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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Are you going DVD through your Bluray player? If so and your reciever is basic then perhaps there is a menu setting in the disc player thats not set properly. Its almost got to be a menu setting because it would make no sense for it to work well with 2 out of 3 activities. If you are going DVD from a actaul standard def DVD player id it wired with digital sound toslink or coax? I only say this because if you run RCA stereo then it wont be digital sound and that could be the problem. Hard to tell from here but maybe something will help.
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Well last night I tried my EQ but it did not help.

chadnliz I am running my sd dvd's through my blu-ray player and thought the same thing. So I dug out my upscaling dvd player and hooked that up using only HDMI and I still had the same problem. So it has to be something with the receiver would be my guess. Like you said some menu setting but I sure can't find it what ever it may be. I think I might call Sony tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions.
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Well I called Sony today and explained the problem.
They said that they recommend setting the main volume to 30 as a starting point.

I did that and the shakers are shaking fine. This entire time I have been trying to get them shaking at a volume of around 20. This seems to have done the trick.

I just did not think there was that big of a difference between blu-ray and sd dvd's as far as volume levels.

So what do you guys think about what they said about 30 being a starting point? The main volume goes up to 74 so I guess this seems ok.
Are you guys having to adjust your volume level when switching between blu-ray and sd dvds?
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Are you powering your bass shaker directly from the Sony, or does it have its own amp? I wouldnt have thought the volume should make that much difference if the channels are balanced properly, especially as the whole idea is that you can still run your shaker at low volumes to compensate for having the sub quiet.

Still if it worked and your happy then all is well. So your finding BR and DVD's are fine at this volume level?
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

I am powering the shakers with a seperate amp. An audiosource amp100

The situation still is not ideal but they do seem to work at this volume level.
The volume is not ear splitting or anything but I sure thought I would be able to do this at lower volumes then this.
Anybody have any other ideas?
I am starting to think Sony is blowing smoke up my .
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Well, the obvious solution would be to increase the gain on the amp for your shaker, and increase the output signal to the shakers amp. I'm going to assume you either cant do those, or have already dont that as much as you can. If that is the case then your pretty much stuck with what your stuck with as far as I can think.
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Moonfly I think your right I am stuck with this the way it is.
I have already turned the level up all the way on the receiver for the subwoofer out. As well as turned the level all the to the top on the shaker amp. Well at least it works just not how I planned.
Thanks for all the good suggestions and help.
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andy summers
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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

wireman24 wrote: View Post
I just installed Aura pro bass shakers in my seats and they are awsome when watching blu-ray movies. The problem is with standard Dvd's They don't shake much at all and even the subwoofer seems a little weaker Do you know what could cause this Or what I could do to make it better.

I do notice that if I turn the volume up they start shaking again but I need to turn the volume up allot more then when I am playing a Blu-Ray.

My receiver is the Sony str-DH800
I am running a 7.1 surround sound speaker setup.
I have a 15" 300watt powered subwoofer
The blu-ray player I am using is the Sony BDP-S360 I am using it for bluray and upconverting my DVD's.

I am running two Aura Pro bass shakers powered by a Audiosource Amp100 that is bridged so it is putting out plenty of power for the shakers.
Like I said before they are great with blu-ray movies.

Any help or ideas would be great.
Which region DVD are you using? Bluray well they are mostly the same near or so enough in frequency response from region A to B or region free, what ever.

What I noticed between DVD region 2 and NTSC laserdisc of the same feature is lows are lower on the NTSC due to the frame rate they play at, over region 2 DVD PAL speed-up.

There is only about a 1Hz difference that I monitored with the opening few seconds of Star Trek II James Horner score where there is deep pulse like humming musical sound.

I think the region 2 DVD was around 41Hz and the NTSC and region B bluray around 40Hz.

Also the level between switching from DVD to Bluray is going to be just s deference in output level/

Aren’t the AVR of today the new ones intelligent enough to have something to reduce the level so the same Bluray/DVD player knows or least the AVR knows (with user control adjustment to trim the Bluray or boast the level of the DVD so that they are with in a few db of each other.

If that’s not workable option then how about!

DVD for video mode 2 (as most mode 1 modes is for analogue)
Use the optical or coaxial to send the signal along to the AVR.

Bluray now most have 8 channels output and most AVR 8 inputs. Then why not use that route and then trim the levels of the Bluray/DVD player using its (user control to trim the outputs to match near within a few db).

Now the two should play at the same level with the same film or differences between each format should be within a few db.

Its not big issue suss out.

Level difference of roughly 2db between Bluray and DVD Casino Royale (where its -2db) The DVD is just up by +2db. Same with Terminator 3 DVD and Bluray the DVD is louder in level by +2db from what I can see on the SPL db metre, while monitoring a single channel like (centre).

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Re: bass shaker problem with standard dvd's

Just starting out but I read this blog(wish I could remember the website) of this guy that was having that problem. He fixed his problem using a Behringer ULTRAFEX PRO. I'd suggest the BEHRINGER ULTRABASS PRO EX2200 as it uses RCA connections instead of the XLR(read pro mic connector) that the ULTRAFEX PRO uses. I believe he coupled this with a dedicated sub amp. Of course this guy was building a new house, brought in a pro sound engineer and had a nearly unlimited budget(we're talking several hundred thousand, whats several hundred thousand when the house is worth over a million on it's own). I've seen the EX2200 on ebay for $60+ish.

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