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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I am running an all Klipsch set up from the early 90's.....

Forte II's
KG 1.2's
KG 1's
SW 12

Each set of speakers has consecutive serial numbers and all original paper work. I picked up the whole set for $350 and all are in excellent condtion! A friend of mine has some Dahlquist DQ-10's that sound killer too!!
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I have a pair of AR3a's which I've modded with modern tweeters and midranges from Seas. Great sound. Suprised no one else previous has mentioned these gems from the golden era of AS development. Guess not many AR fans lurk here.
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I used to have a pair of old Technics speakers similar to this set. Not exactly sure what model they were, but they sounded really good. By the looks of these, the ones I had were older (I'm thinking mid-late 70's).

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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I have 2 sets of the infinity kappa 8.1 vII's & I am looking for a set of 5.1vII's that I can use for a center channel. Definantly suck up the power....

Also have a set of BIC Venturi's
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

Tough to admit my "old stuff" may now be "classic" - dates me too!. For what it's worth I have two 1970s Large Advents (with restored surrounds) built into a granite fireplace surround - unfortunately that doesn't show off their beautiful woodwork. One of my two 1981 KEF 103.2 Monitors is also doing temporary duty as a rear channel, until I install ceiling surrounds and smaller 7.1 rear channels. But even 30 years can't make my basement system Radio Shack Realist speakers "classics"; however I can hear them over my power tools.
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I still have a pair of the original Thiel 04, the ones with the passive radiator, not the later ported version 04a. They date back to about 1980. I can recall selling those Advents by the truckload, packaged with a Yamaha reciever and a bIC OR B&O turntable.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I have many classic pair's of speakers. I have two sets of advent speakers. a pair of realistic optimus T 200's that can be found in here on page 18 they were 259 dollars each back in 1979. I bought my pair at a thrift store and had to refoam them. 8 dollars for the pair. they cost more then the mach one speakers. I have a pair of optimus Mach Two speakers from radio shack. they were my mom's until she upgraded. ( I have a pair of Pioneer cs-903's they blow away the optimus mach two speakers. they are 4 way with 5 drivers. two ribbon tweeters each a horn tweeter, 15" woofer. I see two sets of these on ebay right now. I bought the hole pioneer stereo with the 12 band per channel EQ, speakers, two sound prossesors and receiver all for 15 dollars at a yard sale.) (two pair of ADS L620 bought at a thrift store for 15 dollars a pair.) (a pair of pioner HPM-40 bought for 9 dollars at thift store. mint. even the bottoms looked new. One of the dust caps was dented but i used the sweeper to pop it out and you couldnt even tell it was dented. ) the pioneer cs-903 speakers blow away the pioneer HPM-40 speakers. I had two pair of AR model 8 speakers with 10" woofers I refoamed them and sold them on ebay. they sounded good but i heard better. I didn't care for the sound. I have a pair of Harmon Kardon speakers that are two way the woofer surrounds are like rubber coated fabric in an orange ish color. I can't remember the model number off the top of my head. I need to look at them again. they are 4 ohm speakers. they are very close to mint. I have some other smaller realistic speakers also. the misses is starting to give me evil looks again. I will have to look at what I have and sell some of the stuff off before she devorices me. I also have a set of infinity SM-152 speakers. the pioneer cs-903 speakers also blow away the infinity sm-152 speakers. I'm for speakers. I also have some nice receivers and amps, sansui, pioneer and others that i picked up dirt cheap.
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

JBL L100 were my first really good set of speakers
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Re: Classic Speaker Thread


I bought my first pair of speakers from Gemco store, a pair of Sonic 110's for a total of $148.12. I no longer have the speakers, but I still have the receipt. They had good sound compared to what I was listening to before that - my old record player in a case.

We have my husband's pair of JCPenny two-way cabinet speakers, which I recently (and finally) hooked up to my 1981 purchased JVC receiver to get better sound while watching DVD's on the fairly recent Sanyo analog CRT TV. Not a good TV, but we couldn't afford anything better at the time.

Recently we were given a pair of Pioneer CS-G301WA 11 120watt speakers which I need to replace the surrounds in. That is why I am here, and will need to post another thread about troubleshooting these speakers from the 80's, early 90's.

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Re: Classic Speaker Thread

I'm still using a pair of Klipsch KG2WO bookshelf speakers, now in the bedroom. They were my first reasonably good speakers (purchased in the early '90s), and are still doing fine. I upgraded to a pair of Advent Heritage tower speakers a few years later. They're now acting as surrounds. A pair of NHT 2.9 speakers are the fronts, which were installed as part of a major audio upgrade in 2000 or so.
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