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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Sorry Sonnie, I didn't mean to imply that your would give anybody a free pass, I was referring to the other poster that questioned Jons' amp assertion (he could have said nothing/free pass). I am of the mind that amps don't make a significant difference in speaker output quality (barring poor design/low power units). That is why it picked my interest & was hoping Jon would expand on his comments for all of us. I do love a good discussion. You are correct that it can be discussed more fully in another thread.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

The SVS Ultra Tower review is now posted here.

Wayne's General Observations and Summary is posted here.

Thanks and Appreciation posted here.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Good job guys.
Some very interesting observations on some of the speakers.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

sdurani wrote: View Post
Worth checking out some of the research from Harman. When Floyd Toole and Sean Olive did large scale blind testing, they found that listeners almost universally preferred speakers with flat on-axis response and wide dispersion with consistent off-axis response. Speakers that were coloured or had been voiced to deviate from flat (on-axis) scored poorly during those blind preference tests.
Ah, but "scored poorly" does not mean no one liked them. My point exactly.

You just pointed out a personal hot button for me, how easily we turn trends into absolutes in our minds. Someone did a study, performed a statistical analysis, published the result with a statement like "tends to" or "on average" or "the majority of listeners" or "scored poorly" and next we are assuming an absolute - "people prefer flat" (I realize that is not what you said, but it sounded like you were hinting in that direction, forgive me if I totally misread).

Just funning with you, of course. My original comment came from a couple of hours scanning a thread in another forum where mixing engineers talked about their favorite speakers for mixing. After awhile it became clear that there were two philosophies of thought at work, although no one came right out and said it. One liked the truthfulness of "flat speakers", the other was looking for some character or emphasis about the monitors that was able to reveal to them or show them the quality of a mix somehow - and flat speakers were always "too dry" or "told them nothing." It was funny to see the trends, and none of them ever pointed it our, either.

Preferring the flat sound myself, I hear people talk about a speaker as dry or boring or sterile or clinical and think, "sounds perfect!"

I called the Studio 60's "boring" and meant it as a compliment.

Just a silly observation.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

callas01 wrote: View Post
when i was really looking to upgrade from my old energy speakers paradigm was high up on the list because of their reputation, i first heard the monitor audio rx speakers, then dali, dynaudio, totem, amphion, the dali, dyns and totems were at the top of my list, but i had this notion that i had to listen to paradigm cause of all i knew of their reputation. I ended up listening to the studio 20s and 60s. One of the reviewers wrote that the paradigms had a veiled sound at times. I auditioned with mcintosh, rotel and anthem gear, i could not shake the veiled, hands cupped around your mouth sound that i was getting from them. the dealer was awesome, he let me move them anywhere i wanted, i got good soundstage/imaging/bass/depth but i just couldnt shake that cupped hands sound. Its interesting that no one else made the same veiled comment that the one reviewer made. I hope Im not over playing his comment. just an experience i had.

im gonna have to take a little bit of time and go back to that dealer or another dealer and give them a good long listen again. not that it will mean ill change speakers cause i just cant afford to, but at least it will/might change my perception of them and what i felt i heard back then.
This may not be what you meant at all...

Sometimes we are thinking a really good speaker should "grab us" somehow with its sound. There are exciting and fun and engaging speakers out there that sound good with a certain kind of music. A really flat speaker might seem flat or boring because it contains no character of its own, and may seem boring on first listen, but over time can become beloved for its faithful delivery of all kinds of music.

Just one way to look at it.
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Wonderful job of reviewing gentlemen, although I hope it was not all job in that some fun was had.

Thank You.

Good Listening


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No way we could do it if we did not enjoy it. Really, both events have been more than fun. In spite of the long hours and travel an experience like this does more for me than a vacation.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Thanks for all the impressions of these fine speakers. I was really interested in the SVS and Paradigms in particular. I own a Paradigm Ref.20s which are 14 years old and the Paradigm 60's look like my next speakers if not a new version of the Ref.20s.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Thanks for all the hard work and well written write-ups. Of course, it would have been nice if you all had enjoyed the Ultras more (my speakers) than it seem like you did, but that is why we all have to listen on our own. I can somewhat understand some of the comments re being bright, as they do get a bit sharp with certain tracks and at high volumes. But I was surprised that the other things I feel they do so well did not shine through. I was also surprised how the CS2 speakers sounded to you, but I have only heard them at RMAF with the DSP and subs, so maybe that is why.
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Re: The Official $2,500 Speaker Evaluation / Home Audition Event

Great work guys!

This thread, especially the first page, continues to be very enjoyable reading for me. I know that I've spent a lot more time listening to music these past few weeks simply because, after reading this thread, I said to myself "Hey, I should go toss on some multi-channel or two-channel music and have a good listening session".

I will probably not purchase new speakers any time soon (too many other recent large expenditures), but I now have a healthy regard for some brands that I was simply not picking up on my radar, or that had fallen off my radar. For example: Paradigm - I bought a passive sub eons ago, used to help fill out some bass with a couple bookshelf speakers for a basic system I had, and it is still chugging along in my Mom's TV room. But recently I had kinda overlooked the brand, what with shiny gold Klipsches and weird looking B&Ws to catch my eye (although I'd never be able to practically afford those B&Ws, frankly).

The Arxs continue to pique my interest, though...

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