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Re: Peterman's Unofficial Surround Speaker Evaluation Thread

Had a rather satisfying moment this weekend with more family in town. On Saturday night we watched Shooter with Mark Wahlberg via Netflix. Streaming audio quality was good but we didn't have it cranked. After the movie my wife wanted to play some fun demo clips for them, since they hadn't been in our HT for a while. I pulled out the Atmos demo Blu-ray and played a clip with some nature sounds and a bird flying around the room. My brother-in-law jerked his head back and to the left as soon as we heard the wings start flapping. He followed the sound around the room with a big grin on his face. Needless to say, they were impressed, and I was smiling too. These M1s have done an excellent job of disappearing into the background and blending together into a seamless soundstage.

Quick update on the BIC speakers as well. I've been noticing some distortion from my CC and I'm trying to figure out if it's my speaker or the receiver. I threw one FH6 LCR in place of my CC v2 before we started the movie and was very pleased with it. We didn't listen at the level I was getting distortion before, so I've still got some investigation to do there. Until then, my initial impression of the BIC is that it provided excellent dialog clarity and definition, and blended very nicely with the Paradigms, without having re-run ARC (currently running the Anthem MRX-710). I'm in the process of trying a few different CC options, so I may include more details about that process in this thread too.
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Re: Peterman's Unofficial Surround Speaker Evaluation Thread

Peter - Thanks for the update. When you have time, could you please post your thoughts regarding the value of the following system for a total of $1100 plus shipping for the entire 5.1 set up?

Five M-1's
One SBE-118
One Dayton SA-230 amp (Sounds identical to the SA-1000, and perfect for driving a single SBE-118).

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Re: Peterman's Unofficial Surround Speaker Evaluation Thread

Hey Craig, sure thing.

If I'm looking to set up a 5.1 system for around a grand, I'll likely want to commit about $500 toward a sub and $500 toward speakers, since there are lots of good speaker options for $100-$150 each, but good sub options below $500 are harder to find. And that's where I see the real value of this package - The $1100 system with an excellent sub, but without sacrificing quality of the speakers.

The Sub
To anyone considering DIY to save money I'd say do yourself a favor and try Craig's SBE-118. It definitely performs above the asking price. I'll quote the "value" section from my review of two SBE-118s and three Theater Tens:

The word "value" is often used as a sort of disclaimer for cheap construction or compromised performance when it comes to home audio electronics. Although I consider the Chane speakers and subs to be a great value, their design and performance are far from cheap or compromised. They have taken advantage of simple aesthetics and internet-direct sales to reduce the cost of these models, and passed that savings on to their customers. They have certainly not skimped on performance though, and I would call this system an excellent deal. Sure, $2400 for the whole package might seem like a lot, but $300 a piece for the Theater Ten? That's what I call a bargain. Advanced DIY-ers might say "I could build my own sealed passive 18" sub for less than $500" and it's possible. Not much of a deal though, in my opinion, when you add labor and other factors to the DIY cost, and the years of R&D that Craig Chase has poured into these monsters.

The Speakers
It's hard to critique the M1 considering its price. Sure, it's a plain-looking conventional design we've all seen before. Pair it with the SBE-118 though and the word "satisfying" comes to mind. Again, we are talking about DIY speaker cost here but let's be honest, the performance of the M1 goes far beyond what I'd expect from anything I could build for $100. It is perfect for HT use in just about any configuration. Wall mount, stand mount, table top, etc - it is very versatile. So far I've been pleased with dynamics in a surround system (something I felt was lacking in my HT before). If you have a modest budget and want a perfectly matched 5 channel speaker system, the M1 fits the bill. Keep in mind that in my system these are being paired with mains that cost 8x as much, and I'm still completely satisfied with them.
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Re: Peterman's Unofficial Surround Speaker Evaluation Thread

As I mentioned, I'm also trying a few options for a center channel to replace my Studio CC v2. I used a BIC FH6 for a bit and was pretty pleased. I will probably revisit that to see how well I can get the horn loaded HF driver to blend with my Studio 100s. I was very impressed by the clarity of dialog presented by the BIC.

Mostly out of curiosity, I took a chance on something a bit unusual and currently have a Mirage Omni 350 in the CC position. I introduced the Mirage to the system last night and did a manual calibration on the Arcam AVR I'm about to review. I played through a few movie clips to get initial impressions. The omnidirectional sound is a bit different, but it's hard to put my finger on exactly how I'm perceiving those differences. I'm hoping to run room correction on the Arcam this weekend. I'm noticing a definite timbre mis-match between the Mirage and Paradigms, so we'll see what EQ does with that. In terms of dynamics, the Omni 350 seems quite good. It has very good bass response too, which gives it a nice full sound even with a 80Hz crossover. My hope is that the omnidirectional dispersion will improve imaging for seats other than the MLP. I have not yet tried the Chase M1 at the CC position, but probably will, at least for comparison sake. I'm expecting the M1 and Omni 350 to be a better timbre match to the Studio 100s than the BIC, but we shall see.
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