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A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

I spent a wonderful evening last night with some guys from church. The company and food were great. After dinner, we adjourned to the living room to watch an episode of "The Pacific", which is extraordinary.

My enjoyment was tempered by the audio. I noticed our guest had the sound turned up pretty loud, louder than I normally set my home theater. I quickly realized it was that loud so we could understand the dialog. Even then, there were times the voices were muffled and unclear. By the end of the episode, I was worn out from the sound.

I know he paid a lot for his speakers. I know how much their systems run. I can also name off the top of my head a half dozen speaker manufacturers who offer a much better product at less cost.

His speaker system? BOSE

We have Ascends in our home theater. I told my wife about my experience. She remarked that she can hardly watch TV at other folks houses because of the inferior audio.

I know there are some newcomers here who have been subjected to BOSE marketing and consider them a viable choice. Please, please listen to alternatives. Also, listen to BOSE in an actual home setting, not in the store where they manipulate the display to make them sound better than they actually are.

It only took an hour and a half for me to become fatigued listening to them. I can't imagine trying to live with them. I don't normally bash equipment, but this was a truly horrid experience.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

No highs or lows it must be Bose.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

Sometimes I feel like Bose is a Third Rail. There are literally millions of people who equate it with quality, accurate sound. Sadly, the few times Bose Speakers have been Bench Tested, the results are beyond disappointing showing that major parts of the Frequency Range are not reproduced.

However, with such a large installed base of Customers, it really is a difficult subject as these people have spent thousands of Dollars on this stuff. To really dismiss it can honestly hurt People's feelings.

I do my best to point out that there are quality alternatives that cost less and sound better. However, I really try to do this with sensitivity.

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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

agree with JJ, when folks ask what I think about Bose, I ask them if they have audition other systems since there are so many quality ones available,, some will still purchase as the demo they heard the liked and have no desire for a full blown audio system,,

years past I worked with a QC person that was in QC at Bose and personally knew Dr. Bose,, Steve indicated if something was not correct it would never ship and would not be given to anyone, it was scrapped as Dr. Bose did not want sub-par Bose gear on the street,, he also raved about the quality checks & controls they did on all the gear shipped and the lab they had for audio testing,, he never had a negative to state during his tenure working for Dr. Bose, just praise,,

I do have a Bose wave radio in our bedroom and the sound from it can surprise ya,, of course I have a Marantz SR9600 receiver in my HT,,

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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

Jungle Jack wrote: View Post
To really dismiss it can honestly hurt People's feelings.
My friend that I visited is not the only person I know with BOSE. He and most of the others are happy with it. I'd never in a million years point out the deficiencies in their systems.

Unfortunately, when I've discreetly asked my friends about their choice, it turns out they were pretty much a blind buy. They really didn't listen to anything else and pretty much bought on name recognition.

I'm also aware that many couples (not just wives) aren't interested in having audio equipment plainly visible. The small size of the speakers is a big selling factor. They really think that BOSE has some magic technology that allows them to defy the laws of physics and get a "big" sound from those small speakers. Lord knows BOSE has spent enough money carefully spreading that perception.

If someone listens to BOSE in the home, listens to other systems, especially in the home and decides for whatever reason that BOSE is the way to go, I have no problem. It's the uninformed purchase that I want to warn against.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

I think the Bose hatred is misplaced. Very few home theater companies survive. They give Americans exactly what they want.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

I think Bose is ok for certain things and delivers those things to certain people. Before I realised there were massive online audio communities, before I knew about system eq and ways of measuring this, and before I really knew what I was doing, I had a Bose Lifestyle system. Regardless of technical know how, I knew what sound I liked and why. Within a year I really didnt like the Bose system for extended critcal listening at all. Now I know why.

I think the main issue the educated have with Bose though, is more about the price and claims than the product.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

I think the main issue the educated have with Bose though, is more about the price and claims than the product.
You nailed the nail on the head!! I take issue with their claims more than their price.
I try to be careful about BOSE bashing because some many people think they are great and I really don't want to offend anyone.
For some people they are the perfect speaker. They make sound and the have a high WIF ( Wife Acceptance Factor).


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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

My first surround sound system was Dolby Pro Logic back in the early 90's, and it involved Bose. Due to sound quality issues, I abandoned it and stuck with a stereo setup for many years. Sure, the Bose sounded pretty good in Best Buy, but watching an entire movie having to listen to Bose sound for 90 minutes at a time?

The Bose speakers were replaced by a pair of PSB Century 500i's, which I still have, and I kept the Onkyo receiver which I still have and use to power the L&R rears for my 7.1 setup.

I admit to telling people that Bose sucks, but I always add that it's my opinion and advise people that if they listen and compare, they may come to the same conclusion.
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Re: A Warning to Those Just Starting Out

I invite people over for a demo of my system. That's always enough to make them reconsider wasting their money on a Bose system. Not one single person has bought Bose after hearing my system on music and movies. I've even convinced two people to buy a Cambridge SoundWorks radio instead of a Bose Soundwave. Both of them are very happy with the sound and the much lower cost. They tell others.

SoundWorks i765 $249.99
It plays AM/FM, CD's, DVD's etc, has an iPod dock and a built in sub.

This comes back to something we all should be doing; Exposing as many people as possible to decent sound is the only way to add converts. Most everyone has a reasonable TV with at least a DVD player. Let them hear for themselves how much they're missing with those pitiful speakers built into their TV's. It's also a great opportunity to educate them about what's better than Bose.

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