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Robert Zohn wrote: View Post
Okay boys, download ver. 1103, which has just become available and your fluctuating brightness with be nothing but history.


Great news just in time for the shootout I'm waiting patiently it will be hard to part with the money but I'm sure it will be worth it!
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

I just sent an email to Samsung Greece in order to inform their
europe central to bring the new
Firmware in Europe/Greece.. I hope they will...
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

I think I can help ^^ with this.


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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"


If I can ask you a favor... please ask them to enable the CalDay mode in service menu for European models. That makes a big difference in brightness for bright rooms and also in 3D.
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to say the 1103 update has been spectacular! Besides completely stopping the brightness fluctuations in all 2D content blacks seem deeper and the picture itself is much sharper and better. The Samsung engineers are amazing to say the least. Unfortunately though there are still brightness fluctuations that can be seen when viewing 3D content. Another problem is that there is a lag when playing video games. With the exception of these 2 problems this tv is perfect and by far the best ive ever owned. Anyway I hope you can report these issues to your contacts at Samsung and I hope you have a great shootout! Thanks also for all you've done in helping make this tv better than ever too!

Edit: I can confirm the May 10th firmware update 1103.1 did not eliminate the 3D brightness pops.

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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

I just received an answer-email from Samsung Greece concerning the latest firmware fix for brightness pops. They sent me to the Greek Samsung download site which has the new firmware for us 1004.7

I think its the one that UK already released some days ago, right? I will install it ASAP. They also told me that they are aware of the new USA firmware that was released 2-3 days ago, and the same firmware will come to us europeans too! They told me to wait and soon it will be available!!!
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

Hi Robert,

I'd like to echo what Damien Inferno has said. The F8500 has a pretty major problem IMO with full screen brightness fluctuations in 3D. I'm wondering if you have discussed this with Samsung or if you can provide nay information at all about this issue.

I've asked Samsung repeatedly via phone about this but to absolutely no avail. I would so very much appreciate any insight you can offer. It's a really problem that tarnishes an otherwise incredible display.

I know some don't care, but more and more 3D films are appearing daily and the real marquee films I tend to watch are in 3D. This doesn't seem normal for a TV of this caliber and Samsung should absolutely 100% be made aware of such an obvious problem.

I would be forever grateful if you could use whatever influence you have to at least make Samsung aware of this problem. Id be even more grateful if you could relay any information you might come across.

Thank you for your time and for hosting a most excellent shootout.

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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

Re-posting this here in case it is of any use to F8500 owners: (hope I'm not violating TOS in doing so)

Hi Robert,

I cant tell you how much appreciate your willingness to hep out here. Let me provide some detailed information on reproducing the problem. I have also included a BD title below with detailed descriptions of exactly where one can see this behavior. Just a couple general notes first:
  • The "pops" I'm describing are (in almost all cases) a one step brightness increase that seems to change hue somewhat as well.
  • In general the problem shows on scenes that tend to be somewhat monotone and/or indoors.
  • In the vast majority of cases, it happens directly after a cut where the scene changes.
  • Cinema Smooth must not be enabled, otherwise the problem does not present itself. The problem is best scene with Motion Judder Canceller set to "Standard" (Off and Smooth will also work but sometimes the pops manifest at slightly different times or intensity)
  • Dynamic Contrast on High seems to keep a percentage of the pops from happening, but some are still apparent even with this setting engaged. It does change the behavior though. For instance, Chapter 1 in the BD title below is fixed with Dynamic Contrast on High but not Chapter 5.
  • Decreasing contrast settings to something like 70 or so seems to reduce or eliminate the pops.

Here are details as to where one can easily view these brightness pops.

BD Title: Prometheus 3D
Chapter 1:
@2:47 Mist from waterfall toggles bright/dark
@3:16 = full screen brightness change when figure's face shows on screen (this is arguably the prime example)
@3:22 = full screen brightness change apparent if you look at the water in background
Chapter 2
@6:06 = full screen brightness pop right when "Isle of Skye" shows on screen
Chapter 5
@15:14 = full screen brightness pop
@15.43 = full screen brightness pop
@15:46 = full screen brightness pop
@16:06 = full screen brightness pop
@17:03 = full screen brightness pop (very slight)

The problem also manifests rather regularly in Tangled 3D, Brave 3D, and (i'm told) Alice in Wonderland 3D

I hope this information is of use to somebody. As you can see, it's quite prevalent, especially in some titles.

If there is anything more I can offer please don't hesitate to contact me via PM or otherwise. I'm more than happy to offer whatever information I can for Samsung to be able to identify and hopefully eradicate this issue.

My sincere thanks again.
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

Robert how can i check the manufacture date of my 64F8500? Is it somewhere in the back of the tv?
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Re: Samsung 2013 PNxxF8500, 51", 60", and 64"

I do sincerely hope that Samsung will continue the effort to eliminate this last apparent "glitch" and not just say now that the Shootout is over we can rest on our laurels....well deserved laurels though they are !

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