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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

Lots of competent subs out there. Any recommended in this thread thus far, and a few that haven't been are in the 90 percentile range. Seriously.

Get one of these (or better yet, two) that fits your budget best. Let your AVR provide room correction, or add it on yourself. That will push you into the 95 percentile or better range.

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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

^^^ Couldn't agree more. I installed my 2 new PSAs about 1.5 months ago... despite using REW to figure out the best room placement, they still sounded bloated. Once I EQ-ed them with my BFD in conjunction with REW? It was like I had purchased two new subs AGAIN. They really tightened up... it's really amazing how well it works.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

I echo the thoughts about EQ and would add that room treatment (large bass traps) should seriously be considered in conjunction with EQ. Especially if you find a very deep room-induced null, cause you can't EQ that out . . .

I haven't seen any mention of Rythmik subs so I will throw that out there as another ID company to consider. There are those that think Rythmik has the "tightest" sound around. I'm convinced enough that it is the direction I will be heading with my next sub purchase.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

I purchased the vtf-2 just a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. I upgraded from a cheap Polk Audio sub and the difference is quite unbelievable! I do realize now that Polk, while they make good speakers, subs, not so much. The HSU is amazing.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

I've not heard the vtf-2. I've heard both the outlaw lfm-1 ex and hsu vtf3.4 which people claim they are supposedly "identical". But after comparing them side by side I personally find the Hsu sounds a little smoother and tighter.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

Here is the link
It's not hsu's top of the line, but I have been very happy with it.
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JBrax wrote: View Post

A good sub that is properly dialed in shouldn't hurt yours ears. Maybe kick you in the chest and take your breath away.
That's true about the kick in the chest. Although while it should not hurt your ears you will feel the pressurization in the ears. To some they consider that hurting the ears.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

JBrax wrote: View Post
A good sub that is properly dialed in shouldn't hurt yours ears. Maybe kick you in the chest and take your breath away.
Well said,I have a vtf3 mk4 and have been well satisfied by this beast,now is there a better sub out there? Maybe, many factors constitute a good sub,design build quality customer support and bang for your buck.its tuff deciding I was in your shoes last year.i can tell you one thing for sure HTS is the best forum and you won't get steered wrong. Best of luck
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

goodears wrote: View Post
I have read thread after thread on subwoofers, for years in fact, I used to have a Mirage Omni S12 about four years ago. I liked it. But after using it for a few years (I bought it in 2005, sold it in 2008). It started to fatigue my ears, if that makes sense. At first I really liked it because it would shake the house, and I had never heard or felt that before.

So, now I can buy another sub, I am looking at the HSU STF-2. I want the house to shake, but I am looking for the "tight" bass. Whatever it is that you call it when it doesn't sound boomy. Not just loud and shaky. Maybe that Mirage just needed the "subdude," I have no idea.

All I read about is the hsu, hsu, how it beats svs, psb, and so on.

Is all that hsu on the Internet true? Is that really the best on earth? It's the best word of mouth I think. Am I always going to be missing something unless I get the famous hsu?
You seem young and very little knowledge regarding subs. ( we all start somewhere)

Hsu makes great subs, so do a few other ID companies. I don't know where you did your reading but you've been misinformed.

btw, I do own a pair of Hsu VTF-15Hs and I don't think there is anything better at their price point. There other subs that are as nice or better as your budget grows.

You want to shake your house. First you need to define your budget and figure out your space in cubic feet. That will give you basis for hitting your "House shaking" goal.
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Re: So is HSU just the best period?

Also, please remember that some folks use the term "shaking the house" liberally. Vibrating the door to the HT, or rattling the windows in the HT may qualify for that term for some. It will take multiple subs to shake the whole house, assuming that is really what you want to do (and are willing to accept possible structural damage)

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