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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Thank You Sonnie, I'm really looking forward to this

The picture of all of those speakers is utterly mouth watering to say the least. I can imagine if I walked into that room I would be like Homer Simpson walking into a donut shop

They all look great in their own way but I must say I am particularly interested in the Emerald Physics speakers as they look so elegant and with 15inch drivers I'm sure they will be jaw dropping

I love to know what effect the dipole element has on the quality of sound as I am really only used to dipole surrounds.

I am truly envious, I would love to be there for this as I am sure it will be amazing.

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

That lineup looks amazing!

Really looking forward to this. The price range is perfect for a serious setup that doesn't go overboard just for the sake of it. I like my systems down to earth where you still get your money's worth! :-)
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Looking forward to the results of this, with particular interest in the Paradigm Studio 60 and the Dynaudio DM 3/7 with the Anthem Amp. Good of them to lend that for this test.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Otis857 wrote: View Post
Have you considered having an independent person/party set up each speaker pair prior to the official audition?
This is an interesting thought. Having just returned from the RMAF show, it was surprising and enlightening to realize the variety of placement quality that we encountered. Realizing that the exhibitors have limited time and often poor rooms to work with, there were speaker/room setups that sounded terrific next to setups in identical rooms that were quite disappointing. The difference? Assuming someone had the responsibility to place speakers and perhaps apply some portable treatments, it was this person's ear and judgment against that one's.

There are people who do work like that for a living, and some are very good at it. Sonnie's approach has been to gather a group of people who
  • He likes being around.
  • He trusts in his home and around his family.
  • Have worked with audio for a long time, with qualifications including a seasoned audio professional and a university degree in audio technology, and who understand the electronics, acoustics, and psychoacoustics involved in room, system, and speaker setup.
  • Have proven critical listening skills.
  • Enjoy working together and get along well, can have fun while working in a focused way to accomplish the tasks at hand.
  • Have a lot of experience with speakers and speaker setup and placement issues.
Sonnie's approach proved itself quite well at the $1K evaluation event in August, although we will be first to admit we are still learning - any audio pro who claims they have it all figured out is not to be trusted. Considering all the technical and interpersonal dynamics that go into making an event like this a success, it is hard to imagine a better approach than the one Sonnie has taken, IMO.

And is the WAF (Wife acceptance factor) going to be addressed? Its always a battle to get the household CEO to agree to speakers being too far out into the room for the sake of sound quality.
The WAF is definitely considered, as far as I am concerned. She has her part of the house, and the speakers are elsewhere, where serious audio takes place.

OK, that is a little overboard, I will admit. I have the benefit of a listening room where anything goes with speaker placement, cabling, whatever. That is often not the case. As Sonnie has remarked, not placing the speakers in their ideal listening location effectively negates a large part of their value. The $800/pair A5s we heard in August would probably have sounded little better than a $300 pair of towers if forced into a decorator-friendly position against the wall by the lamp and the potted fern. Even having to move them a few feet from their ideal location dramatically alters their performance.

It is probably true that $2500 speakers poorly located will more than likely sound better than $250 speakers in the same location. There are so many variables it would be impossible to say for certain and the best $2500 speakers for one non-ideal location might be totally different than the best $2500 speakers for another non-ideal location. There is a point where the nature of the selection exercise changes altogether from which speakers do I like best? to which speakers sound best in the location or area I have to work with? This is a legitimate selection approach for many rooms and situations. It is simply not the approach Sonnie has chosen for these evaluations.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I'm really looking forward to reading the results of this event. The fact that everyone is getting to listen in the same controlled environment, should make for interesting, individual reviews. Can't wait!
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Really looking forward to the Emerald Physics review. I've always been a Klipsch fan as I like a more "live" sounding speaker. It seems that is coming back around with the descriptions that Emerald gives, along with other companies like ZU and Tekton.

Klipsch I always have liked, though sometimes the honkiness of the vocals would get to me, which is why I stepped up to the Palladium P37's. Which I really like, though they were more than I intended on spending.

Interested to hear how the EP's compare to something like the Studio 60's.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

I am really looking forward to this evaluation. I live in Miami, where there are practically no Audio dealers (Magnolia anyone?) and as such have virtually no opportunity to audition audio gear. That being the case, events of this nature are one of my reference points when I am thinking/learning about audio and the many offerings out there. It sucks to "experience" audio vicariously, but we do the best we can to feed the passion through sources like HTS. Thank you.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

These speakers certainly sound interesting. I have been looking for a similar price point solution for about 6-8 years as a replacement for my M&Ks. I am quite hopeful more current technology can take my pseudo theater to the next level.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

WOW!!! This should be a very entertaining and enlightening event. I am very much looking forward to hearing everyone's listening impressions and conclusions. One thing I am curious about with these speakers is the dynamic capabilities of the different speaker types. I am guessing that the Emerald Physics CS2P will come out on top in this regard, but we will only truly know once you give them a proper go. You have a wonderful room to do the evaluations in, and I will be jealously living vicariously through your posts.

Cheers, Joe
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Having staff that will take the time and make the effort to do something like this is one of the things that makes HTS stand out in the crowd. Even though I get exposed to a lot of speakers, it's never in the same room, with the same equipment, etc. This should be very interesting and fun.


I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Bryan Pape
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