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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

thxgoon wrote: View Post
Congrats on the purchase! Those RF-10's should give you years of great entertainment. Good info on the HTPC not passing through the AVR in native resolution. That's something I never would have thought of. Are you using HDMI or component connections? How is your wii connected?
HDMI for PC, and AVR to TV, and PS2 and Wii are component.

I've done some tweaking, and found that the AVR has it's out video image controls (sharpness, brightness, contrast). I turned the sharpness all the way down and now the text is much better looking. I still need to have the TV in "Aspect" or "Fullscreen" rather than 1:1 though, to fill the screen.

Also, I found out about the audio out on the PC. It'll only output 2 channel PCM over S/PDIF or Coaxial, but you can set your DVD player software to output AC3/DTS directly to the S/PDIF, so when playing a DVD that has 5.1 encoded, the AVR will auto switch to Dolby Digital.

So that's fine with me, other than DVDs, I play music (stereo) and downloaded and streaming TV shows (probably just stereo too.)
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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

I think you have the correct software/codecs to output AC3 over the SPDIF connection.

Here's a link to a good codec/program calls AC3Filter.
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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

For DVD playing on WinMCE, I use Nvidia's DVD decoder. It'll play DVDs in Media Player and Media Center. To configure for S/PDIF passthrough, start playing a movie in Media Player. You'll see the Nvidia player's icon on the systray. Right click and go to properties, then go to the Audio tab, and S/PDIF passthrough is right there.

From then on, all DVDs playing in Media Player or Media Center will use passthrough, and the AVR should register Dolby Digital when doing so.
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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

Does your AVR have an aspect ration screen setting? It sounds to me like it is re-scaling everything down to 4:3 which is why you have to readjust your tv. You shouldn't have to do this. Also make sure that all of your sources are 16:9 as well. It may never map your htpc 1:1 but should pass through the same aspect ratio I'd think. Does it have a resolution out option?
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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

Josuah wrote: View Post
I don't trust Fluance. For those prices, the quality of components must be . I'm saying that not having heard them, but I do know what it would cost for me to pick up drivers and caps, etc. and the cost of the wood myself, even in bulk. Of course, "" is all relative....

A friend of mine at work recently asked a similar question. I told him for the money, buying Internet-direct is really the best thing to do. Used on Craigslist or Audiogon are good choices too. Here's the company list I sent him, for ID speakers:

Axiom Audio
Ascend Acoustics

My personal comments to him were that I would not recommend speakers from Hsu, SVSound, Emotiva, Outlaw Audio, or Elemental Designs over the ones from those three companies. This is based on what I've read in reviews and measurements, mostly, or lack of the same because the speakers are too new or just don't seem to get scientific reviews or measurements done.

Of course, if you're looking at Audiogon, you can find non-ID speakers at great prices too.
Thanks for the links! Have you looked at those rocket RS 450's lately? 500 skins for the pair? I have read some very positive remarks regarding these rockets. They look GREAT. Now, if I can talk my warden into dropping five bills, I can use the old Polk Rt16's for kindling wood. Of the three links which do you think sound overall best? Have you owned all of these?

Thanks again!
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Nacho Libre
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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

capran wrote: View Post

Bought myself a Harmon Kardon AVR 247 (instead of the Onkyo) and a pair of Klipsch RF-10s. I'M LOVING IT!

Still using the old Creatives for center and surrounds, and no sub. I think the RF-10s give plenty of bass for my needs, really. I'll get the other speakers sometime next year.

Only a few glitches though:

1) When connected directly to the TV, the PC could output the LCD's native 1360x768 resolution with no problem. But passing through the AVR, I get a black screen, unless I switch to either 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080i). I get the AVR doesn't support non-standard HDTV resolutions? This results in text being slightly less clear than before.

2) When using the Wii, it won't scale the screen to fill it, there's a black border all around, unless I use the TV's scaling function, but that crops edges out.

3) I still can't get multi-channel with the PC, it's a Shuttle SN95G5 with Nforce3 audio, currerntly using S-PDIF connection. Before the AVR, I could get the rear speakers using analog plus the digital (for front). Is there a way to set that up, or should I try another sound card?

4) There's no remote control code for the Olevia TV. Is it possible some other brand is compatible? Mine is a 232V.

5) I couldn't use the auto speakers set up since I don't have a sub, but that's not a big deal.

Overall though, I'm really enjoying this new set up!
I was actually looking at the AVR 247 today. I have an old pro logic Onkyo (THX butt kicker) but OLD. I am particularly interested in the 247's automatic set up function. Does it work to your satisfaction or would it be better to manually set up speakers? Also does it have two sub outs? And are the sub's controllable by the remote? I am considering those aformentioned rockets to complete the front end. How do you all feel about this combo? I have two sunfire subs and some polk m5's in the rear which still sound very good. My sub's don't really ever get a decent work out but I'll tell you, they ROCK!

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Re: Speaker recommendation for low end HT

I have not heard any speakers from Axiom, or Ascend, and only the Reference line from AV123. So I couldn't suggest one over the other for you in particular. However, Axiom's frequency measurements show a roll off as things approach 20kHz, which is one reason I chose not to look at them seriously.

Also, there is currently a sale going on at AV123 so for $500 you can get the Reference 1 bookshelf speakers. You might be interested in those over the RS 450's. However, by all accounts they sound very different, and for home theater the Rockets might be a better choice.

I have never heard anything bad about the Ascend speakers. For the money, I have never seen a negative opinion about them.
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