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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

Yes, it is more expensive in Norway.
That is why so many people order stuff from the United States; even with the oversea shipment and customs, it is considerably cheaper.
If you can travel to USA to buy it yourself, it is even cheaper.
I know a lot of people who have traveled to the US and brought back a couple of gitars, sold them (unused) for less than retail price in norwegian shops, and still made money of it.

I just now tried to move the speakers so that they're not longer symetrically placed in the room, but placed more to the right.
I feel that I have a better frequency responce, but my measurements show little difference.
I'll try to fine-tune it some more and come back with a graph when I am pleased enough to take a brake for the day
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

OK, I have tried different assymetric setups, but can't seem to get any big improvements.
So I thouht it would be fun to see which side that caused the most trouble, and if there was a difference.

So I placed the speakers as symetric as I could, and first ran a sweep on both, then a sweep on the right speaker, followed by one on the left speaker.
With the middle of the front about 30,5-31cm from the sidewall, a little more than 60cm from the backwall and a quite similar toe-in, I meassured them.

Both speakers
Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.-begge.jpg
Right speaker only
Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.-hoyre.jpg
Left speaker only
Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.-venstre.jpg

The difference suprised me, and I now feel that I should focus on the left speaker, and find a good position for this one; and then try running in stereo again.

What do you think of that idea?
I'm not gonna do it now, because it is 22:00 here now, and I've had a long and hard day, but some viewpoints could be nice annyway
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

Bluum wrote: View Post
SVS might be a little expensive for me; and it wil probably go a little deep for my room.
And isn't SVS more of a "cinema"-sub?
I use mye stereo for music, and allmost never for movies. Besides; I prefer closed subwoofers

I am begining to realize that getting a flatter curve than what I have now wil be difficult; but I'm willing to try spikes and som heavy stands before I give up.

At the moment, I am poor, so anything expensive is a few moths into the future

Anyway, I visited my local hi-fi shop and listened to some Thule and NAD amplifiers that I might trade my current one for.
That might help I think.
According to what I heard, NAD was "deeper" and "heavyer" than the Thule, that was more "hard" and "fast". So a Thule amp. would suit me fine. Specially with a closed sub from B&W.
Money is the problem.
The cheapest sollution with Thule IA60 and B&W ASW608 cost about 9000NOK inclusive cables; and I paid 6700NOK for my current stereo :P

But back to the room.
Is there a computer program, (a free one is preffered), that can calculate a rooms "frequency response"?
I know there is one called CARA, but that is to expensive for me.

Thanks for answering you guys
A little too deep for your room? Wrong there buddy! You can never ever EVER have a sub that goes too deep or too loud. It is better to have too much and not need it, then to have too little and need more.
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

Measuring one speaker at a time really doesn't tell us much. You probably won't be playing just one speaker at a time. Move the speakers around... and measure both, since you are always listening to both and will always need to see the interaction between the two.

I know I'm being somewhat pessimistic, but I doubt you are going to find a suitable location for both speakers and be able to keep imaging and sound stage in tact. Your best solution is going to be a sub, even if it's an inexpensive sub that only extends to 30Hz or so, since you say that's all you really need. Get the sub, crossover those bookshelves at 80Hz and equalize the sub with a BFD. You'll have everything you are looking for.

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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

BTW, www.Lsound.com sell SVS in Norway. I agree with the above, a sub is needed in almost any setup.

You seem to be a Hifi-Klubben man. You'll like my setup, I've worked there 12 years...
If you live anywhere near me (Sandnes, Stavanger), come have listen!
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

I couldn't agree more with you blake18, that's my philosophy

I'll try moving the left speaker and see what I can get out of that one.
I won't keep on for too long, but I would like to see the effect on moving that one.

I know where L-sound is; they have their main office in my town, Arendal
That's where I bought my RadioShack by the way.
Although I would love to hear your system atledreier, I'm not willing to drive for seven hours to hear it :P

A subwoofer will be bought sometime in the future, but I wan't to listen closely to it before I buy it. And HiFi Klubben (the importer and seller of B&W in Norway), hsn't got any B&W subwoofers left.
And they won't get any untill the begining of March, pluss minus a coupple of weeks.
So when they get in in store, I'll book a demo with speakers and amplifier similar to my own.

So expect some graphs in the next post, if I see any big difference

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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

It's two posts in a row, sorry if that causes any inconvenience.

I have moved around the left speaker a couple of hours, and haven't found a singel half-good spot to put it.
But I did get av very interesting grapf when I moved the speakers a litte bit.

When I moved the speakers to the long wall of the smal part of the room; I got an allmost straight response from ~30Hz to ~50Hz; a "mountain" starting av ~55Hz, peaking at ~65Hz (+13dB), and decreasing smothly down to ~82Hz (-7dB).
There was some dips in the area from 77Hz to about 155Hz.

Heres the best graph, with speakers front about 36cm from the back wall:
Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.-dfghnj.jpg

I liked the sound, allthoug the big peak bothered me a little.
But other than that I felt it was good.
The only disadvantage I can find with this speaker setup, is that I now have to sit 170cm away from my 42" TV :P

I have an equalizer on the soundcard that can tune the 62Hz frequency, so I'll try lowering this one tomorrow. Now it is too late to play, most of the house has gone to bed.
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

How is 170cm from a 42" plasma a disadvantage? You're right in the optimal zone for that screen size, unless it's a very poor plasma. You'll love it!
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

It's a Panasonic TH-42PZ70 with full HD, so when I use my PS3, its great.
But for DVD-movies, it is on the edge of what I find acceptable.

I'll se what I can do about moving the setup to the large area of the room.
But before I move all of it, I have to test the sound response, so I'll try to set up the speakers on the wall where the largest bookshelf now is. The wall opposing the one where the stereo is on the picture.

Som graphs will be uploaded later in the evening, hopefully.

By the way; look how perfect the response from ~30-~48Hz is
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Re: Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.

OK, now I've tried three other locations, all in the big part of the room.
One on the wall oppositing the logest one, one setup along the wall between the longest one and the opposing; and finally with one speaker on each wall. (with the TV in the middle).

None of them gave a satisfying reslut, and I'm this close to giving up.

I got one graph that looked a little nice, and sounded very bassy; but unfortunately too bassy.
Speaker placement in difficult room, need help.-hallaballajallaolkhdsfoibnfgh.jpg
The peak made it sound hollow, but besides that it was very nice to listen to.

There is always a huge peak around 46Hz, and that ruins much.

It might seem that I need a subwoofer to get a pretty linear response, and much likely two strategicaly placed ones.

But I can't afford two B&W subwoofers.
Two XTZ 99 W8.16 I can afford however; that is cheaper than one B&W ASW608 :P

Am I doomed to spend all eternity in search of a decent place to put my speakers?
Should I try in a different room, just to see how much different it will sound there?
Does anyone have the slightest ide of what I could do?


difficult , placement , room , speaker

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