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Re: Streem Speakers ??

Hey buzz - thanks for reviving a (very) old thread. Please do post your comments on them. I'm sure for the money they will sound OK.
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

buzzmyster wrote: View Post
I too was curious about Streem Speakers when I stumbled on them by accident while researching possible speakers to match to my Denon receiver. I found this site in my search and took the time to read pretty much every post. There are a lot true statements made about the company, such as there are no professional reviews on the product (at least that I could find) and no side by side technical comparisons. Is that a reason to avoid them...I don't think so. It is a reason to be cautious, perhaps.

Here are a few things that aren't mentioned in the posts. Streem is a real brink and motar company that operates out of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (on the contact page there is a 1 800 number and their address). They have been in business for about 10 years best I can tell (will confirm on my visit). They also sell on eBay under the name Station Street. Something to note and maybe to dispell the "white van" comments, they have made over 5,179 eBay transactions (selling only their product and a few misc items such as cables and connectors) and have a 100 percent satifisfation rating. Also, they do not sell their products through traditional retail outlets so they eliminate the retail markup. Ever wonder how much CC or BB pays for Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics or Klipsch at wholesale prices? Me too!

I am no audio expert but I have a good ear and throughout my 57 years on the planet have owned Tannoy, B &W and JBL speakers all great if not somewhat over priced. So I will take a visit to their showroom and see what they have to offer and report back. Instincts tell me that I will be pleasantly surprised.
so, what was the result?
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

Yeah Buzz - what's up. Did you find out they were like we all said?
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

Ok, I have been using a full set of Fluance sx speakers with an added 2 small fluance small speakers to complete my 7.2. I have been up grading to Streems. I am NOt a pro but I did spend 25 years in the retail of sound and video systems. First off I have spoken to John at Streem. He did tell me that these speakers are made in China, but then again a lot of brand name speakers are made in china now. This does NOT scare me at all. the BOX and what's inside tells me a lot more about the quality then a name on the front. Having said all that I can tell everyone they blow the Fluance away. In fact I have seen a lot of speakers in my time. English speakers they are not, they are very American type speakers but that is NOT a bad thing, just an observance of the type of sound ( classical vs pop-rock) Of course for the Home theater application American is what you need. Your speakers need to produce BIG sound at times in a movie and not clip out. The closest thing in brand name I find the Streem to match up with is Cerwin Vega xls 28 ( 999 pair) That is NOT to say they are the same quality, I am just saying both sound quite similar. Now back to the deal in question. I bought the Streem 808 fronts through ebay and won the auction for $292 and at that price you just can't go wrong and you should dance a jig.
After receiving them and fully testing the 808's I did dance. I don't care that they are made in China or the moon
They just blow my old Fluance away in every way and I know I made a great deal.
So I bit the bullet and ordered 2 sets of Streem 490 bipolar ( $130 per pair form John) ( they now replace my back surround and my front height speakers from fluance.
WOW things are just getting better and better. Currently I still use my old Fluance fronts as side speakers but I do believe in a few months I will land another set of Streem 808's to swap out the last of the Fluance at the surround side positions. Yes the 7 Fluance speakers did me well for over 5 years but lets face it. spend more and you should get more. But I sure feel I have just uipgraded into the $2000-$2500 rage of 7 speakers setups for well under half the price. I am happy as can be.
If you have more money then feel free to just walk into a sound shop and buy what the sales guy tells you to buy of the brand name you have seen before. Look with your eyes, listen with your ears, weigh the facts for yourself and you just might save yourself a trip to a beach with palm trees and a weeks load of pina colada's.
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

Fluance offers insane value and I agree that an amazing number of Speakers are made in China and I too have no issues with purchasing a pair made there. So glad they are treating you well. The Reviews for the Speakers has been quite positive. Truly amazing considering the price.

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Re: Streem Speakers ??

Just to add to my post
I really believe the streem speaker are just a great bargain. I find no fault with the speakers, as for the price well to try to explain the low price on ebay and then again the reason that most people would suspect the speakers at this low a price. The People selling these speakers are no very sales minded. Email them and you might get a response after one of them gets home from their day job 3-4 days later. I asked them why they are not reviewed by CNET and the response was it cost too much!! They came off as a real " mom+pop" operation.
They just don't know how to market or don't care to market. They sell these Streem Speakers as automated as possible. This of course does not change the quality or value of the Streem speakers. Any kind of real world PRO review would double their sales and would help them hold the line price wise and the Streem speakers would sell for double the price easy. As for the 5 year warranty, now in the real world you should know that just sending them back to Streem for free repair or exchange will cost you shipping, you will have to see what best for you, pay the shipping or pay the local repair charge, something tells me they would equal out anyway. But rest assured these Streem speakers are really well made for the manufacturer and you need not worry at all.
I have read many call these " white van speakers" all this without seeing or hearing them. They judge the price and assume the worst and call themselves intelligent posters. Nobody said these are equal to $5000 speakers so stop this comparison. What I said in my first post was correct. A 7 speaker setup ( $700 ) in Fluance SX cost me $ 500 and that was a bargain because Fluance are hard to beat for the price. At current ebay pricing , my new 7 speaker Streem ( 2 front 808 + 4 x 490 bipolar surrounds + 1 - center ) subs I already had, are the KING OF VALUE deals. So what exactly do I think they should sell for in the real world of Future shop or Best Buy? OK, the Streem fs 808 front speakers should sell for $700-800 per pair easy. The Bipole 490 should sell for $300-350 per pair easy. The Center speaker should sell for $150 easy. I judge these as real world pricing not MSRP full ( fake ) list pricing. Anybody can invent high MSRP pricing.
I hope this helps people understand these speakers, their quality and value and as long as they last at these bargain prices off ebay.
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

what is streem speakers?
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Re: Streem Speakers ??

I wonder what affect price, both high and low, has on one's perception of how a speaker sounds?

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Re: Streem Speakers ??

jackfish wrote: View Post
I wonder what affect price, both high and low, has on one's perception of how a speaker sounds?
Most of the time a higher price does mean a better sound and in reverse a lower price means cheap sound.
Having said all that, The hardest information to find is the true quality of any speaker.
We ALL know marketing demands that you establish your name brand so that customers are willing to PAY EXTRA. Then the other MOST important information is the TRUE VALUE. EX: speaker " A" sells for $500 and has a quality rating of 90% then Speaker "B" sells for $250 and has a quality rating of 87%. Now if we all has this kind of information we might chose speaker " B " but marketing will NEVER give us the true value as it is NEVER in their best interest.
Throw in the fact that most people will need to justify spending 3-4 times your amount and state they have the better system and that they have much higher standards then you and would never buy cheap stuff.
You know these people, the ones that when asked which they prefer a chevy or a ford they reply that they don't buy those cheap American cars , it's a Rolls for them every time ( just to make themselves look richer to you ).
When it comes to speakers, A well informed customer will see through the bull**** and buy the right speaker for them.
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