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Thanks Leonard - 65XWX20B Convergence Fixed

I just wanted to thank Leonard Caillouet for his posts on repairing convergence circuits. Your guides were most invaluable to me.

My 65XWX20B lost the blue horizontal convergence last weekend and I was able to quickly diagnose the issue thanks to his postings.

I ordered the X480306 repair kit from PacParts and received the correct STK394-160E ic's, but several of the resistors did not match the kit manifest. After not getting the most helpful support from the vendor, I purchased a few resistors from my local Fry's electronics and hoped that the one resistor that I could not easily obtain was in working condition.

I removed and tested the resistors from the TV circuit board and found that were closer to the called for specification than the replacements that came in the kit, so I was able to reuse all of them. Note: The multimeter I used was just calibrated and certified last month so I felt safe reusing the resistors.

My family is very pleased to have the BIG TV back and I am relieved to be out less than $100 for parts and tools. The convergence post repair is very close and now I just have to fine tune it via the service mode

For those of you facing the same task, here is a quick rundown of my process / method. Please understand that this was my experience and that yours may be different. I can't be responsible for any errors or incorrect steps. This procedure worked for me in this instance.

Equipment used: A neighbor lent me his nice Weller temperature controlled soldering iron. I also used a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM), the recommended Radio Shack desoldering iron with a rubber bulb, some solder rosin, good quality 60/40 solder and the appropriate STK ic's and resistors for my TV.

Here is the process I ran through for a Hitachi 65XWX20B TV:

1) Read Leonard's posts on the Home Theater Shack on Repairing / Replacing the Convergence IC's.
2) Get a copy of the service manual for your TV to learn where all the parts are and servicing procedures. Peruse this manual as it has some hints for soldering / desoldering as well as other procedures will use.
3) Document and label where all the cables connect to the circuit boards inside the TV. Take Pics if necessary. Make sure you document how the wires are strung and in what order / arrangement.
4) Discharge the High Voltage Picture Tube Anode per the procedure outlined in the service manual.
5) Disconnect every cable from the circuit boards and then remove the whole tray assembly holding the circuit boards. Aside from the power cable being first, I removed the High Voltage Picture tube anodes second.
6) Using compressed canned air, blow the dust off the circuit boards (do this outside or away from the TV)
7) Remove the interconnects between the circuit boards so you can remove the right most circuit board from the tray.
8) Remove the screws holding the right most circuit board from the tray and then slowly compress the retaining clips so you can easily slide the board out of the tray.
9) Using the Radio Shack desoldering tool, desolder all the leads for the STK ic's
10) Remove the screws attaching the STK ic's to the heat sinks and carefully, scrape away any excess compound where the IC and heatsink meet. Use a thin screw driver along the edges to 'POP' the IC off. I did suffer some skinned knuckle / blood loss when the ic's released from the heat sinks.
11) Remove the STK ic's. They should easily seperate from the circuit board. If not, you still have some solder to remove.
12) Remove each Resistor as deemed in the part kit listing. I labeled each as I removed it with the location it was in. In my case, I tested each resistor after removing them and found they were closer to the spec'ed values versus the replacements. Note that I was using a Digital multimeter that had been recently calibrated and certified. In either case, test each resistor you plan to put in and eliminate any headaches ahead of time.
13) Clean up the Heat sinks, removing any remaining heat sink compound. Clean up the holes where the resistors came out, making sure the each hole is free from solder.
14) Put heat sink compound on the back of the replacement STK ic's. I used Arctic Silver and a razor blade to spread a thin even coating.
15) Carefully insert the STK ic's leads in the circuit board, making sure no pins are bent out, but go through each corresponding hole. Secure each STK ic to it's heat sink.
16) Using a toothpick, put a tiny smidge of rosin on each lead of the STK ic. This helps clean the lead and lets the solder flow like it should.
17) Using a good soldering iron, solder each lead to it's pad on the circuit board . Make sure to use just enough solder and that each joint is shiny when done. Don't use too much or you will easily bridge pins or pads together.
18) Solder each resistor back into it's appropriate spot using the same technique as for the STK ic's.
19) Use a soft brush to remove any excess rosin that melted onto the circuit board.
20) Double check that no solder has bridged any adjacent pins or pads. Each pin has it's own individual solder pad.
21) Put the circuit board back into the tray and make sure the clips hold the board in place.
22) Reconnect the bridges connecting the two circuit boards together.
23) Screw the circuit board to the tray using the original holes (You did document that right? )
24) Slide the tray back into the TV and secure the tray to the TV
25) Reconnect all the wires to the different circuit boards. I did this in the reverse of how I disconnected them. I also made sure to put them in the looms and arrange them as they had been originally. I think this may help minimize how off your convergence will be compared to before your convergence failed.
26) Double check that you have all your cables plugged in. Make sure the high voltage picture tube wires are not loose but are in fact secure in the block.
27) Connect an antennae or video source to the TV.
28) Plug in your TV. Check to make sure that nothing is out of sorts.
29) Turn on your TV. Again check that nothing is smoking or failing.
30) Switch over to your video source and verify that you have a working TV.
31) Try performing a Magic Focus. You should not have any error codes after the Magic Focus.
32) Button up your TV if you did not yet put the back panel back on.
33) Using the service manual, update the convergence settings to get an optimal picture.

This project took me about three hours once I had all the tools necessary. Most of the time was spent documenting, labeling and removing. Time desoldering and soldering was 30 - 40 minutes. Reassembly was a quick 15 minutes or so.

If I have done something incredibly stupid / dangerous or incorrect, please reply and I and everyone else will be better informed.

Thanks again Leonard,



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Re: Thanks Leonard - 65XWX20B Convergence Fixed

Thank you for your detailed account of your experience. I am happy that we were able to help.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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