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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

nova wrote: View Post
Yes, definitely want a sub as well, even the best floor standers start to roll-off much too soon not to have a sub in the mix.
I am sorry, but this is simply not an accurate statement.

For example: The Infinity RS-I's, or the McIntosh XRT2K (I found the high-end diffuse, but the 6 - 12" long-throw woofers per-speaker went very low.

To hit ones that I have at some point owned: I ran my Infinity RS-IIIb's without subs, also my B&W 801's and a pair of custom-builds.

I also don't think a speaker can be too big for a room, unless it just physically dominates the space. A good speaker will be true to the source material and you will only hear what was intended.
Perhaps not: but listening distance is affected by design (at least as we start approaching extremes).

For example: The XRT2K problem I mentioned may have been mitigated in a much larger space. I find that tweeter arrays don't sound point-source enough up-close but work well in larger venues (like movie theaters).
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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

You can't generalize about floor standers. The "best" floor standers I've heard need no help in the low end. Of course your best and my best may not be the same. For the best floor standers I offer, the Alexandria XLF from Wilson Audio. It's rated to be -3dB at 19.5Hz. Or, how about the Genesis 2.2Jr, it's rated to be -3dB at 16Hz. Admittedly they are large and very expensive but they don't need a sub woofer. For a speaker that's somewhat real world, how about the Legacy Audio Helix. It's rated -2dB at 16Hz. No sub woofer needed here either.

BTW, none of the speakers I've listed are TOTL for their respective manufacturers.

I'll even throw out a true bargain, the VMPS RM40 which is -3dB @ 24Hz for $5K a pair. Only a very few of the better sub woofers come close to that. This is also not TOTL for VMPS.

I also agree with JL about speakers and room size. For instance John Dunlavy of Duntech and Dunlavy builds large floor standers with a specified minimum listening distance. (Duntech SC-IV's have a minimum listening distance of 9' and preferably more.) Any large floor stander needs room for the sound from the various drivers to coalesce. This can't happen at less than optimum listening distances. Some rooms are just not large enough to allow for that minimum distance.

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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

No need to be sorry, I made some rather broad generalizations. In hindsight I should have prefaced my statements with "many floor standers" or maybe even "the vast majority of floor standers" rather than "even the best" or something along those lines.

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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

Breathing life back into an otherwise dead thread...

So it's been a few weeks... I've been tinkering and breaking these puppies in. They are up to about 50 hours or so. At the end of the day, I think the move was....

worth it.

I really do. I know this is a bit of a 180 from my initial impressions. Initially, could definitely hear a noticeable and distinct difference between the A5's and A3's in two channel (I ran them in this mode for about 20 hours to kick-start the break-in process). But my first runs with HT in 7.2 mode were not as obvious. But...

The A5's are really starting to open-up and sing. They are humming away. The sound stage has opened up. I think, in particular, these speakers shine when there is any kind of substantial music in a movie. They offer up a richer/fuller experience. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's leaps and bounds better for H... but I will go on record as to say it was a worth while move.

I'm feeling good. I think the RTiA line is a great speaker line, perfect for me... definitely will be sticking with these guys.
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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

Great to hear mate - thanks for taking the time to give us an update!
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I'm really glad to hear you've noticed an improvement. It's risky to think about upgrades and changes when what you have is already somewhat satisfying. I think my Polks got better with use as well. I didn't have the luxury of having existing speakers to compare to, though. So the change was less noticeable. Thanks for the update.
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Re: Input on a move from Bookshelf to Towers

sure thing! Based on what has happened, I'm positive that these A5's will only continue to open up much like my A3's did. It's pretty amazing how a soundstage breathes to life and grows.

I wish I could keep the A3's and use them as rears... but they are just slightly too big and the wall mounts for my rears are going to have a real hard time holding them. I guess I could attempt to mount them, but the thought of trying to take down the 4's I currently have there is a bit detracting.

I guess I will look to sell... hopefully I can get something out of the A3's along with their stands.
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