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Re: Bose Quality?

[THIS] article pretty much sums it all up...
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Re: Bose Quality?

I would say that Bose stuff is generally decent quality as far as construction goes. Their sonic accuracy is not what we could call legendary. You may note that of the dozens of recording studios I have been in or built, not one has Bose speakers in the monitor chain. They have done some innovative things though.
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Re: Bose Quality?

aceinc wrote: View Post
It's a "direct reflection" on your intelligence?

Sorry, that was a cheap shot.

To coin a phrase, "We have not come to bury Bose, but to praise him." My original question is, are there ANY Bose speakers that could be considered entry level audiophile?

Who amongst you has a tale of some forgotten Bose speaker that has redeeming qualities? Perhaps a renegade engineer that snuck some decent speaker past the nose of the marketing department, or a serendipitous accident.

Many have mentioned the 901, including myself. Its an outdated speaker these days but was innovative in its time. Mr. Bose is a genius, more at marketing than anything else, but not excluding engineering. After all he's been manufacturing speakers that would be worth $50 and selling them for more than ten times that. He did patent that bass alignment that allows you to get "big BOOMING" bass out of a tiny cabinet and maybe ten percent of the people can recognize that the "BOOMING" is inaccurate. There really haven't been any good speakers from Bose, but its success has been in the marketing. No wonder I hate marketing.
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Re: Bose Quality?

Ive drawn my own conclusion when it comes to Bose, and a few of my friends will agree with this.

My speculation is that the bose sound is so "different" I.E. missing pieces, that they can use marketing to convice the general masses that this IS what it is supposed to sound like. And just like Apple, bose has some serious marketing masterminds behind the product.

I don't think WAF is the hugest factor, but it does allow bose to play into that same "different" setup than you'd expect. people think amazing sound needs good sized speakers, and theyre right. but if you can convince them the sound coming out of bose is "right" then the small speaker seem EVEN MORE AMAZING when comparing them to large speakers that dont sound "right" when compared to bose. See what i mean?

For 2k for the 5.1 lifestyle system, with a "bass module" (not a subwoofer as it doesnt go under 40, and it plays all the way up to 240!) and the sats kick in at 320hz... (The hole i was mentioning above) i feel as though they should be spending more than $4 on stamped paper woofers, and tiny 1 inch wide range drivers (not full range as they are nowhere near bass freq's and they are also not capable above 15k.) and they might get somewhere closer to real sound, but that would kill their marketing and their huge, and i mean GIGANTIC profit margins.
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Re: Bose Quality?

aceinc wrote: View Post
Did Bose ever make a set of speakers that would be considered good by today's standards?

However of late I have seen some Bose tower speakers and others that I am not familiar with on Craigslist and I was wondering if Bose made anything worth looking at (listening to)?

I remember the stir when Bose first introduced the 901's. They were a radical design and garnered some interest because of the non traditional approach taken. Amar Bose had bought a fancy stereo and was disappointed. His research into what he felt was missing led directly to the 901's.

I remember hearing them when they first came out. They did sound more spacious, but I was struck by the defecienicies that have been well documented (smeary/non existent soundstage, lack of bass, uneven response across the spectrum). They were also expensive, which I think added to the mystique. Back then you could get a pair of A/R's, then Advents, that sounded much better for a fraction of the price. They were also much easier to drive, you could buy an inexpensive receiver and do fine with Advents where to get anything approaching decent out of the 901's it took an expensive high powered amp.

I think a pair of refurbed Advents would be acceptable if not steller sounding compared to modern offerings where 901's would not be up to snuff. I know that for the current asking price of new 901's I could get a pair of speakers that would outperform them in any number of ways.

There is absolutely nothing in the Bose speaker line going all the way back to the first 901's that I would buy from CL or any other source. There are just too many much better speakers available that you could get for the same money.
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Re: Bose Quality?

Replacement drivers for the Bose 901 have a frequency response of 83 Hz to 15,000 Hz. Even with nine drivers and substantial equalization emphasizing midbass I've found the 901 to not do anything very well. Back in the day a pair of Large Advent loudspeakers ($210/pair) powered by a 30 wpc Sony receiver ($300) sounded better than Bose 901s ($2000/pair) powered by a Phase Linear 400 ($650).

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Re: Bose Quality?

This info about the 901s doesn't surprise me. My brother loved the 901s, I wasn't so impressed. AR9s really did impress me and I have often wondered why I didn't get them. The ARs were great speakers and so was their turntable. Some speakers today are much better I'm certain and the ones I have sound much better to my old ears. I remember so many good and bad speakers and until the last fifteen years or so I owned many of the bad ones. Its only since I built my own that I have liked the speakers I have.

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Re: Bose Quality?

JoeESP9 wrote: View Post
If I found some Bose speakers really, really cheap on CL I might buy them as a present for someone I really dislike. I mean really dislike!!!!
How mean!!!
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Re: Bose Quality?

fookoo_2011 wrote: View Post
How mean!!!
Well, I did say really dislike. With that said, you can get better speakers for less money.

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Re: Bose Quality?

Greetings to all, and salutations!

As a brand new member (first post!), I hate to run so against the grain, but my experience with Bose has been very positive.

My first Bose speakers were 901 Series IV's, back in the late seventies. I liked them quite well, but only had them a short while as a move left me with no good set-up options. After owning the Bose, I have had a number of speakers over the years (ESS amt-1b's; Klipsch Cornwalls; Amrita Reference Standards; Klipschorns; B&W 703's; Polk LSi-9's w/ subs; RBH MC-6CT's) but things have now come full circle.

After being unable to find anything that sounded good in my man-cave, I decided to try the 901's again, because the problem in this room has been consistent regardless of speakers in use, that being uneven bass and a distinct lack of "air". Sound just seems to fall flat on the floor, just in front of the speakers. Very lifeless and dead sounding, even though the room would not appear to be over-damped, as it consists of textured sheet-rock walls and ceiling, with "office carpet"-on-concrete floor w/o any pad. It actually is a good room for HT sound because dialog is very intelligible. Just not so great for 2-channel music. Multi-channel music does sound pretty good.

Anyway, my point is that I ended up ordering new 901 Series VI speakers direct from Bose in November of '09 and suspending them from the ceiling in one end of my room. And I have got to say they sound really great in that room. Better than anything I've tried in there, by far, including klipschorns, B&W 703's, a/d/s/ HT400's and RBH MC-6CT's...and everything but the horns and the 901's were augmented with two Velodyne DLS4000 subs. I have air, three-dimensionality, tons of chest-pounding bass (w/o subs!) and relatively flat response across the spectrum. The 901's are driven by an Adcom GFA5500 amp and NAD C165 pre.

True, they are not "monitor" speakers by any stretch of the imagination, so if hyper-realistic clarity and imaging specificity is your thing, the 901's will not satisfy. But Bose did not design or market them as such. They were designed to sound like live music, and this, I find they do very successfuly indeed; especially considering their "frozen in time" price of $1398. Image size and clarity just sounds life-like to me, meaning larger and more vague than most conventional speakers. Bass distortion may well measure high, but subjectively, it sounds wonderful to my ears. I can't imagine doing without them in this room!

Oh well, that's my 2 cents worth.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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