBR2 to a Panasonic V series.

I'm loving the beautiful blacks, it just kills the XBR2 in every way (not even close)
My room isn't very bright, but definitely in some ways I'm worse off

- Reflections in the screen are a lot more obvious. It's definitely a step back. I loved the matte screen of the LCD, hard to see any reflections at all even when a lamp was in the background. The new Plasma has (which is considered a good) AR screen so it already helps a lot but reflections are too obvious. You can see in my first picture that even with a lamp in the background, you can hardly notice it on the screen. With my second picture, the reflections made taking the picture very hard, that's why the image on the screen looks washed out.

- We still watch a fair bit of 4:3, and watching with light grey bars, or stretch modes (as recommended by the manual) really sucks. With LCD, I never worried about it and always ran SD in 4:3 mode with black bars.

- The Plasma burns 3 times the power consumption while on.

- Having to be extra careful during the first 100-1000 hours of burn-in (as recommended by Panasonic) is a nuisance.

- I kind of miss the extra pop due to the brightness of the LCD. It just has more wow factor when watching sports and such.

Other than that the TV is great but you definitely go four steps forward, three steps back. So for me, the switch was bittersweet.

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lcd vs plasma , vizio

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