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LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

So I am now in the market for a new tv. I have briefly looked at and researched some things about each type od tv and was looking for some advice. I am looking for around 42" and $1500. I have heard that plasma's will get screen burn-in. Does this still happen? DLP is kinda new to me and worries me a little, so I'm leaning towards LCD. Is there one charicteristic that sets one apart from the rest?
When buying a flat-panel what should i compare? Contrast ratio, response time, and resolution seem to be that main things, is this correct? 1080p doesn't seem neccessary, but might as well since i plan to have this tv into the future. Is there one type that lasts longer than the other? I will be sitting about 8.5 feet away. Please help with any suggestions, thank you!!
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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

Welcome to the forum

I own a DLP ... beside the characteristics you mentioned (contrast, resolution, etc.) you need to consider the size of the TV box, my DLP is like 14" - 16" thicker compared to 3" - 4" for the plasma or LCD ... if your room is small, I think is better to get a Plasma or LCD.

You mentioned a viewing distance of 8.5 feet ... so I'm assuming you already measured the room, that distance is from the wall or you already considered the thickness of the TV??? ... another thing you need to consider is the placement of your seats, you can't seat to close to the back wall ...

I think you can get a bigger DLP for the same price of a smaller LCD or Plasma

Good Luck.
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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

Burn in, aka differential phosphor aging, is a real possibility on PDPs, particularly if the contrast is left at max. Reducing it as much as possible will make it much less of an issue, if an issue at all. If, however, one leaves the same pattern on the screen continuously, you will burn a PDP. LCD direct view sets will likely be the most reliable product, with better quality DLPs likely next. Projection LCD and three chip systems in general, are IME, too likely to have problems with the light path and panels and are more of a gamble than DLP.

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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

Check out the newer DLP sets from Samsung with the LED technology. I've been impressed from what I've read on these and just ordered the 61". The LED supposedly eliminates replacing bulbs, although I suppose if you kept it long enough you might end up have to replace one.

I personally wanted a plasma set, but the pricing for the DLP was more in line with what we could afford.

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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

I recently picked up a Panasonic plasma, and have been very pleased with it (720p, 58", about 13 feet viewing distance). The 1080p model was ridiculously expensive, and I wanted screen size. No problems so far.

I did quite a bit of reading about burn-in, and it does seem to be a real problem, but rather limited. I ran some "burn-in" files in the beginning (it just scrolls through a variety of full colors) and I've kept the intensity controls to their midpoints. It will greatly depend on your usage, of course. If you are not watching things with static images (e.g., video games, news stations with crawls along the bottom and sports with constant scoreboards), you should be especially fine. OTOH, there's evidence that people do use PDPs for these types of activities without problem. I'm sure the companies are actively working to overcome that issue. I have some glare from the PDP, but it's a lot better than what I had previously. The glare looks diffused, and that's because of the screen itself. And that isn't even their best anti-glare screen. I like the brightness and viewing angle of the PDP, as well as the blacks. All in all, a great TV, and a good deal from Costco.

Previously, I had a Mitsubishi 52" DLP. While my room is big enough to support that size TV, I grew tired of the boxy TV as well as the big box it was sitting on. It really wasn't a big deal, but I just wanted sometime sleeker. We don't watch tons of TV (generally some in the evenings; it's not on all day long), and we never had a problem with the bulb. This picure was very good as well, but it was "dimmer" than the PDP. Also, blacks were not as deep as the plasma and off-axis viewing was poor (e.g., if you're sitting on the floor, it's a different experience than sitting on the couch; not so with the plasma). Ambient light was more of a problem with the DLP, and the anti-glare screen wasn't so good (but this TV was purchased in the 2005, so these things have since evolved).

I don't have much experience with the LEDs, but they do appear to have less glare problem. I'm no expert, but I think it's because of the actualy material used for the screen itself (I think plasma requires glass, but LED doesn't). IIRC, LEDs have some (probably minor streaking) problems with fast motion (e.g., hockey games).

Anyway, all the techonologies have been around a while now, and I think you'll do well to have any of them. One thing that I ran into -- if you're thinking about going bigger, do it. Once I got a 52" in my house, I started thinking that I should have gone a little bigger. At 58", I think I'm happy!

