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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Out of the hundreds of speakers I have heard (yes hundreds as I travel to the Hi-Fi shows and such) I would have to say the MBL line which is insanely priced sound great but a real world honest to goodness hi-end speaker that sounds best to me is the Vandersteen 5A, powered woofers 11 and bass EQ to tune to your room along with first ordercrossovers, time and phase correct....this speaker is amazing!
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Wilson WattPuppies sounded pretty nice today. Oddly, I prefered the WattPuppies to the Maxx. I think the room had a lot to do with that. The Maxx were run off all Audio Research gear. A 200 watt amp on each channel. The WattPuppies were run on Ayre gear. I also listened to the Martin Logan Summit, but they were a bit outclassed by the $28,000 WattPuppies and the $50,000 Maxx. I would have checked out some Magneans, but I was short on time. I plan to revisit the store, though. The people working there were fantastically kind, nothing like what one has come to expect at such a high end retailer. The guy helping me was actually happy to hear some of my unusual demo material, and put to bed my use of lossless tracks on an iPod as demo material. Side by side with a CD was more of a difference than I would have imagined.

I only had time for a couple albums, but those Wilsons, as much as people like to knock them, sounded pretty nice to me.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I too am a huge fan of the Wilson WATT/Puppy, and like you; prefer it to the MAXX...also an absolutely terrific speaker. Trust me on this...people that disparage Wilson speakers have usually either: a. Not heard them, or: b. Cannot afford them (and that's a LOT of people), or if they can are just too "frugal" to buy them. My first encounter with the WWP was at a Stereophile High End show in Los Angeles in ~1990, and I was immediately smitten. I've heard them as well as many other incredible speakers since then, but with each iteration Wilson (IMHO) keeps geting closer and closer to as perfect as a speaker will ever be. In other words: MY top ranking speaker on the planet, and to those that disparage them:

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Danny the best speakers i have heard . All speakers sound good in their place . Rock concert spkrs sound great at a concert , the speakers at a jazz gig sound great . My mates speakers in his HT sound great . As to the best i have heard , is a very hard question . Alan Monro .
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Maybe we should change the name of this thread to "Best Setups That You've Heard" I have heard really good speakers sound awful in a bad setup and mediocre speakers sound awesome in really good setups. I don't think there is one magic component, wire or speaker but that it is the combination of all parts working as one that creates a great setup. Of course there are exceptions. As far as best speaker that I have heard I would have to give the node to the Magnepan 3.6.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Hi, they were the not so known GERMAN PHYSICS Loreley mk III.
I listened to the top version, the one with carbon DDD driver, with two top Burmester monoblock and top cd player and pre also by Burmester, even if the best results i listened to had obtained with an analog tape recorder...

As you see in this brochure they are big and 925 lbs of weight. (EACH!!)

And, listen, they are not the TOP model, which is the Gaudi, of course more expensive and bigger 1584 lbs of weight each...
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Those GP Gaudi speakers make my near 6ft tall 310lb each speakers look like a bookshelf speaker!
I hear 2 of the GP speakers and they are great........and for that money they better be!
The Vandersteen 5A has my vote simply because it has to be the best speaker with the most features for the money, powered woofers 11 band adjustable bass EQ tuning, First Order Crossover, Time and Phase correct and Richard Vanddersteen is a very nice guy to hang out with and talk to, if you want straight talk share a dinner or even a phone call with Richard as he is very honest and blunt, I wish more Hi-End manufacture's were like him.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

My friend has some really nice VMPS Tower II
Amazing full-range sound
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Well, I haven't heard a lot of the speakers that seem to be getting so much love in this thread, but the best I've ever heard had to be a pair of Snell XA90s.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I haven't heard too many super expensive speakers, but, of the speakers I have heard at length, I will put my vote on the SVS-SB-01's for the best value in speakers, and, the Vandersteen 5a's for the best speaker I have heard. Dennis

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