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Jeff L
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

I go into the avr settings and run 16kz@ -4 and 10khz@-2. ive been around power tools all my life so my hearing is probably not what most normal people hear. dont get me wrong, I very happy with the speakers, im waffling between another set of a3's or getting a7's so im a fan.
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

Hi, I own a pair of Polk TSi200 and I am very happy with them. I also have a Pioneer SC-LX56 so the speakers should be better but I run out of money to buy better speakers. For music like jazz and small ensembles they sound fine (had formerly Paradigm columns) and also for voices y you can forgive some lack of content on the low end voices. For U$D 200 they are very good! Perhaps the center channel is not all god formed like the Paradigms and they are not king of detail.
I am planning to change them any time soon but would never regret of them!
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

Blainetsuds wrote: View Post
I guess I would benefit from listening to more brands of speakers. Except I am afraid I may like other speakers and end up wanting them. Then where does it end,that is one downside to this hobby.
A little acoustic treatment goes a long way. You won't need Golden Ears to notice the improvements or strain to hear the differences. The EQ recently discussed also makes a big difference. And guess what? Acoustic treatment performs just as well with different speakers!

willis7469 wrote: View Post
I kind of feel the same in a way. I have JBL Studio II's, and I've been poked at because my speaker brand has too many letters, or doesn't have an "&" sign, or isn't a French name etc. The thing is, I know they're not the "be all, end all", but they are clean, clear and super dynamic. And kind of like chashint said, it's about the listening. When I turn on my system early in the day, my master volume is auto set for -30. This can be loud if it's the first thing I hear. What's surprising is, after about 5 min. I go to -25, or -20 and never have fatigue. Ever. Even at higher volumes. At the end of the day if they work for you, that's what counts. I don't personally care any more if ppl pick on my choice. If it matters, they can buy me new ones! I've also owned Polk speakers, and found them to be...not what I wanted. Fwiw though, I have a set of rc85i's in the ceiling by my foyer, and like them. I did build enclosures for them in the ceiling too, but actually like their voicing. To answer your question, ...I'll put on my thinkin hat!
Happy 4th!
I like your attitude
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

Hello all. I own a pair of Polk R 40 towers and matching center channel. And they were not the best pair of speakers I ever owned but they worked for now. I've been happy with them but was thinking of upgrading to some rti7 I think would be night and day from my current pair. I'm interested in seeing where this conversation goes.
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

I have Polk towers. 3 of them for LCR duty.
Are they the best to me? For the heavily discounted price I paid for them? Absolutely.
They do everything well and are easy on the ears. I don't suffer any listening fatigue with my towers.
People tend to describe Polks as bright. Imo, they are bright initially but after suitable break-in mine aren't. A good amp woke mine up and the sound quality improved. Isn't that true of most speakers?
They have no glaring drawbacks but I realize that there's better.
I have auditioned several Focal, Golden Ear and Paradigm towers to scratch my upgradeitis itch. I'd love to demo some Monitor Audio, Totem and RBH speakers too just to hear a small slice of what's out there.
Any of the towers I listened to were better in some aspects. A couple were better in every aspect BUT they should be. Even with a discounted package price, I'm in the neighborhood of 10x the Polk's purchase price to replace my current LCR.
Unless my priorities change, I'll probably never make that purchase.
To scratch my itch I'll most likely go with the Chane A3rx-c or A5rx-c and a 2nd sub.
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

I'm kinda on a tight budget and think this will be the way I'll have to go for about 5-7 more years. Bottom end is taken cared of by a lovely Lms ultra 5400 in passive radiator alignment. It's going to over power the r40's in a heartbeat. Need something to get me by for now. Rti7 should do the trick for the meantime.
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

I use polk speakers and I love them, I've heard some of them, particularly the RTi's referred to as bright, which I don't disagree with, but that's what I like about them. When I finally added the RTi8's to my system I felt that I was good now for some time to come.
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Re: Not much love for Polk speakers.

I currently have Tsi 400s as mains which I like a lot. However I am thinking of upgrading to the Tsi 500s or the Chane A5rx-c when the become available.
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love , polk , speakers

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