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Re: New Sub for under 500

Ok had a break thru tonight, driving home from the weekend in wisconsin with the family I thought...why not give the FV12 some hell...and really dial it up. So got home early this even and popped in Star Wars Ep II. Open scene with the chrome ship flying from orbit into the plants and landing only to get blown up. This scene as many know is a great test for a sub. I dial the db up on the sub from -6.5db (Via the MultiEQ Calibration,,,and I dialed their setting up to -6.5 because they actually had the speaker level -8.5db) and put it to -2.0db. It seems high seems like it would overpower the mids and highs. Also it seems so far out of wack with the other mains, and rears they are around -7.5db (main) and -8.0db that I was questioning it. It seems strange considering the sub is only a foot off from the right main location where as the -6.5 is relative to the -7.5 of the klipsch. Since the klipsch are ultra efficient and the Velodyne is as well this leaves the FV12 kinda of at a disadvantage when I swapped out the velodyne and recalibrated...not to mention I think the MultiEQ and the MCACC on the pioneer do a bad job. With my AVR-2311CI the rears needed to be dialed way back for they overwhelmed the front where you couldnt hear anything from the front...felt as if your sound stage was behind you...this was an auto-config fail in my book. So the auto calibration via MultiEQ isnt very accurate and didnt give the best results. Strange for the auto calibation on the velodyne was better and the bass without overwhelming the high in anyway was in complete balance with everything else.

So back to my test after dialing speaker level up to -2.0db, the FV12 performed as I was hoping from day one!!! Very deep, low, powerful, tight, and impactful without overwhelming the highs from the highly efficient klipsch mains that might have made the auto call via audy. incorrect. The FV12 is very close to and equally balanced to the klipsch now...I am happy, smiling and relieved!! But this gets better...the open scene in ep II for Star Wars is one to test all subs with to see what they can take. At the end of that scene the chrome ship is blown up the explosion will bottom out the best or just flat out be missed. This scene before the FV12 (readjustment) was far less impactful then it was meant to be. This scene bottom out the velodyne easy!! It did not bottom out the FV12 at all...I cant tell you how cool this is!! For that scene has new meaning because now it can be heard the way it was intended. Other than that the FV12 is very similar to the Velodyne. The velodyne is still more detailed and elegant with the overall bass. But the FV12 is very close to being as tight and controlled I would say so close now that it is arguable to hear a difference.

My current conclusion is the FV12 want to be dialed up...more then you think!!! Doing so will show you her true colors, what she was made for! Its an animal and want to be feed yet it can take everything you toss at her! This is one tough sub!! Do not trust (and I know better for I typically dont) your audy auto setups...they make mistakes like a weatherman. I almost gave up on this sub and now I have renewed faith in it!! This is a good day! It has far more output then my velo not to mention lower end yet still maintaining accuracy the legend cant touch! For 500...I am pleased! The velo as I said is more detailed, seems a little more full and effortless. It is a hair better at lower volume levels as well. But it cant handle much compared to the FV12 and it cant go as low as I have already said! Once again to day is a good day!
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Re: New Sub for under 500

Congratulations!! Thats the way to go. I found my sweet spot with my sub the same way. Then over a period of a couple of weeks tweeked it,s location a few inches one way and another and phase ect till nirvana! Electronics only go so far-after that it is your ears and brain. Old School

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Re: New Sub for under 500

On a side note I stopped by ABT yesterday.

Listened to a ML Dynamo 700 at the store...not bad but doesnt have the ball or punch the FV12 or Velo. To be far it was in a big room and who know how this idiots have it setup. I checked the levels on the sub itself. I also tried it in both orientations. They had a SuperCube 2000 which was surprisingly able to fill that room very well. It didnt seem horribly loose. It was a hair boomy but it could fill the room well...level was 30%!!!!! I was shocked!!! And it is sooooo small. Nice sub it was $460 on sale! You could put that sub anywhere! Has anyone else listened to one? I am considering trying it because of the size.

For HT the Supercube isnt bad!!
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