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High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

Hi all, this is my first post and after days spent reading this forum pages i decided to register to take advantage of your experience (and kindness) on the subject, to the facts now.
It always comes down to what our money can buy best based on our taste and need...
I'm looking to buy a sub(or two) that will fit into my HT/Stereo setup.
I want a sub that can go really low in frequency with a usable db volume(not just the marketing specs), loud enough to really bring to life those LFE in my 50 mq2 room(earthquake like power or similar ), extreme musicality(and i mean extreme) so that it can match the front speaker finesse, blazing fast speed so that it doesn't get boomy.

Now after reading tons of review, tests, and more.....i'm more confused than ever and can't take a decision.
I read on this forum and elsewhere too as the model X produces more SPL of the model Y so i might have an idea s to what i could buy in terms of muscles but what about musicality, the capability to faithfully reproduce music and sensations related to it?
Some people hinted me the REL Gibraltar (G1) as one of the most musical sub ever but honestly didn't find a little bit of info on the web on this sub and its price tag is high for what it offers in terms of power handling and tech(and compared to the competition as well).

My setup is as follows:

FRONT: Focal Electra 1038 Be2
CENTER: Focal Electra CC1008 Be2
SIDE/BACK: Focal Chorus 836V
SUB1/2: ?/?

I'm looking into a max $$$ of 7000€ for this purchase, thanks in advance for any hint.
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

There are a ton of available options, and 7k is a mega budget. Are you after a single sub, a pair, additional eq, or have you even considered building something.

I personally wouldnt be looking at Rel, I would be thinking more along the lines of Paradigm, or Velodyne etc. I would also be thinking about a possible pair of subs. I would be seriously looking into DIY options before parting with all that cash though, an IB with that kind of budget would be amazing and destroy most of what is commercially available.
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

Welcome to the Forum. Have fun. Dennis

L Dennis Doan, DC
Gonstead Chiropractor
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AS-EQ1 Sub Equalizer (WOW!)
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BenQ W5000 projector. 91" screen. 15' x 11.8' vaulted ceiling dedicated HT room w/DIY sound absorption
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

Well actually I don't have the know how nor the instruments to build a sub so i excluded that option as a starter.
About manufactured subs i'll set for anything that gets what i want done, be it two rather than one sub, be it paradigm or velodyne.
I also considered Paradigm Sub 25(which looks like it is considered better than the velodyne's) and proposed it to my local dealer who assisted me with my setup until now (he's that kind of stereophile old style uber maniacal over everything with a setup that goes beyond the 150000 USD price tag) and he started whining just about how bad a sub of that kind would be musically speaking "with that kind of rigid suspension"...
Honestly I'm confused...what I can say is that this man has a certain level of experience after 30+ years in this field...i'm here to listen to a different opinion
I hope i make any sense at all with my babbling.
By the way what's wrong with the REL G1(besides the price), anyone tested it first hand?

Edit: Ty Dennis.

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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

DIY isn't hard. Cabinets pre-built can be bought, drivers (subs) can be bought and amps can be bought. All you have to do is put it all together. Couldn't be any easier.

Musicality in a sub is an overblown myth in my opinion. Short of rap music, most genre don't go below 30Hz at the extreme and most todays subs can easily cover and blend well.

No personal experience with REL, but have heard nothing but good about them. They are ideal if one is independently wealthy, but for most who are not, DIY and IB is the best you can get. And can compete with ease against the most expensive commercial subs. But back to the REL, those are the type of sub that people THINK are great because they cost so much. Kind of like people that think a power cable will change the sonic properties of an amplifier.

Also, where is your location? Mail/internet order is likely your best bet. I don't have a USD $150,000 system (really? Why would ANYONE need something like that unless they have more dollars than sense?) but it is extremely musical and for movies shakes the house on its foundation.
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

Thanks for the advice but i'm really not into self build expensive equipment with zero practical experience, i've given that up, i'll have to stick to commercial subwoofers.
I gues you have a DIY?
Btw I live in Italy and any US/Canadian/overseas equipment is gonna cost approx double down here...the paradigm Sub25 for example which would me my target 1 considering cost/performance is about 4500 euros or rather about 6000$....and is without the pbk
Musicality is often identified as a sub having an extremely light membrane, a soft suspension and a lot a volume for its cabinet thus producing a very fast and deep response being able to keep up the pace with rythm and capable of stopping the boom boom exactly when it is required to, at least that's what people have been telling me, any commercial sub capable of performing well in this area?

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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

I am certain you can buy and assemble this sub for considerably less than $6000 USD or $4500 euros and it WILL meet every and ALL expectations you are looking for.

and I have 2 DIY (in my signature) of what equates to this sub:
http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...number=300-742 and couldn't be more pleased. Peoples jaws drop when they hear my system (again, in my signature). Is there better? Probably. But the cost to performance difference just isn't justified.
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

This video shows the ease of assembly. And think about it, this is EXACTLY what commercial sub builders do and charge 2,3 even 4 times as much:

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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

If i lived in the US I could even give it a try but the shipment for a 35+Kg package overseas is gonna cost more than the sub itself
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Re: High End Subwoofer [Buy Hints Request]

Elettrone wrote: View Post
Some people hinted me the REL Gibraltar (G1) as one of the most musical sub ever...........
This is not meant to be critical of REL in any way but I find the concept of a sub being "musical" to be nonsense. A well-engineered sub with good power/extension and smooth FR to be neutral in its rendering of any program material.

That said, I suggest you attend to two issues. First, the use of more than one sub will greatly improve the in-room response over a wider area than can a single one. Second, the employment of digital EQ for the sub(s) is essential, imho, for getting the best out of them. You can get subs with excellent EQ built in (e.g., the Paradigms with their modified ARC feature) or you can add the EQ externally (e.g., JBL BassQ or Audyssey Sub Equalizer). In fact, I believe the choice of sub(s) (even DIY) is less significant (assuming your choice is decent) than the inclusion of EQ.

I do not know what pricing is for you but a pair of Paradigm Sub15s might be the simplest and least expensive route. Another might be multiple JLAudio f113 subs with an external EQ.

Kal Rubinson
"Music in the Round"
Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile
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