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Best Speakers that you've heard

What are the best speakers that you have had a chance to listen to?
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

My own of course! ... I don't get out much.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I don't get out much either...In fact this is how I stay satisfied with my setup The answer to that question would be the NHT SB-3's. Hopefully I can build something substantially better this summer

Hey Exocer, the SB-3s are great! I use NHT's ST-4s at home.

I might get the new Classic line shipped to me for review soon. I'll be sure and post thoughts on the differences from NHTs older stuff. I'm curious if the improvements are as significant as they're saying.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I don't have a lot of experience in speaker listening, but from the few I had a chance to hear, I have three that stand out:

(in no particular order)

* Quad 22L
* Martin Logan Vantage
* Totem Forrest

The Totem really had a major impact on me, to the point that I'm serioulsy considering buying a pair in the not too distant future for my own 2channel listening. They are really nice sounding with a bass extension that is very impressive for such small towers.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I had the fortune/misfortune of listening to these:

The store where I bought my speakers had four rooms.
  • Good -- Small tv, plastic chair, and I remember it had Paradigm monitors among others
  • Better -- Bigger TV, cushy chair, and had Paradigm Studio speakers among others
  • Even Better -- I skipped this one at the time, it had Martin Logans though..
  • Best -- Front Projection TV with home theater seating that showcased their best speaker, Aerial Accoustics Model 10T (or 20T, can't remember) with the matching center and dual subs. It was pretty awesome and something I'll NEVER be able to afford. Oh, and the electronics, which I don't recall what they were, were similarly expensive. All told, I think the price tag for speakers and electronics was something like $100,000 to $150,000.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

The best speakers I have heard in a real front room, without exception were my old boss's ATC SCM150As. Old school, massively over engineered, active standmounts. The 3" soft dome midrange had 5Kg of magnet ferchisakes. 50W to the tweeter, 100W to the midrange and 200W to the 15" bass unit. 115db continuous rated, kick drums sounded and FELT real and coupled it with a transparency that could destroy the average studio mix. Dave Gilmour uses them in his own studio. Have look here and marvel at the construction of the drivers on the 'drive units' page. The cut away is of the 75/150mm driver used in the SCM20 range. It's basically the 75mm mid unit coupled to a 150mm cone. It has nearly an inch of travel - plenty for a bass driver never mind a mid unit. The magnet is unchanged!!!

Most impressive speaker in any room may have been the Cabasse Atlantis of c. 1990 something. Can't really explain the sound apart from the fact it seemed to start somewhere beneath you. Have a look here and read the specs carefully. The lasting impression may be as much about the visual statement, but I have yet to forget them. The Cabasse website is well worth a quick surf. I've always liked products that beat to a different drum, especially when it works.


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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I'd have to go with a pr of RBH T-3P mains, T-1 center, and 66-SE surrounds. Something you have to hear to believe,.... too bad most of us do not have the cash or the room for these things. Don't even know how to begin to describe the sound,.... the bass extension,.... soundstage,... effortless,... incredible,.... wow,.... or maybe WOW!!! If you ever run across this set up make sure you give it a listen.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

I've been listening to the Klipsch Referenz RF/ 5.1 Set las week and it was amazing how powerful, and fast theste speakers played all kind of Music and Film.

If I will have to buy new Speakers in the the Future these will be one of the first choices for me.
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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

The Martin Logans so far, but I'm going speaker shopping soon and while I'm at it I'm going to try to have a listen to the best speakers at each store just for kicks. I'll let ya know.

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Re: Best Speakers that you've heard

When I was auditioning some Paradigm speakers, I had an opportunity to listen to some Krell Resolution I speakers coupled with obviously high end Krell electronics in a dedicated room. In general, I don't really like bright gear, but the dealer played the Bruce the Shark scene from Finding Nemo. When Bruce rubs his belly on the sandy bottom, the wooshing sound of the sand kicking up is something I never even knew existed. Ever since then, when I watch that scene, I can hear this sound, but with nowhere near the detail that those speakers had. Very impressive.

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