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Re: Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15

ucftechguru wrote: View Post
@sub_crazy, how would you recommend me test the sub w/o Audyssey? Run white noise and use a RadioShack SPL meter that I have from using my SVS subs back in the day.

I bought a Dayton Sub-Link, wireless transmission to my sub. Reviews seem good and SVS used to sell it. It solves two problems the long subwoofer cable run across my room and hopefully the hum. But, I will also see if my cable TV is causing the hum and call my cable company (Comcast) if so. I'd like to get rid of whatever is causing that noise regardless. I did try different cables, they all hummed.

Thanks to both of you for your feedback. I will try it in the corner. I am limited to my placement options but don't have to worry much about WAF b/c overall she is no big fan of my theatre room but it's in a bedroom so she doesn't mind much.
Sounds like you need a transformer for your hum if your using a sub cable.....or maybe one for the cable coming in from the cable company.

My home theater is located in the living room so it get's no love from the wife. My 2 channel has it's own room.

Good Luck!
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Re: Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15

ucftechguru wrote: View Post
I just bought this sub used largely based on the recommendation on this thread and had a couple questions.

This thing can play loud and is bigger than it looked in pics. I am very impressed. I have had Def Tech subs, martin logan, and my favorite 2 SVS 16-46 CS+ subs with a samson s-1000 amp. I feel this has better spl than the two SVS and takes up less room.

First, I know every room is different but where do most people place this sub in their theater? I have it in a 12x12x12 movie bedroom. I placed it in the right front corner about 6" from the wall on both sides. I know I can use a Spl meter and move it around but I want to save some time. is it best it go normally in the corner or caddy-corner? I saw a pic of it caddy corner in the manual.

Second, I get a low hum from it when a RCA cable is plugged into the input on the back of the subwoofer amp. It does not matter if the cable is plugged into the receiver. I plugged a rca cable in that was not plugged into the receiver and the hum was still there. With no cables plugged in, the sub does not hum. My old subwoofer did not hum. How can I stop that? I read online about an Outlaw OAW3 wireless adapter and think that might work but is expensive. I would prefer to go wireless if possible because the cable run is longer than I like for a subwoofer.

Third, does everyone who has used this sub, have the volume less than half way? I ran Audyssey on my Onkyo 805 receiver and it lowered it's volume much more than when I first plugged it in and adjusted it by ear. It sounds good blended with my Axiom surround sound speakers (M80, VP150, and QS4) but I like more bass than what Audyssey programmed it at. I am also using it with a buttkicker transducer and Audyssey set that light too because it uses the same y-split RCA cable run as the sub.

THIS THING ROCKS. I just need to dial it in.
As an Earthquake Dealer for over 5 years now, and as an owner of the 15" MKIV I can tell you that i have sold many of these subs and that you will absolutely LOVE this sub and it will bring you all the joy that comes from watching and listening to good movies for years to come.

As for the hum:

The power cable that comes with the sub is a 3 prong cable with a ground and the connector on the amp itself is only 2 prong. Either find a power cable that is not grounded on the male side, or just cut off the ground from the factory cable. I have been dealing earthquake for a long time and have just recently become aware of this solution as it has been very annoying for my business, but for every customer who has come across this issue I have contacted and used this solution without fail. ENJOY IT!!! I know you will! Let us know how it goes
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Re: Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15

FYI - earthquake is an absolutely fabulous company. They replaced the amp in my sub with their most recent version. However, I just picked up a JTR Captivator S2 so I am selling this one for $499. I paid $600 and that was before the new amp which is less than 6 months old. PM or email me if you are interested. My email is Wellington Softball one word at yahoo.
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Re: Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15


Still have your Earthquake available? I'm very interested.

Thanks, Greg

BTW, how old is it?
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Yes, I still have it. I've only had it for a year and got a brand new amp placed in it that's less than 6 months old. It looks brand new. I bought it from an earthquake distributor used but they replaced the amp for free.
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Re: Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15

ucftechguru wrote: View Post
Yes, I still have it. I've only had it for a year and got a brand new amp placed in it that's less than 6 months old. It looks brand new. I bought it from an earthquake distributor used but they replaced the amp for free.
Still for sale? If so I'm very interested and would like to buy it asap. Thanks!
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If I wasn't half way around the world I would buy this without a moments thought...
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