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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Mike0206 wrote: View Post
I believe he's saying with the speakers on the stage they are above the listening position. Hence the reason they have to put the speakers so far out into the room to get them off the stage. Toe in IMO is pretty important. You toe them in to much and you seem to loose a wide sound stage but have great imaging and focus. My speakers are set to where they fire about 2 ft to each side of my head. To me it that has a very wide soundstage, very deep (2ft away from wall) soundstage and the imaging with toe in makes it seem like the vocals are dead center of the room. I hope that all makes sense. I'm sure these guys will respond when they wake up though and explain a bit better in the write up on each speaker what they had to do to set them up properly.
Same for me. Mains are toed in so that they aim 2 feet to either side of my head at the MLP. As a result, they are aimed directly at the middle seat of my second row. My tweeters are 2 inches above my ear level, which sounds fine to me. The higher tweeter helps the sound for my second row seating.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Another way the stage gets in the way when optimizing for 2-channel listening is the edge of the stage creates a zone that is unavailable for potential speaker locations.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

lcaillo wrote: View Post
It will take a while to put results together and edit. While we will be better at it the second time around, I think we will have more detailed impressions from more of us this time. I know mine will be more extensive, as I was not well for the last one.

What I will give you immediately is the review of the ribs. Overall, I have to rate them as some of the best high end ribs that I have experienced. The flavor of the sauce complimented the ribs nicely, without becoming harsh upon first touch to the tongue nor with the residual taste. The inner detail of the rib meat was maintained while the sweetness of the caramelized sauce did not provide any intermodulation distortion. The imaging was stunning. As I was eating the first rib I felt like I could reach out and touch the pig right in front of me. The aroma created a very wide nasal stage. I noticed no unnatural coloration in the meat nor the sauce.

The placement with these was quite easy. I started with ribs at 7:00, brat at 12:00, and boneless pork at 3:00. All were placed approximately 1.5 inches from the boundary to avoid any reflections, but equidistant. The duration of the evaluation was very short. A repeat trial was needed to validate the first pass. slightly different placement was used for the second trial, but the results were completely repeatable and the items all quite insensitive to placement.

Transient response on the ribs was excellent. Very little rebound or resistance. The brat provided slightly more skin resistance. Supply capacity was far beyond what was needed, with ample flow of ribs upon demand. Ribs this esoteric might not be appropriate for the palate of a novice, however. I would leave this caliber of BBQ to those with the ability to appreciate the intent of his art. I would also only eat them with spikes under the plate and a fork made from brazilian walnut.
sounds like to me you favored the ribs in presentation and taste most with the brats a close second ,but maybe you should of dun a third or fourth take just to be sure
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I sure did. Two passes right off the grille and two as leftovers. Best eating of the weekend,

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Still no food pics!?!?!?!?.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

B- one wrote:

Still no food pics!?!?!?!?.
Probably best, no sence rubbing our eyes in it.

Oh well, I hear McDonald's is bringing back the McRib!!!
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Tonto wrote: View Post
B- one wrote:

Probably best, no sence rubbing our eyes in it.

Oh well, I hear McDonald's is bringing back the McRib!!!
Mmmmm Mc Rib
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Thanks for the input guys, I toe my mains in a bit further.....I'd lay money on it that she doesn't even notice

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Sonnie wrote: View Post
Oh well... we just can't include everything that everyone else here wants, or we'd have fifty-eleven songs and never get finished.

ANYONE that would get BORED with the music we are listening to, needs to get out of the house a little bit and see the world, as there is music out there that sounds awesome... you have been missing a LOT Of GREAT music. This music we have is music I could sit and listen to for DAYS on end. As a matter of fact, while I also love Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin for my rock bands, I put what we are listening to as a must for hearing great sound on good speakers. Heavy metal does not really do speakers justice... and most of it makes my ears bleed.
The one thing you can test with heavy metal or black metal etc is that it does show how fatiguing some speakers can be after a while - if you can listen to two or three Opeth albums and still feel like you want more, the speakers are probably providing some good details in those harsh overdriven tones without turning them all into a tweeter-destroying wall-o-white-noise. And for a real test of bass and sub-bass, try some sludge-ambient-drone metal by a band called Sunn O))) (yes, the multiple right brackets are part of the band name). It may not be considered "music" by some, but I like it. Hmm, think I'll go put some on right now...

On the other hand, your discovery of non-hit album tracks from Dire Straits that you described in another post highlights another realization of music - the hits aren't necessarily representative of the whole catalog, and may, in fact, be misleading. Lover Over Gold is my favorite DS album, and I still hope endlessly that it will get the surround treatment that Brothers In Arms and some Mark Knopfler solo albums got. Telegraph Road is probably my favorite DS song.

Hope the listening sessions are going well (should be wrapping up by now?),

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While you guys are listening to 2500 dollar speakers and eating all this great food, I'm listening to a 4 and 1 year cry as I finish my grilled cheese..
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