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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Very interesting - I'll look forward to your posts about the test and the results. I would have liked to be there but I don't have the time and live several time zones away. It's funny that one of the speakers is probably more expensive than my entire (not so great) Panasonic home theater system.

Three questions / comments:
  1. What music / movies are you going to listen to as reference material? Are you going to be watching any movies at all, are video displays part of the test as well, or is it just audio?
  2. Most speakers / room setups require a careful positioning of the speakers to get optimal flat frequency response (that is somewhat dependent on the size and construction of the room, but it's the norm for professional studios). Are you going to be moving the speakers in different places to get the sweet spot for each of them? I assume they are pretty heavy, it's not going to be easy hauling that stuff around.
  3. For reference material I'd recommend to at least include the Sony Classical recording of Bartok's Concierto for Orchestra, a very fine recording on Super Audio CD. For movies, Wall-E has a spectacularly good sound design.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

This should be a great shoot out, the only speakers in this line up I have heard are the Dynaudios and although in a smaller room they sounded as good as a pair of Wilson Watt puppies.
interested in seeing the results of the comparison.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

i heard a set of mqgnepan mmg's a few years back.they were playing some violin music on them.unfortunately i only had a very brief listening experience.from what i remember that was very realistic sounding violin playing.ive not had a chance to listen to any martin logan speakers.ive heard a bunch of different paradigm models.i do have a paradigm dealer about 30 mile drive.

so im definetly curiois to hear the results of the magnepan's,and the paradigm's
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Thumbs up Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

This is going to be a very interesting shootout. These shootouts are a lot of work, I wish you all the best of luck and eagerly await the results. Very curious how the Magnepans sound vs the conventional speakers.

I would love to see something similar in the $1,000 and $500 and under categories for us budget minded folks.


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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

This is a great event and i will be paying close attention to the results since i have no way to demo anything like this where i am. Most info i can get on stuff like this are from actual owners and most of the time they have limited exposure to other products in the same range so they are swayed. Here i can get 6 great speakers compared very thoroughly. Will the top speakers from the last review be compared to these as well? Im really interested in the CS2P, ML ESL and Magnepan 1.7 since they are different from regular box enclosure speakers.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

billy p wrote: View Post
I own the Ascend Towers and voted fro them eariler....but GTG or listening sessions as this I always fine very compelling & interesting to read.
I believe the Ascend Towers will be automatically included in the next round, provided Ascend will oblige us with a pair.

Jason1976 wrote: View Post
This is very cool. I wish I had a way to come and hear how the system sounds. I have won some of the contest they have here on the Home theater shack. I won some great speakers twice! I am still using them and love them but I am thinking these maybe better then my current speakers. I love the look of a lot of these speakers I just hope they sound as good as they look!
There may indeed be better for considerable more money, but I bet the A5's would give any of these a run for their money. I think the main differences may be more lower end. However, we would expect better at 2.5 to 4 times the cost.

blekenbleu wrote: View Post
Yes, in my limited experience, it is difficult to agree on material with which all listeners are sufficiently familiar
to identify reproduction differences, not least because folks will become so tired of that material that they
may not want to hear it again for quite a long time.

It would be interesting for comparison to have participants, prior to the event,
document what results they anticipate.
We have used several songs in our evaluations and listening at the various audio shows. There are a few songs I have heard at least fifty-eleven times... and I never get tired of them. They just get better for some reason.

I learned in the last event to not anticipate anything, as I had it all wrong going into that one. It only proved one thing for me... that bias does not necessarily have as much influence as I thought it would. As macdon says below... treating each speaker like it is the first time you have heard it is the best advise IMO.

Tommy077 wrote: View Post
You sure you want to wait for such a long time to run this test? Tomorrow would be a good starting time!
No... absolutely I DO NOT want to wait... I am ready now! lol

david yurik wrote: View Post
If I may suggest - please include some information about the people doing the evaluation. I always find it helps me to know what the judge likes and listens to at home.
That is a good idea David... maybe we can do that. I am a Christian, redneck hillbilly that likes Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Pink Floyd, Spyro Gyra, Little Feat, Yello, Pink Floyd, Flim & the BB's, ZZ Ward, Adele, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Hank Williams Jr, U2, Melody Gardot... and last but not least... Pink Floyd.

Seriously... I like a pretty good variety, but not much on classical, country or rap. I can pretty much handle anything else. Maybe we can get some bio's written up.

daddieo wrote: View Post
I was wondering, are there any plans to throw in the Arx A5's and give them a head to head against the chosen one from this competition?
We will sit and listen to these first, before we start the evaluation... just to get an idea of what we heard in the last evaluation.