Good luck!

-- Otto
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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

well, i guess plasma is out. i heard they are not good in bright rooms and mine is. and sports is pretty much all i watch. id hate to have an espnhd logo burnt in the side of my screen. i do some gaming too. so i guess lcd it is. i dont know anything about dlp. anyone got any good links? i have a 53" rptv now, so size isnt really an issue. i have found in comparing that 1080i's with high contrast ratios look beter than 1080p's with a lower contrast. is the 1080p important, or is it just blu-ray and hd-dvd using this? saw an 42" lcd insignia at best buy for 996. contrast ratio of 1500:1. they also had a samsung 42" lcd for 2000 with a 15000:1 ratio. granted the samsung was sharper, but how much does it matter? should i concern myself with technical numbers or just go by what looks best?
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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

I believe if you will check out the Samsung HLT5087SAX 50" Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV for $1400 shipped, either from Vanns, Amazon or Onecall... you will be tickled pink.

From all I have read, which is quite a bit, these new LED DLP sets are top notch.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

Sonnie just gave you the BEST 3 links out there for finding your tv.
If you can't find something on those 2 links.........well......ummmmmm give up.
The only thing I would add is you can find some good deals at Tiger direct
Not too long ago I saw a deal for a 65 mits. DLP, new model for $1500.00 That's just crazy

Also mite want to check in at price grabber

samy 56' DLP $1200 here if you dont mind a few extra inches here

But if you end up going through Amazon go through the shack link.

and a 65" mits DLP $1700 here

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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

Just to reiterate a bit based on my findings and experiences. Plasma has a reflective screen which I find distracting in all but pitch black rooms. Plasmas also don't appear all that sharp and crisp to me due to the pixels not being filled completely. It's hard to describe, but look at a plasma from about 1' away and the pixels have rounded off corners or something where there is a lot of black void space between each pixel. I don't see that on any of the other technologies except old analog tvs. For me, plasma was no good.

DLP and LCoS rear projection sets were two options where you can get excellent size for a low cost - main issue for me was the fact that you need to replace a bulb every few years at ~$300-$400 a bulb. I didn't care for the idea of having to perform preventative maintenanve on my HDTV. Between the two technologies, I found LCoS (Sony SXRD or JVC HDiLA) to give the better picture - sharper and crisper with more vivid colors and no graininess or blur issues.

LCD won out for me due to color vividness, detail/sharpness, non reflective screen, long lifetime, and just a general "pop" to the image that I like. In my opinion, nowadays, you can't really go wrong with most LCDs out there - response time, inputs, processing, etc. are all good on most sets. The lesser known brands like Vizio and Westinghouse are extrememly competitive with the major brands like Sony and Samsung for a fraction of the cost. The main thing you need to observe for yourself with LCDs is contrast or black level, as that is the one area where they still have a little work to do. Websites like measure the contrast ratio of LCD displays for you and that can be VERY helpful so you know what to expect in your room, but you still need to go to the store and compare them imo. The other thing to research is overscan, or how many pixels on a claimed 1080p display are cut off. The goal is to have all 1920 x 1080 pixels filled on a 1:1 ratio from the image source which would be no overscan. Some sets use processing to zoom in or cut off some pixels, meaning the whole image is slightly stretched. Some of the bigger brands like Samsung have a bad history of high overscan.
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Re: LCD versus Plasma versus DLP

A local shop has a great demo set up. They have the Sony XBR5 LCD against the Pioneer Elite Kuro Plasma. These 2 tv's are among the best, if not thee best of each technology type. You've got the best LCD against the best Plasma. Its a great demo to compare technologies side by side. Both have been calibrated to optimize their picture. You can't go wrong with either set, but I, personally, find the Plasma to be better at black levels. This little thing results in what I see as more detail and a slightly more crisp image. Its more cash to go for the Pioneer Elite, though. LCD technology has come a long, long way in the past 2 years. If money were no object, I'd go with the Plasma. Since money is an object for most of us, then it comes down to what you can and are willing to spend. If you can't drop $4000-$5000 on a tv, then the DLP suddenly looks very attractive. There are many fantastic options at every price bracket, even $1000 or less.
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