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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Best for the money is Definitive BP7001sc towers perfect full range sound and more...

Triad Platinum LCR great HT piece.

Far the best I have heard is either the MBL Reference speakers or Wilson's Watt/Puppy 8.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I don't generally put a lot of stock in the super exotic stuff but I got a chance to do an in store demo of some very nice speakers called Royal Viruoso from Reference 3a.

Really nice sound on vynil, super high end turntable - the works. Everything you've heard about analogue sound being at least as good as digital when done right is true.

I hesitate to say it's clearly the best but it's certainly among the best sound I've ever heard. Nothing digital in this setup, no subwoofer and I didn't miss it at all. Had a great time picking out the instruments and their position on this two channel setup.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Best I have heard are the ones I own...of course!


Stacked Quads with dual subs

Magnepan 3.6R, Tymphany

Snell A's

All were due to proper room treatment and set-up. I have heard expensive speakers reviewers have raved about sound and inexpensive speakers reviewers were luke warm about sound absolutely marvelous. It takes a great ear and many hours of patience to dial a system in. However, if the speaker is of poor design then it would take major DIY tweaking to clean them up.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

For home theater only, no music I'd have to say BIC Acoustech Cinema Series 5.1 set. The sub is an HSU created sub and it shakes the house. My father still uses a pair of Type E's that I gave him several years ago.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Hey laserman... I had some Snell B-Minors once. I never could get any bass out of them but the mid and upper end was sweet. My dad still has a pair of Type E's that I gave him several years ago.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Many years ago I went to a friend's to listen to the Quad ESL 57s. My first real fi and I have never forgotten it. Since then I have always loved the sound of electrostatics. If I had the means, I would have a roomful of MartinLogans and a stack of power to run them.

Another memorable listening experience was Dr. Alan Hill's Plasmatronics. Surely, these speakers were one of the most bizarre audio products ever made. I listened to them for long periods at high volume with no fatigue. The best loud loudspeaker I ever heard. That plasma tweeter (powered by helium) was mesmerizing to look at and it was difficult to believe all that sound was coming out of it. But then maybe the speaker's ozone output had something to do with it.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

Maybe not the best - but the nicest, and best value for money.
Big Lou has a pair of Paradox 3's from GR Research, wonderful open soundstage (even better with Harvesters ) great bass and just relaxing to listen too. They beat any commercial speaker at 3x the price hands down.
Their replacement, the AV3's are in the RAD HT site.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

My Natalie P :-)

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

For HT I recently listened to M&K's s-150's. Holy Shnikes. My HT will be done in a few months to years depending on the funds, and I think I will be buying these for the HT. Very clear,very detailed and very intense.
For in-ceilings, I really like the Triad series. Unsure of model. Priced at $1,600 pair, the gave great surround and imaging. Very nice.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I have had the pleasure of hearing both the B&W 802's and the awe inspiring 801's. I have heard the 801's and 802's powered by all classe equipment and at another location, I heard the 802's powered by levinson with a rotel player. All three of those listening expereinces are firmly etched into my brain--especially the very first time I heard the 802's. I checked back regularly to see when the 801's would take their place. Not a night and day difference, but there was more authority on the real low stuff on a couple of real demanding recordings. I would have to rank that as the best I have heard. With that being said those weren't the most expensive I have heard and actually maybe not the best "sounding" that I have heard, but I didn't get to spend much time with the Dynaudio evidence Masters--truly a sight to behold--I forget what they were powered by,(probably either Rega or dynavector, may have been Krell, but I doubt it) but it had to be 100k worth of seperates complete with the $30,000 transparent speaker cables. I only got to listen to 2 jazz songs in a rather undersized room for those monsters. It was amazing just hear what about $200,000 worth of audio equipment can produce. As I stated I wasn't just absolutely floored like I was when I listened to the B&W's. I obviously was totally ignorant as to what "high-end" sound was supposed to sound like before I heard the b&W's--that played a huge role in it as it truly was an epiphany. i was hearing things on my test CD that I had never heard before. My cd of choice is the city of angles soundtrack--it has a little of everything: classical, blues, rock, pop, ranging from the haunting vocals of sarah Mclaughlin's Angel to Jimi Hendrix, to my favorite Peter Gabriel's "I Greive"--this song has some serious transitions and really tests a speakers ability to articulate between background and up front imaging, also it has a thunderous bass lines and some "hidden" low notes that will test even the greatest subs on earth--really low stuff, a couple different layers one around 20 hz and another that really doesn't make any sound at probably around 10hz. I told the sales guy when it was going to happen in the 8+ minute song and told him to watch the 4 10" drivers on the pair of 801's. I saw them start to flex and then looked at his face--I am sure that was the most excursion they had ever gone through in their existence. They didn't even flinch and kept on going without a hitch. Even those mighty speakers couldn't fully produce the depth and power that is on that recording. I don't know if they mixed it in as a curiosity or what, but it is definately there. I had heard the song dozens of times before I ever discovered that those notes were even there. I have a 10" sub in my truck and played it all the time and it only hints at some of it--handling the bulk of the powerful bass line nicely though. It hinted at some passages and got me curious. My old HT sub couldn't touch it either, but it did let me know somehting was down there. I really never discovered what really lies beneath that sound until I got my svs pb12+/2 and tuned it to 16hz. It gets the one layer fully and it really, really shakes things up, but the other is out of even its mighty reach into the nether regions. I would love to hear this song on the Evidence masters--as they are supposed to be able to produce over 125db's all the way down to a full 20hz, but that is for another day and it will never be in my home as $90,000 for a pair of speakers is only about $88,000 over my budget. Perhaps someone with a monstrous IB set ups that have response down into the single digits can chime in about this song. I still have 2 friends that both have the archaic "flagship" Bose 901's and they both swear by them. The one has fully changed his opinion and I almost feel bad for opening his eyes or should I say ears. After just hearing my modest system with my "temporary" speakers he began to hear things his bose could never deliver. He now hates his old speakers. The other has yet to come to my new house to hear for himself. Like everything else in the audio realm--to each his own.

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