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Re: What to buy?

-I like the Aperion Verus Grand option.

The axioms i'm not sold on... they appear to have some unattenuated metal cone breakup.

I also like Tesseract's soundfield suggestion. Don't be fooled by how tiny they are, those things can blast and they're built on flat out sound engineering principles of accurate reproduction.

I still think JTRs are the perfect speaker for you. If not the huge Quintuples, the Triple 8HT-LPs are a bit more attractive. Accurate, capable of playing louder than your ears can take without strain, and a sense of coherency that only a true point source will have.

What I'm getting the feeling though is that you feel a lot more comfortable buying from a dealer of some sort. Here's a pair of speakers I strongly recommend getting auditions of:

JBL LSR 6332
Revel F12
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Re: What to buy?

Martin Logans do shockingly well with HT. Sonnie has an amazing array using Prodigy (Mains), Cinema i (Center Channel), Ascent i (Surrounds) The Prodigy were Stereophile's Speaker of the Year 6 or 7 years ago.

He was actually using Sprires for the mains, but ended up tracking down a pair of Prodigies. (no simple task)
While I adore my Speakers, I can only imagine how fantastic his HT sounds.

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Re: What to buy?


I have a pair of Theos. I can only praise them but move forward with caution.
These speakers are very good and in my opinion may not play nice with others.

Here are some pros and cons.


- If you do not have a complete Martin Logan set up you could definately get an uneven stage in your HT.
- If more than one person is watching in the HT you will probably find that one of you or none of you is in the sweet spot. Martin Logan has improved their sound dispersion with this speaker but it still provides a small sweet spot like all electrostats.

- Although you have the power to drive the ML Theos speakers you may not like the sound you get out of an Emotiva amp. I hooked up a Rotel rmb-1075 with the ML Theos speakers and the sound was anemic.
Martin Logans have the ability to make things sound bad if the quality of the components and sources are not good.
Another example is how a simple speaker cable change can make a word of difference on the Theos speakers and on other speakers you can sometimes hardly notice a difference.
If however you are prepared to start making changes to your system, which of course is half the fun of our quest for great sound go for the ML Theos.

I listen to Stereo mostly and coupled with my system which has Theta Dreadnaught Pro, Krell HTS Pre and Marantz SA 15s2 SACD Nordost Super Flatline cable and audioquest King Cobra XLR interconnects these speakers are the finest speakers I have had the pleasure of owning.
The highs in female voices are silky smooth and the bass is so much better than we think it will be after all the praises given to the powered woofer versions of the ESL range.
I prefer the Theos to the Ethos because of the control I have over the woofer. Vertically Biamping your Theos will totally change the way it performs and give you a new different experience.
The speakers are lightening fast and reveal rich detail. Listen to a copy of "Al Di Meola,Paco De Lucia,John Mclaughlin - Friday Nights in San Francisco" SACD for an example of this.

These Theos speakers are gems but if I only had a home theater use for them I would have to reconsider owning them to offer other viewers the ability to have great sound. Sitting off center really is a different, disappointing experience unlike regular cone speakers.
BTW, ML Center speakers are also well reviewed but also have notoriously small sweet spots.

My suggestion is to go and have a listen to these Theos speakers. Be sure to audition your amplifier when you do. The store I went to was only to helpful to hook my Theta amp up for me. They want to sell speakers.
Try to move out of the sweet spot so you can see how others in the room would hear the sound; then make your decision.
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Re: What to buy?

Glad you could join us, theos!

"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit." - Bill Hicks
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I was wondering if anyone had opinions on Klipsch speakers for home theater use.
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Re: What to buy?

bambino wrote: View Post
I've got 2 emotiva XPA-1's
bambino wrote: View Post
I won't be surprised if i end up with the Paradigm studio 100's ... :
Having heard the Studio 100s and having heard from a couple of guys who own/ed them, you need the external amplification due to some pretty serious impedance dips at lower frequencies. Despite frequency response graphs that are less than ideal I liked those speakers a lot. For me part of their charm was being able to hit serious SPLs without falling apart.

$2,500 is a lot of money and there are a lot of options out there.

I just glad I'm not the one having to choose.

^^ opposite of sour grapes ^^ What's that term?
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Re: What to buy?

I've owned them for nearly three years and am continually amazed by my Salk Songtower RTs.
Check them out on AC or AVS.
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Re: What to buy?

Well folks after all the reccomendations and research i have done and with the help of you i did what most of you knew i would do and pulled the trigger on the Studio 100's. I believe i made a good choice allthough there are many competitivly priced speakers out there that could knock the socks off the Paradigms for less $ i just felt that being loyal to them for so long i couldn't pass on them as they have never failed me. I've also got the piece of mind of having a dealer that has treated me beyond well. Thanks again for all the help and as soon as they arrive i'll be sure to let you know my findings.
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Re: What to buy?

Congrats, hope you post some pics
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Re: What to buy?

TypeA wrote: View Post
Congrats, hope you post some pics
Thanks and i certainly will but only after the CC690 gets here. Man i can't wait! Don't tell the wife!
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