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If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

One of the qualification requirements to enter the GIK Acoustics $600 Shopping Spree Giveaway is to post in this thread and tell us what (and why) you are considering for your shopping list if you win the shopping spree.

So... if you win one of the two $600 shopping spree... what do you plan to buy with it... and why?

Note: You are not committed to your list, it can be changed and your decision is not final until you place the order.

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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

Wow! I come home to find another amazing giveaway on HTS! Well then, since I never got around to creating a diy panel, then one of those Greensafe products from GIK would be great. Oh, ALL of their awesome products use Greensafe materials!
If I won, I would probably ask the experts at GIK, otherwise I would probably go with a QRD Diffusor set for a left side wall that is highly reflective and opposes an open right wall, along with a box of four GridFusor's to mount on the 8' high ceiling which is also reflective to my front three from the listening position. Otherwise, a more wife-approved choice may be a pair of standard 242 ArtPanels for use in a corner behind one of my mains.
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

having just moved into an apartment i'd love to get GIK's suggestions in how to improve the sound quality of my space. I'm not very familiar with room treatments, but always figured they were too expensive for me to justify, given that i'm not in a permanent residence.

A couple of those Art Panels would look fantastic as well as tame some room modes in my place, i think this is where i'd start, and given that they are $279 each to start, that pretty much sums up my $600 spree
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

Ditto from Binary... but from a different angle. My wife is an Interior Designer, so I have very limited input as to what can go into the LR (aka home theater, no dedicated room, sadly). The room is VERY lively, and some treatments would help a lot, I have no doubt. Traditional-looking treatments won't likely fly, but those Art Panels might be just the thing to sneak something effective in under the radar. Anything left over and I'm sure we'll find some way to apply something!

It sure would be great to be able to do some real sound treatment in our living room, though... I had nearly given up hope, between strict permission requirements from a WAF standpoint and the money involved. Those Art Panels are brilliant, though!
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

GIK has a few things that interest me. As a somewhat reluctant DIY'er I would choose from their assortment of raw materials. The ArtPanels fabric with select images might use up the budget fairly quickly. I didn't look into it far enough to get prices. Next on my list would be the GOM fabrics. Last on my list because I know the least about them would be diffusers but I might be out of budget by then.
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

I would be very tempted by the art panels which would use up that $600 very quickly, maybe one art panel and some raw materials, this is for my living room so it has to be fairly subtle. Either way $600 would go a long way toward a better sounding room.
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

Ooohh! Another giveaway! I need some diffusors for sure. I'd also get some absorbers to go on my ceiling reflection points. Potentially a thicker set of absorbers for my rear wall to kill some lower frequencies.
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

I guess I'll try this GIK shopping spree since I didn't win the last one.

My wife is very concerned about how acoustic treatments would look in our family room so I'll have to be very careful and tasteful in my choices.

Although I like the idea of the Tri-traps, I don't have any traditional corners they can be placed in. However, I do have a couple of recessed areas near the ceiling that could possibly accomodate Tri-traps or Soffit Traps.

I suspect that a couple of 244 bass traps or even art panels might be suitable on the wall behind my speakers.
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

Once again thanks to HTS and GIK Acoustics for another awesome giveaway draw! Looking through the GIK web site, it's hard to pick and choose and stop at a value around $600...I think for my room the most effective treatment right would be the GIK monster bass traps. I would not presume to know how to treat a room, so I think some conversation with the good people at GIK ( that would include Bryan if I'm not mistaken) would be in order first. But an uneducated decision off the top of my head would be the monsters...
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Re: If I win one of the $600 GIK Acoustics Shopping Sprees...

It would be tough for me to decide on my own what treatment would be best for my room. I would definitely need the help of GIK in my decision. Getting one of the Room Kits would probably be a good choice.
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