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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Magnepan speakers are fast, if placed properly seem to disappear and by virtue of their midrange performance are incredible with live recordings. However, placing them correctly is the key. With stereo it is possible to place them perfectly and create a magnificent sound stage. Home theater is another matter. For instance, I have a 110 inch screen and the 1.7's would need to be far enough apart to flank the screen. Not ideal for the Magnepans. I am curious to see if you can place them to maximum advantage in your home theater. Once upon a time, subwoofers were extremely difficult to integrate with Magneplanars because of the speed advantage the Magneplanars membrane construction. Happily, subs like the Kreisel DXD 2012 have cured that problem. With the right placement and the right sub Magneplanars provide one of the most realistic performances I have heard.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Sonnie et al:

Good luck in your latest adventure. It's sure to be entertaining and informative.

When I read the title, I wasn't sure if it was about $2500 speakers or $2500 speaker pairs. Since I'm not familiar with the specific models under evaluation, I checked a couple out and it's $2500 speaker pairs in case anyone else is unsure like I was.

Again, you guys will have a blast and do a service to the community at the same time. Thanks!
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Looking forward to the results of the speaker evaluation, especially the Magnepans. I have always wondered how they sound and compare to traditional cone type speakers. I have thought at times of upgrading my current speakers to Magnepans.

This evaluation has peaked my interest and I may have to go to the dealer in town to have a listen.

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I am as well interested in these results, specially the Magnepan 1.7. I have always being curios about them and many people use to bring up the Magnepans when I bought my av123 Strata Minis.
From what I am reading, Magnepan behaves similar to the Strata MInis in which you do not want to place them too far apart or the stereo soundfield will collapse.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Awesome. I was wondering when we'd see the speaker comparison. Will all of it be evaluated by ear or will there be special equipment brought in? I'd love to see the real world frequency response of these speakers to help me better understand when it comes to speaker building and matching.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Great Idea!
I'm looking forward to the results from your testing. I've considered Magnapan products before, but couldn't decide since I didn't have any actual test data at my disposal at that time. I'll be really interested in all the results of your testing.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

So glad to see this thing kicking off now. I've been anticipating it since the last eval. I'm not going to be there for this event, but if it's anything like the last one, I know you guys are in for a great time.

I can speak to how serious these evals are, having been part of the last one. We did not give any precidence to any speaker ahead of time. We set them up, spent the time necessary to position them to the best of our ability, and had no time limits on each evaluator...even allowed for extra music. We truely stated what we heard. Those were some great speakers, I can only imagine how these are gonna sound!

Sonnie has a great forum here & all I can say it it's great to be a part of it.

PS: Guy's, don't let Sonnie get out of smoking the ribs this time!

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Sounds like a great event. Although since I live in San Diego, this is a bit far to travel. I hear there is a rocky mountain event which is closer, but obviously southern California would be idea. I currently have a 5.1 theatre system using Onyko TX-NR616 receiver, and a Optomo HD33 3D projector. Would love to upgrade to a 7.1 or 7.2 configuration which my receiver supports. I use two Boston 8 inch ceiling flush speakers for my two surround sound positions, and Polk (replaceable) for my other 3 speakers which are adequate but definitely not optimized. I do have a woofer, failing to remember the name at the moment, but definitely in market for getting the most out of my sound system.

I am wondering if wireless is possible for my last two speakers (upgrading from 5.1 to 7.1 or 7.2), as I would like to get away from pulling wires if at possible. Perhaps a complete 5 speaker system that includes a pair of wireless, while still using my ceiling mounted Boston speakers for the 6th and 7th speaker? Anyway, open to as much guidance and recommendations as possible.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I am very interested in this speaker evaluation because you have 2 brands of speakers that I particularly anxious to hear about. That would be the Paradigm 60 and the SVS Ultra line. I have had my Paradigm Ref. 20's for 14 years now and while they still sound very good and I have been thinking about upgrading after all these years to something like the Paradigm 60s or even the SVS Ultra.

This is a great idea and comes at an appropriate time for me with my interest in these speakers. Thanks again.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I wish I could be there to hear them all myself. Way too much fun, I wish my job was like that.

I will be very curious to see how the SVS speakers stack up against the others.

Please get the results posted quickly so we don't have to wait much longer.
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