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Smile Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

JCD wrote: View Post
I was going to say the Grado SR60i's as well. I haven't heard them, but I do know a lot of people love them -- expecially for the the price.

However, other than cost, are there any other characteristics that we should be aware of? Do you want them closed? Or is open better? In ear? over ear? Does size matter?
Open or closed really was never an issue for me. I think you can decide that personally. Based on your living conditions, noise in and surrounding where you listen to your music and movies. My only thing after having them for a while now, is replacing the foam ear cushions. They used to be 8.00, now its 15.00!! Also, now that the SR60i, (improved) model is out, I would investigate, what the improvement is..


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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

Whats open and closed?

Furthermore, I think over ear. I dont like ear buds at all. More like studio monitor sized. Good bass response, fairly equal FR, the ones i have tested were low highs, muffled/loud mids, and weak bass....so pretty much .

I want clean highs, deep lows, and controlled mids.

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the_rookie wrote: View Post
Whats open and closed?

Furthermore, I think over ear. I dont like ear buds at all. More like studio monitor sized. Good bass response, fairly equal FR, the ones i have tested were low highs, muffled/loud mids, and weak bass....so pretty much .

I want clean highs, deep lows, and controlled mids.
I'm still thinking the Grado's are your best bet. Do you have any music stores around you? They often have headphones you can try.
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

avaserfi wrote: View Post
Until I have finished my speaker build all of my critical listening has been relegated to my two pair of headphones- Sony MDR-7506 and a brand new (to me) pair of Beyerdynamic DT880s 2003 model with a slight acoustic modification. Both pairs are extremely linear with the DT880s having an ultra clean waterfall with near zero resonance although it has a small bump in the trebel response, but I use an EQ to take care of that for listening.

I was wondering what everyones favorite sets of cans/in ears are. Post pics if you will. I willt ry to get some pics of my pairs up soon.

I use a Xynex 802 to power the headphones at home as it actually works as a great headphone amp and the DT880s are harder to drive.
I also use the DT880 s(studio), basically for the last 25 years. I t has been repaired (new drivers) at Beyerdynamic in the mean time, but otherwise served me very well. But I prefer speakers to headphones, so I don't emply a dedicated headphones amp, which may produce even better sound.

What I always likes about the DT880s is its neutrality, which is not boring. It is very fast and very near to the original in its reproduction, adding nothing artificially. I compared it to the newer DT990 and some AKGs - but always found the DT880s superior. I was tempted by the Jecklin Float in the past, but the "floating" on my head always felt precarious - I always felt it would fall down, if I move just a tiny bit...

For travelling I use the Koss foldable headphones, which are surprisingly good, but lack bass, if they are not pressed down onto the ears hard.
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

I ordered a pair of Shure SRH440 headphones from Amazon last night and opted for Saturday delivery. I'll have them tomorrow. I haven't seen anyone else in this thread mention them.

These new cans are actually for my partner, not for me. I don't care much for headphones; they always make me feel hot and uncomfortable. We also read the reviews of the Sony MDR-7506 and the Grado SR80i. We didn't actually audition any of them. The reviewers seemed to give the Grado the highest marks for fidelity, but we were concerned that too much sound might leak out of them due to the open supra-aural design. The Shure SRH440 is a closed circumaural design.

I'll report back on our impressions soon.
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

I had a set of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones which were very good, I have just purchased a pair of Sennhieser RS130 wireless headphones which work quite well for music...with NO wires, although not audiophile quality
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

I don't like headphones. Music seeming to come from inside my head feels kind of creepy to me. I live in a house and can play music and/or movies whenever I want. I very seldom play anything at headbanging levels so my neighbors have nothing to complain about. That said, in 42 years of being involved in this hobby (obsession) I've had many different headphones. The only ones I could stand were a pair of Stax "Earspeakers". Even those were unsatisfactory to me. I gave them to a buddy who has neighbor volume concerns. He likes them a lot. If I'm ever in circumstances where headphone listening becomes necessary I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair of Stax "Earspeakers".
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs are full cans that I use as monitors when playing a set of Roland TD-20's or guitars through a BOSS GT-10 and Line Six amp. For live music, they sparkle in the upper treble range, have clear, discreet mids and well-defined bass. They sound great at moderate volumes during extended sessions. They playback quite loudly without fatigue for transient critical listening.

I use a Tandberg 3002 A integrated amp with a separate volume control for headphones, also. The above AT's sound very good through the Tandberg using a Sony HDR-F1HD tuner and CD player.

For mobility, I use wireless Sennheiser HDR-130's. The sound in two-channel is enjoyable and very acceptable. Important for moving about, they're very comfortable and the range is great. Mine are 3 years old and the batteries are recharging and discharging like new.

The HDR-130's surround mode is very good for some movies. Music on surround becomes fatiguing quickly after a few minutes. A switch on the charger base changes it.

As suggested earlier, balancing these two headphones with a very close-range subwoofer adds better defined, deeper, fuller and more satisfying tactile musical sensations.
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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

I personally like my el cheapo Shure SE110(at $100!) in ear phones. They stay in your ears when you run and cancel noise extremely well. Their treble response is a bit muted and bass isn't the deepest or strongest, but they sound accurate otherwise. Headwize used to have a comprehensive set of measurements for the most popular models including these, but they've removed it from their site. In any case they are one of the best in ear models for the money. The Etymotic models perform well as do the better Shures.

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Re: Headphones - Whats your Pick?

mulveling wrote: View Post

I prefer the hd650 over the 600, but then the 600 does make its case with a crisper, airier, slightly brighter sound. The 650 has better bass and is a bit smoother - other than that they're very similar.
I agree here. For me Sens HD 580 (which are quite similar sonically to 600) have been working very well for a quite while. Good, transparent headphones and very comfortable. I would rather say 580/600 are neutral, whereas 650 are more on darker side. Obviously everything depends of preferences. nsnotes
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