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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

I think flames + Bose speakers = burnt plastic.

I almost got sucked into the Bose Hype back in 1998. I didn't know much back then obviously. I ended up going with some Cerwin Vegas for about $1500 total and they utterly destroyed my buddies Bose Accoustimass 5 system. Ooooo the cubes were so cool though.
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

Flames literally coming out, no...that's why I added about them glowing in the ports. Every time a bass note would hit the port would glow. 501's had two tweeters "I guess you could call them big things that" and one woofer.
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

My brother got one of those cheap 3 speaker surround systems you see on display. He walked by it with his wife and his wife said do you think it works he just smiled politely she pressed the button and he told her it sounded good. They walked away. The next week his wife had a gift for him. Guess what it was... A BOSE 321. OH, S%$# he though to himself as he politely smiled. (so I was told) It was the first time she ever attempted to make a purchase like that for him. He did not have the heart even after hooking it up and being seriously let down by the sound quality, to tell her that he did not want it. Not to mention they were going through a rocky stage in the marriage. It turns out that the Bose display for the 321 is altered. I went to the store where she purchased and asked why my brothers sounded so bad and why the subwoofer is so weak that you can hardly hear it.

I found out that Bose set up the system in their store and the the main components are locked in a box below the display not even the store reps. could get into it and trust me we tried.

Friends don't let friends buy BOSE.

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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

So I went back to the Outlet mall to get a couple things that I hadn't been able to pick up previously. While my wife was at the no-mens-clothes Liz Claiborne store, I had a chance to go to the Bose store.

I walk in and it's totally dead (well, the whole mass is totally dead on Wednesday at 10 am). There's Bose stuff everywhere, of course -- so much as to be confusing. A young salesman greets me and asks if I'm looking for anything in particular. I say, "no, but I'll watch a demo if you don't have anything else going on." We go into a decent-sized theater room that has front projection video and some "speakers" and "components." I pretty much know the routine -- they have the mock "speakers" that are really just a bunch of speaker cloth around a frame, which are obscuring the little Bose cubes. Then, when the moment is right, they push away the "speakers" to reveal what you've really been hearing -- The Bose System!

So anyway, the demo is a DD 5.1 made-for-Bose thing showing a variety music, nature and action clips. It also has a "story line" in which a couple buy a flat panel TV, but only have a boombox below it. Too bad. They want to get "surround sound" but find that the speakers are just sooooooo big, and the components sooooooo overwhelming. What to do?!?!? Well, get the Bose stuff of course!

The sound from the system was "OK," I suppose. I can't recall if it's Bose or someone else, but there's a commercial for some type of HTIB stuff in which some respected industry insider guy states something like "compared to normal TV speakers, this system is going to sound much, much better." That's how I felt about the Bose system. It got a lot louder than TV speakers, and it had better separation. Of course, 5.1 anything that's properly set up will sound better than TV speakers.

So, it's better than nothing.

My other feelings are that the sound was somewhat compressed, especially at high volumes. It was pretty loud, probably louder than most wives would like, and I think they were approaching the limits of the system. I would not be surprised if there was clipping and distortion going on at high levels. Of course, the little speakers can only do so much in dynamics, and while big action sequences sounded OK, they were definitely lacking any real slam. They also seemed to lack sparkling, crystalline highs. To be fair, I wasn't familiar with the program material, so those types of things could be related back to that (but I doubt they would use program material that was that screwed up).

OK, on to the Acoustimass bass module. It's pretty bad. Very boomy and one-notey. I don't think they advertise it as a "sub" (hence the "bass module" moniker). I could tell that there was a lot of boom coming from one corner of the room, but it was as would be expected: disappointing after having used "real" subs.

And then it was over. The salesguy popped in from stage right and said "So what do you think? Pretty impressive, huh?" I said yeah, and kind of told him that I read a lot about audio stuff, and hadn't heard a Bose system in a long time, etc., etc. We didn't really discuss any more than that.

I did ask him the price, and he said it's $3,799. For that, you get four of the cubes, a center, the bass module and the main unit and remotes. The main unit will store CDs in some way or another (not sure if it has a hard drive, stored in a compressed format, etc.).

So that's it. I know you can get a better 5.1 audio system for that price. What you'll lose is convenience, simplicity and size. That's what they are unabashedly marketing. It's for people that don't want big speakers, that don't want a rack of audio equipment, that don't want to tweak their system for the best sound possible. We aren't those people. We want to spend excessive time and money in this hobby, and that's why we think Bose is nowhere.

So, I'm OK with Bose marketing to people that don't want any hassle. If that's what they want, then, hey, great. Even at the expensive-for-what-you-get price. The thing that gets me is that people actually think this stuff is good. I have friend at work that was telling me about his Klipsch system and all this and that. Sounded like a good setup. And then he says that "it's pretty much top of the line, until you get into Bose." So the guy has a nice system, knows what he's talking about, but still buys in to the marketing department's story...

-- Otto
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

So the guy has a nice system, knows what he's talking about, but still buys in to the marketing department's story...
Oh that's just sooooooooooooo sad!
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

the bose speakers aren't as bad as they get credit for being. That being said I think most people go out of their way to trash them hard, because it is easy and there is very little chance of being flamed in most forums over it. Simple fact is it is easy to take it out on and get carried away doing so those that don't fight back. Price aside they are what I would call good middle of the road speakers, far superior to what you get out of most theater in a box or cheap speakers from the box store. Are they worth the price that is asked for them? Not a chance. I have told people for years for the money you can do a lot better sounding or looking, and when ever possible get them to have me build it...

I am a Bose 901 owner all in need of refoaming and such. I have 3 pairs of them and 2 pairs them came from the goodwill at $10 per speaker with $5 for the equalizers and another $1 for each stand. Depending on how desperate I am for cash once I finish them I may actually keep a pair. They will sound good in the bedroom, and be a test speaker for those who doubt the quality of other speakers I put them against.
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

Yeah, I don't want to trash them unnecessarily. I'm glad I had a chance to give them a listen. Yeah, they're "OK" mid-fi speakers. The bass is pretty bad, but it's not a "real" sub. They're selling convenience, simplicity and small size. If people want those things, then they can buy Bose. For those of us that want to really play with it, we don't necessarily want something simple; we want something we can endlessly play with (at least I do), and something that offers the most realistic sound.

-- Otto
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

My name is Darren and I once owned a Bose Acoustamass system. There... it is out in the open.

It was long long ago in a land fairly close by. My first experience into audio was the Acoustamass 7 I think was the model. I thought it was the poop until a few years later I bought some lowly Paradigm Atoms.

I compared the $150 Paradigm Atoms to my $1,200 Bose speakers and only then did I see the light. The low end Paradigms literally slaughtered the Bose speakers. Two days later I had Paradigm Mini-Monitors and a nice matching center. I sold the BOZO speakers to some guy at work for $250.

That was about 10 years ago. I now have home built DIY speakers and subwoofer. I am saved.

There is life after Bozo, you must first admit you have a problem and you have to want to get better.
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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

You know, now that you mention it the speakers you buy for your computer made by Creative or Logitec sound better and use the same concept for far less $$.

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Re: Bose Acoustimass Stories

Agreed. Bose is selling a lifestyle product for people who want minimally intrusive speakers and a no-brainer user interface. It just irks me when friends claim that their Bose is the best speaker system for the money, when it's quite obvious that there are other products on the market that retail for considerably less money and produce far better sound.


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