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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

dsskid wrote: View Post
Thanks for posting the shots Rad, but unless it's your camera, I like the Intelligent Variable Contrast set to off.
I'd agree.

Edit: After seeing David's post I'd have to assume there's more to it than what I'm seeing in the pictures. Yet another classic example of how a picture can rarely portray what can be seen by eye.

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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

Hi everyone,

Yeah, the white clipping we see in the pictures for the IVC demo is obvious and extreme, but I guess I'm inclined just to chalk that up to the way manufacturers make those "demos" so exaggerated and garish. On my Samsung B8500 the demo mode to show off its local dimming does the same thing: along with local dimming it throws in dynamic contrast, that awful Black Tone feature, oversaturated colors, and all sorts of other picture-fidelity nightmares. My assumption has been that Sharp is doing something similar here.


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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

Sorry it took me so long to write up this review but it has been a very busy two weeks for me and I've been spending all my time with my new ELITE PRO-70X5FD. Anyway here it is, please sit back grab some Coffie and enjoy. I have also included some additional screen shots below for everyone's enjoyment.

My first impression out of the box: This is hands down the most beautiful display I've ever seen, it's got Pioneer written all over it inside and out. In fact one may not even guess Sharp had anything to do with it other then the branding on it's back.
When first I turned on the ELITE I was brought to an Att U-Verse picture via my HDMI 1080i source. My Att U-Verse was playing Avatar at that time and when the picture came on the screen, my jaw dropped. The picture looked fantastic, in fact it looked way better then it had ever looked before. It defiantly made the shock and wow factor for me. I was not expecting a cable picture to look so good, and it was definitely an unexpected added bonus. Later that evening when I put on my first Blu-ray movie I was again taken away with the deep blacks and rich color of the ELITE, it was simply put the best picture I've ever seen. Every time I put in a new movie to view it was like watching it all over for the first time, the ELITE is that good. It's brought me nothing but complete satisfaction.

I can't emphasize enough how pleased I am with the ELITE, the picture quality is simply stunning, I encourage anyone to see it for themselves in person because no words will suffice. Oh and upon an up close inspection of the ELITE reveals no humming or buzzing sounds, in fact it's very quiet. However the ELITE is not without it's faults and we all know nothing is ever perfect. The internal speakers are really lacking, the base is simply not there. Also the off-axis viewing while greatly improved is still not perfect, more on this bellow.
I found the menu system very easy to use, and rather user friendly you don't have to be a TV savvy person to use it. I thought the power LED light was well placed on the bottom left side of the bezel out of the way and it's size and color (blue) is non intrusive during movie viewing. You can always turn it off through the menu interface if you wish, it's a rather nice feature.

For movie viewing your obviously going to want to use the Movie (THX) picture mode right out of the box, it looks fantastic and it's obvious the most accurate. ELITE PURE is your torch mode but it's very good at producing very beautiful vivid color allowing the image to really stand out. The effect is very life like and impressive, however it also delivers a noticeable increase in contrast killing some of your shadow detail. Additionally It adds an over all blueish tint to your image, however I'm very sure all of this can be calibrated out to perfection. The ELITE PURE picture mode could be great fun to use in showrooms and in extremely bright lit rooms with nature scenes etc, (see yellow flower picture I posted earlier), looks shockingly real.

Deep inky blacks with pure bright whites is the ELITES speciality. I have never seen a picture look so pure, clean and bright as the ELITE. This TV can get very bright and very dark let me tell you. It's really rich in every sense of the word, and the ELITE does not disappoint in this regard.
Putting up a solid color screen clearly shows off the ELITE's uniformity and purity it's very apparent. I was not able to find any signs of common artifacts plaguing other LCD displays. No vertical or horizontal banding, no clouding or flash lighting and no dead pixels. It demonstrated excellent off-axis viewing perhaps noticeably better then the 929. And from what I can tell all images hold out very nice up to about 45 degrees but then slightly wash out the further you go. So on this note you will still be claiming dibs on that sweet spot (center) seat. However I want to emphasize to everyone that the off-axis viewing on the ELITE is still the best in class, and I do consider this to be an issue. If your really are curious about this go check one out in person because us Videophiles tend to see things others do not. The picture still holds out very nicely at any angle for most and I was very impressed on how much improvement has been made in this department. Speaking of improvement, Blooming on the ELITE has been greatly reduced to the point where it's almost non existent, very nice indeed.

Watching movies: During live motion video with fast panning scenes things looked really great. The ELITE handled everything I threw at it and more very nicely, I was very impressed. It obviously has the best motion I've seen on an LCD TV although the 929 did come in close behind from what I could remember. Additionally I could find no signs of DSE during fast panning scenes on white backgrounds, I was extremely impressed with the purity of the screen and the way it handled everything it just looked great.

Continuing on with my observations refreshingly I could find no signs of flicker like I could with my VT30 when it was placed in 96Hz mode. I did see some minimal blooming but it was mostly during end credits no big surprise there. Back to motion for a moment, It's easily the best in class but was not as good as my VT30 Plasma, however it's definitely close enough for those concerned you have to look very hard to notice. As for glare it might be a problem if your in a very bight lit room with lot's of lights directly behind you. However the glare issue has been blown way out of proportion, and I recommend for everyone to invest in some blinds for the there windows if they suspect it might be a problem. The reflections or glare appear to be about the same as the 929 from what I can recall.

Conclusion: I would highly recommend the ELITE to anyone it has an undoubtably reference picture quality and will no doubt go down in the books as a reference model. Sharp with Pioneer's collaboration has proven to be the best decision they could have made. I think the ELITE is worth every penny I spent on it and I couldn't be more happy.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, I only wish you could see the real thing instead of these pictures.

All pictures were taken while in (THX) picture mode.

All pictures were taken while in (THX) picture mode.

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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

My 70" was just delivered.. I'm at work though when it came.. Can't wait to try it out when I get home! :-)
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

Congrats! Enjoy.
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

On an almost completely unrelated topic....

Double check your HDMI cables. I've always thought that the color on my Tivo S3 looked better than my Dish 722VIP. Dish looked slightly oversaturated in a strage way. Both are connected to my display with seperate HDMI cables. Pulled out the 6' HDMI cable that came with the Oppo 95 and swapped it in for the Dish 722 cable. That made an improvement.

So you guys who are springing $8K for a display might want to double check your cables.
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

DJ Mike Fury wrote: View Post
My 70" was just delivered.. I'm at work though when it came.. Can't wait to try it out when I get home! :-)
Grats buddy!
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

harmony one remote users: it has been reported you can use the krp 500m as your tv while waiting for them to add the X5FD.
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

Radtech51, you are a busy guy posting in 3 forums......
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Re: ElitePRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD Discussion Thread

i know some of you follow us on the other forums, but we are getting some bad sets (60"). hopefully, my replacement will resolve the issue i have. so far the qc and the "elite customer care" has been down right pathetic.
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