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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

My Boss has a 42" plasma and has only had it for about a year and it already has burn in from the stupid logos that some networks keep up all the time. TLC is the worst as there logo is not transparent and has lots of red in it. Our CRT RPTV also has the TLC logo burnt in (you can see it when there is a white background) Networks really need to be more cautious about this.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

LCD blacks just keep getting better and better - they're much better now than they were from the days of the XBR2. As you mentioned, LCD has more "pop" and clarity to images too.

Attached are a couple shots with my Samsung LN52B750 using a cheapo camera from 2005 - where does the black end and the bezel begin? You can't really tell. LCDs couldn't do this even a year ago. Imagine where they will be 3-5 years from now. Meanwhile the Kuro from a year ago still represents the best plasma has to offer.

(The file size limit for attachments is really, really small here - sorry for the small size, it was the only way I could get under 200kb).
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I don't disagree that the new LCD's are impressive compared to my XBR2. I actually looked at the Samsung (all of them including the LED backlit models) and new XBR7-8-9 but the Panasonic still has better color and black levels, viewing angles, and it's cheaper to boot.

Maybe in 1-4 years, LCD's will catch up or surpass it at less cost, but for now I don't regret it overall choosing plasma. It would seem like I regret it based on my post above, but I really don't

The only issue in my mind is not being able to use 4:3 black pillarboxes for extended periods like I did with LCD, which is unfortunate but I'll get used to it. I think I will use medium gray bars which is not as optimal to prevent burn-in, but I think is acceptable as long as I don't run SD for hours on end.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

the_rookie wrote: View Post
Hey Owen, may I ask what your viewing distance is for the plasmas? Also, what size of TVs you are viewing?
Sorry, haven't been around much lately! I have recently switched pretty firmly over to the plasma side, and am waiting for the new Panasonic V10 to come out in 54" and 58" to check out. I'd guess I'm going to be around 10 feet or so from the display at the couch. I have still been researching and the V10 seems to get good reviews, including those of its 24p mode, which it handles at 96Hz and is supposed to be very smooth.

Warpdrv, I was looknig at the PZ850U as well, but figured I could wait for the new models... how are you liking yours? It was a very nice set.

Warpdrive (weird... 2 of you?), which model did you get? How do you like it? I thought about the G10 or G15, but I really want the 24p mode. Have you tested this out?

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

Nothing has changed that would make me change my mind. Not even close.
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I'm not the same warpdrive as "warpdrv". I bought a 50V10. I love having the 96Hz mode, it makes all the difference and I look forward to watching 24p now
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I have always liked how a Plasma looks but I must admit the the LCD has come a long way in just a couple of years. I know people are always going to bring up the "burn in" stuff but my RP-TV is susceptible to "burn in" and I game for hours on end and I have "NO" burn in what so ever. If the set is calibrated correctly, the set will last a very long time. I guess when my Mitts. dies I'll consult the one guy I know that looks and sets up TV's all the time- my calibrator. I'll ask him what looks the best at the time after it's properly calibrated and tell him my viewing habits and go from there.

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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

I have been researching this topic as well. I am trying to get up the courage to replaces IC's to fix the convergance issues my Mit projection set has now. Looks like I will buy plasma if I have to.
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

the_rookie wrote: View Post
Hey Owen, may I ask what your viewing distance is for the plasmas? Also, what size of TVs you are viewing?
I am just beginning the search for a new HD-TV, torn between LCD & Plasma and curious why you asked Owen about viewing distance from the plasma and size of screens?
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Re: Plasma vs LCD?

You'll want a higher resolution 1080 vs 720 if you sit closer. For example, my main seats are 16' away from my 50" 720 tv-picture looks great, but at the closer 8' seats I can see the deficiency (grainy). I don't care as the tv (plasma Pany) was $600 less than a 1080- and I don't sit in the closer seats!

There is a viewing table that recommends viewing distance, tv screen size, and resolution- it is a good thing to look at. I have excellent vision and couldn't see the difference between 1080 and 720 as the table I found stated.

As far as plasma vs lcd, these guidelines apply to both. I sometimes wish I had lcd because so many movies are not formatted to fit the screen size and I end up zooming in (which I dislike) in order to avoid burn-in. Perhaps I worry unnecessarily, but I don't want to chance it as I only watch 1-2 movies a week with little if any other programming, so haven't even had 50 hrs on it in months of use. The blacks and overall picture is really nice though, no doubt.
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lcd vs plasma , vizio

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