JRace wrote: View Post
Will the speakers be adjusted for each listener? I know my panels angle in reference to my listening height is crucial and yet is rarely considered when people compare panels to conventional cones and domes.
If needed we will do this, but we have all pretty much agreed on the same positioning for the other speakers we have evaluated.

macdon wrote: View Post
Normally, you can gauge which would be favorable for you from the list of speakers being tested most specially if you've heard or auditioned them before. However, its always best to attend these events with an open mind or clear thoughts ........ treat it as if you're listening to them for the first time. Just be mindful that the same speaker will always sound differently from one place to the other - even if they were driven with the same gear.
Excellent advice and good points...

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

When I had Magnepan speakers, I preferred the tighter sound I could get out of them by placing some acoustic absorption panels behind them. I believe this allowed the immediate rear wave to still do its magic of interference with the forward wave to focus the sound, while reducing the effect of a reflected wave off the surfaces behind the speaker.

Would you consider doing the same during your review, to see what people think of this? I imagine it would also apply to the Martin Logan, although I suspect it might have a different effect given its planar surface is curved.

Flat planars are also very sensitive to toe-in, since moving your head off-axis immediately impacts the sound. Some will prefer different degrees of toe-in, so I think that's also something worth including in your review sessions.

EndersShadow wrote: View Post
I am also significantly interested in how the Maggie 1.7's sound. My wife and I have heard the MMG's and she loved them and actually gave me the "OK" to purchase a set someday. With that said I know they get better the higher up the line you go. I dont think she would like the size of the 3x models but the 1x models are not much wider than the MMG's, just a bit taller, and also dont need to be out as far as the 3x models.
IMO the Magnepan 1.6's were a significant step up from the MMG's so if you get the chance you should do a comparison in a local store. You really need to get the top of planar speakers above your ear height to get the right sound out of them.

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I really like these kinda events when magazines do reviews you hardly ever get straight comparisions.This works out good for me I was really leaning hard to buy the svs ultra towers after hearing them in the capitol audiofest( to me it was at least the best demo in the show and maybe best sound.I only have ever had bookshelf speakers and though they sound great(def tech sm 55's) I know they lack depth in comparision to good towers. this is about the top off my ability to buy at the moment I may stretch to golden ear triton 3's but wuld love to be able to buy in this range.Looking forward to the review thanks so much for the effort.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

fbczar wrote: View Post
Magnepan speakers are fast, if placed properly seem to disappear and by virtue of their midrange performance are incredible with live recordings. However, placing them correctly is the key. With stereo it is possible to place them perfectly and create a magnificent sound stage. Home theater is another matter. For instance, I have a 110 inch screen and the 1.7's would need to be far enough apart to flank the screen. Not ideal for the Magnepans. I am curious to see if you can place them to maximum advantage in your home theater.
I have a feeling they will need to be closer in, but that is just a hunch. I don't think my Prodigy's sound their best where they are due to having them spread out so far.

filecat13 wrote: View Post
When I read the title, I wasn't sure if it was about $2500 speakers or $2500 speaker pairs. Since I'm not familiar with the specific models under evaluation, I checked a couple out and it's $2500 speaker pairs in case anyone else is unsure like I was.
This has now been clarified in the first post.

SinCron wrote: View Post
Will all of it be evaluated by ear or will there be special equipment brought in?
We will include the .mdat files from REW measurements, which will include a LOT of useful information.

Tonto wrote: View Post
PS: Guy's, don't let Sonnie get out of smoking the ribs this time!
Agree... I MUST make this happen this time around.

mtbdudex wrote: View Post
Looking forward to the evolution of this thread and the shootout.
A good price point and selection for lots of people moving up from their 1st set of speakers.
Also, thx for posting the acoustic chart in post#1, if possible I'd like to see some gated ETC charts 0 - 50ms to truly see how dialed in your treatments are for managing the 1st reflections.
We will see what we can do with this... perhaps if the .mdat files are available you can adjust the graphs? I don't understand the ETC as well as Wayne, so maybe he can chime in.

mtbdudex wrote: View Post
btw, a lotta reserved posts in the thread.....all 1st page....
Yes... reserved for the results and some other stuff in case we need them.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

This is my dream job!!
I love listening to high quality audio systems, and especially love to hear a different mfg interpretation of how audio should sound.
I believe all speakers impart their own signature, but this can be a good thing when done properly.
I look forward to the results....
I have read soooo many speaker reviews/comparisons/tests over the last 25+ years.
I know my own opinion is what truly matters for my personal enjoyment, but there are several reviewers that share very similar views that I highly respect.

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