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That's a fine offer.
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Go B&W all the way! If you can swing it you will be more than impressed. Are you looking at the new D3 or the series 2 diamonds? I have the 802D2s and listened to martin logan, tannoy, wilson, sonus faber, paradigm, thiele, and vandersteen before i made my decision. Every time i did a demo i would say to myself something along the lines of "if only they were as good as the diamonds." Dont know where you are located but if you are having trouble finding series 2s you are more than welcome to audion mine.
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Re: $10k upgrade budget

witchdoctor wrote: View Post
I recommend you keep your SVS L-C-R speakers and add SVS Prime or Ultra bookshelfs for your surrounds. Then add 4 more SVS book shelfs as front and rear height channels for an all immersive theater. Get a Marantz 7710 receiver with the Auro 3D and DTS-X firmware upgrades and you will be happy. Once you hear an immersive setup you will not want to go back to 7.0. SVS makes fine speakers, no need to dump your L-C-R channels unless they don't suit your taste. Talk to SVS to see which bookshelf is the better match.

I just noticed that SVS announced a new speaker the Prime Elevation speaker. You may want to consider 4 of those for your height channels instead of bookshelves.

I'm a huge fan of PSB speakers. They are a definately an alternative to look at. However, I have to agree with what the witchdoctor stated in term of speakers. The SVS are no slouches and should be kept unless off course you don't like them.
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Re: $10k upgrade budget

Another option to consider would be the KEF R Series. You could get R700 Floorstanders, R300 Bookshelf speakers for the sides, R600C for the center and R100 Bookshelf speakers for the rear for around $11K retail and hopefully the dealer will work with you on price. The R50 Atmos speakers are also available if you choose to go that route.

I have the KEF Reference Series (203, 201, 202c) from around 2000. What I love about them is the incredible soundstage they present. There is not a bad seat in my home theater with these. I looked hard at the B&Ws at the time I purchased these and just loved the sound of the KEFs and also fell in love with the beautiful design and workmanship. As I understand it, KEF has further refined their UniQ system and the R Series (which I have not personally demoed) is supposed to be incredible.

Unfortunately, it looks like your closest dealers are in the Chicago area. Given the kind of money you're spending, you probably want to hit Chicago anyway and demo as many brands as possible in a day.

Good luck with your search - I hope you find something you love!

Denon AVR-X4000, Kef Reference 203 Mains, 202c Center, 201 Surrounds, Kef Q300 Heights, Dual Power Sound Audio PSA S3600i Subwoofers, Dual SVS PB-13 Ultra Subwoofers (soon to be on the market), Sony VPL-HW30ES Projector, 100" Carada Criterion Projection Screen, Panasonic Blu-Ray, Xbox One
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Re: $10k upgrade budget

Andrew - I am curious. After reading each comment I had hoped the solution had been written. Or was this an experiment in "cost no object" brain storming...? I loved this thread. I got to read about many free thinking, that is minds released from the limitations of cost boundaries. There are many impressive ideas and some pretty creative ideas above.

Well, on the assumption you have not made your final decisions, I just have to throw in my two cents worth. I have admired Scan Speak drivers since the 70's - about when they hit the market. I believe Wilson Audio Specialties has been using the Scan Speak Revelator drivers since their beginning and now I'm pretty sure I am seeing the newer SP Illuminator drivers in use as well. Well for $3500 you can buy 3 way kit with top quality and fully assembled crossovers (no cabinets) from Madisound


Any local Cabinet Maker/Carpenter can build a cabinet from the dimensions given or from hundreds of readily available cabinet designs. The only improvement to this incredible potential maybe to exchange the incomparable Scan Speak tweeter to incorporate the REEL Ribbon Tweeter or maybe the Acuton Diamond Tweeter.

Just sayin'

Peace thru Compassion and Education

We believe everything we tell ourselves..., don't we??
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Re: $10k upgrade budget

Go listen to as many different speakers as you can. Bring movies and identify tracks to use for evaluation. Bring action, talk, and music. Don't just settle on the demo tracks they play.

I just went thru this and settled on Monitor Audio. You want to look at their high end in ceiling and in wall designs for surrounds. They are sealed in the back.

Also look on the used market and see what people are selling off. While I found most everything used no one sells off Monitor Audio.

Most importantly, buy what you want!!!

Good Luck!!
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Re: $10k upgrade budget

My Monitor Audio Gold 300 (main speakers) and 350 (center channel) went in last night. My expectations have been exceeded by a significant margin.
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$10k , budget , upgrade

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