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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I spent about $30,000 on the 7.1 surround sound system in the theater and $3,700 on the bedroom 5.1 system.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

My bedroom is 5.1, and living room is 2 channel. 2 channel is two speakers my dad & I built back in 1972. 2 Radio Shack 15" musical instrument speakers, 2 oaktron 8" mids , and Radio Shack tweeter horns powered by an old JVC 140 watt receiver I bought at a thrift store for $30. Total cost was around $150 back then for speakers. Bedroom is 2 JVC fronts with 15" subs, 4" mids, and 2 inch tweeters. Rear is Kenwoods with 8" sub and 2" tweeters. Built my own center from two 5" drivers from Mitsubishi 70" big screen that I updated. Subwoofer is Radio Shack passive 12" DVC I got cheap from craigslist, powered by JVC 2 channel 140 watt receiver. Bought a refurb Onkyo from their online store for $129. Total price spent for 5.1 bedroom system is around $240. If I watch a Blu-ray with intense action soundtrack, it's almost abusive to both me & the house.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I guess my total system is up to around 15K now. I have two PSA Triax's ordered and paid for, just waiting to get them. So I guess I can add another 5K+ to that total.

So 20K is my total.

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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I still have my first home theatre setup as Im relatively new. It consists of:

4 Polk R150 Bookshelf speakers
1 Polk CSR Center channel
Accoustech H100 Subwoofer
Onkyo TX-605 Receiver

So currently about over $900 in this simple beginner setup.

I can tell you while I have been satisfied in the past, after hearing some B & W's, I have been bitten by the upgrade bug.

I already have plans to upgrade to B & W CM9's(CM10's by the time I get them as I have to hold off as Im moving from an apartment into a house early next year)

This new setup will be over $6k.

You dont need to spend thousands to have a good sounding setup.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

My subs were DIY full range speakers that had 10" subwoofers in them.
I removed the tweeters, and crossovers and plugged the tweeter cutouts to make them into sealed enclosures.
$10 at a garage sale

Tempest lab series speakers Free.

Crossover parts for tempest speakers $20

Spikes and new Binding posts $30

In all I have $40 in my speaker system and it sounds phenomenal.
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I have pioneer Andrew Jones signature SP-FS51(MAINS), SP-C21 (CENTER), SP-BS41 (SURROUNDS)-$285 @NEWEGG.COM

ONKYO TX-NR509 NETWORK AVR-$220 @newwegg

2X-ACOUSTIC AUDIO RW-SUB12 500watt-$150 each

Under $100 for RAPTOR 12awg wire, Silverback dualscrew lock banana plugs and mediabridge subwoofer cables


The Pioneers were rated best entry-level speakers under $400 by every audiophile site on the net

Started out 5.1 for $750...then got another sub for $150 6 months later my total under $900
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I'm not terribly concerned about movie sound tracks. In my view they aren't all that good sounding in the first place. My family room system has speakers that cost $695 for the mains (EMP Impressions), $500 for the SUB (B&W AS6), $250 for the surrounds (Tannoy recording monitors.) and about $500 for the center channel. I forgot the brand but it will be replaced soon with an EMP Impressions. The one I use now was a matching center channel for a pair of huge towers I had years ago that had 3 12" woofers per side. No need for a subwoofer with those! That's about $2K I Guess. Not an impressive system but people who don't know any better say it's the best thing they've ever heard. I say it's perfectly competent for movie audio. Here's a shot of the EMP's.

In the bedroom I have a pair of JBL 3 way towers I bought perhaps 15 years ago for $500. I don't know what model they are. They have 10" woofers and handle bass well enough that I don't use a sub there. I doubt my wife would want a sub in the bedroom anyway. They are just there to make the TV sound better and put us to sleep at night with quiet music. Adequate for the task.

In my exercise room I have my hifi 2 channel system. The speakers are Epos M15 which are small two way towers. I think they were about $1500 for the pair a dozen years ago. I'm about to start building a DIY sub for that room. Or I might move the B&W from the family room and build a big sub for that room. Haven't decided yet.

I've owned better speakers in the past when I was stricken with audiophilia. Now that I'm cured of it I have a tendency to buy whatever get's the job done without fuss.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

Well my dual XS30's cost me $2350 with taxes after bring them across the border, my JTR LCR setup of three 228HT's cost with $3600 with taxes and shipping, and about $1300 for two pairs of Axiom QS8's for my surrounds. So I guess about $7250 for my current setup.

I think I'm going to replace the QS8's with two pairs of Slant 8's from JTR though so those will cost me another $3600 and I'm working on adding a large front loaded horn design sub to my theatre to really kick up the bass level and that will cost me about $3800 for that.
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Re: How much did your speaker system cost?

I bought a Black Friday deal a few years ago from Emptek.

Deal was $1200 for the mains, center, surrounds and sub. The sub went to a bedroom. I am waiting on dual PSA Triax's that total $5500.

Are we counting money spent on receivers and such?
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raynist wrote: View Post
I bought a Black Friday deal a few years ago from Emptek. Deal was $1200 for the mains, center, surrounds and sub. The sub went to a bedroom. I am waiting on dual PSA Triax's that total $5500. Are we counting money spent on receivers and such?
Wow, $1200 for all of that. Sounds like you got a good deal and stretched your dollars wisely.
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